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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looking For Clues In Spooks 9.2

As I was reviewing Spooks ep. 9.2, I noticed something that fits the category:

No, no, no, no, eh, yes!

As a valued Spooks watcher (yes, read on) I should say, nothing surprises me in the Spooks world. 

This was unbelievable.
This was the oldfashioned: "No Way!" 
This was category: "Is this my joke for real?????"

Lucas and Beth get peppersprayed in Westhouse´s penthouse (ep. 9.2)

I have proof that Robert Westhouse, oil magnate, valuable for the British government to secure British oil deals, has connections with the CEO of the DeWitt Bank in ep. 8.6, possibly with Sarah Caulfield. Or did they just shared a suspicious art rental center? Just ask for a list of their clientele, I´d say!

And still Lucas did not see it!

Lucas really needs those multifocal glasses, while sitting in the CEO´s office! (ep. 8.6)

Code: I get the inside joke

More proof here, Looking For Clues In Spooks 8

Screencaps: RichardArmitageCentral, TFB


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Wow- I never caught the painting reappearing! Looks like the Spooks set designers (and costume dept.) like recycling their stuff as much as I do photos on my blog! :)

Skully said...

Well spotted Violet!

Violet said...

Not only the painting reappears, but the pour eyesight reappears, too!

*does a happy little dance around the table*

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is fantastic spotting! You have an amazing eye!!

Violet said...

Nice to know the set designers of Spooks read my blog!

If I can spot that coffee pot somewhere I have bingo! *grins*

This was funny to discover!