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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

But First, Into The Storm

Japanese poster
Seen in 2D with Dolby Atmos sound
A little week after release date in Holland, I went to see Into The Storm movie. It's only now that I write a post about it. I am dealing with a personal storm right now, which is as big as I make it in my mind. Yet a storm can release fresh energy, so maybe if I bow with the wind, I won't break.
Originally I wanted to see this movie in an IMAX cinema, but this wasn't a 3D movie plus someone recommended a brand new cinema in my surroundings with Dolby Atmos sound. That makes you tremble in your seat and you hear it going around you thanks to a lot of loud speakers. The visual quality wasn't IMAX, so I know where to go watch the third Hobbit movie.
Beforehand I followed the online 'teases' of producer Todd Garner on Twitter (six steps of separation) and ReAlistic fanbanter on blogs and Twitter. I have to hand it to Todd, protegĂ© of Avatar director James Cameron, in keeping the costs low, from 100 million dollar to 50 million and smartly negotiating and dealing with not only one, but four special effects houses, to spread the risks and safe time by having each of them design one tornado or as he likes to put it 'monsters' in the movie. By the way, 'protegĂ©' makes me think of a student, but Todd is a pro (see his article here).
First off, I was seated facing top of the screen, having to look down, which didn't add to my mood.
Moreover, I was lucky to have seen Richard play in The Crucible among a fitting ensemble in an intense gloomy mood for three and half hours. I am spoiled rotten for years. Thus my first conclusion after watching Into The Storm was that I felt pity for those who haven't seen The Crucible and thought RA played well in this movie. Told you, I am spoiled rotten for years.
The acting all around was entertaining and the family affairs were very sticky American, yet I felt the scenes could do with some background here and there say by adding a clip of mum from the past saying things on video in the scenes of the video assignment or why not let Gary have that quarrel with the head principal when the kids are on the parking lot talking about his quarrels with the head principal. In one of the promotion interviews or articles there was a mention by RA that this movie had to portray the moment of 'now'. Dear people of the film industry, with a few minutes extra this movie would have gained more depth. 'Who's gonna pay for that?', are they groaning behind Hollywood hills... This movie was expected to become a 'little sleeper' but it opened really well on the Chinese market. Ca-tching!
What really drove this movie was the ungoing threat and attacks of tornado's. Especially the rumbling of the approaching storm and the annoyingly loud sirenes made me clam to my seat. The visual effects were very convincing and when the scenes showed scatterings of real debris, it was a substantial mess. Tornado storms could become more immense and unpredictable in the near future.
There was talk on Twitter by the writer that a British script consultant was flown in, to add changes to the script for which he was 'thankful'. It could have been to add more dynamic between Gary and the weather scientist, which was suggested by RA, but I could be wrong. One fan in this RA blogworld received a script of the earlier version, which had ondergone substantial changes, compared with the finalised movie.
Before I found the comedic goofs hanging in the trees,
I had to say goodbye to my liking of RA's former Nose, to which he replied:
"Hey, I am having breakfast now, OK? Not Now!".

It's good to be with your loved ones, whatever the forecast...


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Going Full Circle

"I will have to work the fields * cough *."
Theme: Going Full Circle
Some facts should remain private,
like John Proctor being a bad boy.
No shame, no regret, until that is...
Read the play. I can't get over it.
I have to get my fangirly side out in the Woods of Salem.
Please don't judge, I feel a bit wicked.
More on this, or not, as I bewitch Mr. Farmer.
Under construction
I have to catch that rabbit on my doorstep, before the clock strikes midnight. Am I talking in tongues? Oh yes, no regrets. I blame John Proctor for luring me into his arms. And Richard for having me come back to London to finally see him act live.
I remember a certain time and place when... but I won't mention names. Goody gone wicked Violet was going full circle. 
I feel I have to post more on The Crucible.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Win Ticket To RA In Conversation

"Five stars for you for coming to see me!"

I have one ticket to the event 'Richard Armitage In Conversation' for you to win. Sadly I can't make it, but if you would like to hear Richard talk about his career and his current role as John Proctor on the Old Vic Stage, London at 5pm on Tuesday 2 September, it is yours!

How did that came about? Well I won a ticket from Jennifer Streeting, who is also a talented singer/songwriter in folk music and electronic music, find her page here or on Twitter @Jen_designst. One of her songs will be used for a feature film!

In light of recent events, that is Mr. A doing the ice waterbucket challenge and naming the charities and his other ones to support, I thought I would sleep well after my parting with this 'golden ticket' if I ask you to donate on his Just Giving charity page, link here the ticket price 5 or 10 pound or more whatever you feel like.
You have 24 hours to make it so! Starting 3pm today, or in my book 15.00hr GMT, 16.00hr CET.

Let's call this 
Donation Challenge!

You only have to do these steps:
1. Support RA's charities and mention in the discription section the word "Convo" unless you have also donated within this timeframe.
2. Your name can be your online synonym, as long as I can verify with your confirming emailname it is you. So don't use the name Anonimous, as it doesn't convince me it's you who made the donation.
3. Send me a notification link of your donation by email to my emailadress violetsframework@gmail.com

The first person that contacts me through email who has made a donation within these 24 hours, has chance of winning the ticket. Even if you don't win, keep in mind you are supporting!

So you have until Tuesday 15hr GMT or 16hr CET to make it so!

As soon as I know the winner, I will pass your email through to Jennifer,
who will send the ticket to you.
Meanwhile this Donation Challenge will be promoted on Twitter and FB.

Mentioned links:
or search it on

Promotion Image: Old Vic Theatre

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Crucible Sketchings

"All is left is my name!! We will burn together!! I will rip your sketch!!"
Wednesday 23 July 2014 eve I went to see The Crucible play at the Old Vic.
The audience was very diverse. Gushing women were not the majority!
It was a crowd every theatre owner would have liked to see.
My preparations were appalling. Following the daily aftertweets, finding that Arthur Miller interview "it will all happen again" re. the 'fingerpointing' and me skimming John Proctor bits in the play. Decided not to read the whole text. Then lured in British media the sentiment of celebrities turning to be perverts as in: 'Can we put celebrities on a pedestal anymore?', Richard mentioning in interview that age of girl has been raised and age of JP been lowered in play. Me again wondering if fangirling was wise in the first place and whether I should spent money seeing a play abroad.
Then in Dutch media was shocking news of a plane crash with nearly 200 Dutch people dead, which swept my closely knitted nation of 17 million people (just as many as inhabitants of NYC) into mourning, anger and disbelief for the impossibility to get access to the crash site and removal of the bodies. Politicians, even worldwide, started fingerpointing to whoever was responsible for the mis*sile. The question 'Who was responsible for sending a civil aircraft across a warzone in the first place?' was not asked. It affected my anticipation of going and finding my flight rather tricky, not rationally, but from the heart. Decided to defy that sentiment and rejoice in my unique chance to see Richard in this play.
Then found myself in a gloomy theatre, with burned walls and dusty cloths hanging over the balconies, mulling in severe damps of steaming herbs and aluminium foil 'ashes' with 'a silence rising around me, an impeding and invisible wash of dulled vibrations between us, like a endless moaning musical note through which we could not hear or speak anymore, it was sadness, purely mournful, deadening'. I welled up during curtain changes of my associations with that plane crash site and was in survival mode during the play, because I did jump in a plane after all.
Then there was this burden that thousands of you could not be here with me. Therefore I wanted to keep the memory alive of this acting party Old Vic throwed with a skilled cast and crew.
Here's to sketching.
I had a shamefully good seat G13, Stalls, middle aisle, second row!!
I should add here sketch of his piercing, disapproving stare into the audience, at my height and place!
(I stared back! Might have unsettled him. Sorry, wasn't helping ye).
That was the opening scene with all the chairs.
Proctor Listening
It started with Richard standing near the front row, on the left of me, within 3 metres.
His face blocked by his upright collar. I rather see his face so I can hear him better.
He wore a dark coat and thin clothed trousers.
Proctor is listening to male villagers (Parris, Giles?).
Proud Proctor
Richard walked towards the steps and stopped within two metres of me, towering over.
He has hammer toes (sorry Richard, I wore open sandals with my Angeline Lilly feet).
Now that we are acquainted, we better carry on...
The Wash
Proctor came home with a ri*fle, which was not bended for safety (that worried me).
His wife had already filled this undeep, grey basin with water - which was on the floor (not table).
Richard sighed (hope it wasn't: here we go again), sank onto his knees,
crossed his arms and pulled his dark blue/gray shirt over his head (dramatic),
then ducked like a dog to his drinking bowl. He washed his face with his hands,
his underarms in alignment with the floor.
Then came upwards and turned his chest away to his left side.
His bum was sticking out and later he repeated this 'bum-up' at the other side of the floor.
So I had a good view up his bum (was that necessary?)
This Wash happened within 3-4 metres of me. :)
The Whip
OMG! Richard and a whip! This happened so fast, it must be an anger outburst.
Proctor is angry at his maid Mary Warren. He took the whip from behind one of the colons seen left.
I think he was slamming his fists on the table.
Running Whipper
Then Proctor runs around the table and lashes the whip three times, while shouting!
Richard has enormous long legs and big feet and takes gigantic steps like
John Cleese, so I found it funny, but also impressing! (phew!)
Handcuffed Proctor
My Mum made this sketch, to show that costumes weren't that soberly designed.
The End Kiss
After the trial, Proctor gives Elizabeth one final kiss.
A very long kiss, prolonged with grief and passion, which I could see in Richard's back.
The two kissers did a full turn, by making tiny steps in the round.
Audience members all around had a good view!
Even Hawthorpe(?) stepped aside!
(Makes me think they do read comments in tweets and reviews).
I haven't read The Crucible yet, because I wanted to upload these sketches first. I fear reading the play will trigger more images (which I will have to draw possibly).

Oh, and, ...
Despite my fangirly remarks, I found the acting truely worthwile to travel abroad!

I would love to see this play back on DVD!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Crucible Stage Door Experience

Looking content, not tired anymore.
This Wednesday evening 23rd July 2014 I saw The Crucible at Old Vic Theatre in London.
I went to see it with my 76 year old Mum, as a neutral commentator of acting and as an travel companion for my 5 day London trip. (Last time she was there was 50 years ago.)
As someone mentioned to me online, I must be aware to be very Lucky, as thousands would have loved to be in my seat. (Note to you, I would be very Lucky if only half of you would send me one pound to help me pay this trip). So I felt the burden responsibility and kept my eyes open for your sakes.
How can I help you? How can I stand out? Writing just another review with a rehassle of the same words (Miller, Salem, school assignment, intense, play in the round) is best to be avoided. Thus popped in the thought to give you impressions by drawings/sketches/jottings! Those will have to be scanned, so please come back here. Because of uploading troubles with large pictures, I will break this into more blogposts - and start with the last bit.
When in Rome, erm, when in London, we just had to do the SDE. That SD thing brings out the worst in tourists like us. Although it all went very civilised, with a security guard, if you don't show pro-active eagerness, you won't get your autogramm or picture. Mum offered to take pictures and went all papperazzi-mode and me standing ready with my signable programme and The Crucible book I bought at Harrods one hour before.
(fair use of pictures please, copyright @VioletsTFB)
(no commercial re-use of pictures without permission)
This man was genuinely surprised that we came from Holland to see this play.
I said: "It was one of the best and I've seen a lot!"
He signed my Miller book.
She signed my programme and looked me straight in the eyes
when I said "You were very evil". She thanked me.
Others just fled.
Or came over.
He knew where to sign my programme: in his text.
Tituba had to go back to Barbados, no time to sign.
Then the movie star whirled by, shadowed by his security guard.
Of 30 people, he just took 4-5 pictures and didn't even finish the line.
He never looked anyone into the eyes, so I found him under my nose.
He scribbled my programme and my Crucible book.
Did I see him slightly raise his eyebrows?
Fans looking at Mr. A.
"Did you just take a picture of me?", the girl on the left asked us.
End of SDE
I had a Dutch gift, which I handed to the guard afterwards.
He took it indoors, repeatedly saying "He already left". I said: "Tomorrow is fine."
Later I recalled to have seen a huge container indoors next to exit. He wouldn't, would he?! :O :)
So much for celebrity lifestyle then.
Then we went back to the Underground around 23hr30 to catch a train to our hotel in Bloomsbury.
You can say the SDE was handled too fast, but we were back at the hotel before 00hr00.
Last trains leave at midnight, in case you need this information.
I would love to see this play back on DVD!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Not A Professional RA Blogger

"Why am I still not named on your blog?"

Behind the scenes at The Framework Blog Headquarters
we had a hick-up in staffing this blog.
The one we gave a green card for dancing n*ked in the woods, refused
to post further by lack of inspiration. We call it laziness.
  A woman with a respected name in posting funny scriblets, deprived you, 
respected citizen of RA*blah, near Sa*lem.
We deny we've let it run out of hands, by letting her tweet witchedly. 
The defamed woman was forced to defend herself in court.
Before you blame us of labelling, we are saint enough to keep this not out of the press and yet we are patronizing enough to let her hang in ashed moralities. 


Adressed at the county folk of Ignorance, Indifference and Prejustice.
"I was shocked to notice I came under scrutiny.
People of 'our little community' starting to label me:

She is not a professional RA Blogger.

My initial defense: 
I know where you’re getting at, but in fear of needing your consultation, I have a different journey in RL now and avoid this subject on my blog, because it could branch out into talk about ‘other fan behaviours’ or ‘ideal fan behaviour’ or defending my own ‘fan behaviour, which I’m doing now as I type and is more defined as ‘following’ and as such a nice parallel universe to be in. Sorry for not interacting as much!
‘one of them’ 
And another defense: 
Yet, I developed one heck of a twitter addiction #RichardArmitage :D

I asked my advisors for consultancy: 
My reps tell me I should issue a mea culpa on my blog about this subject soon… 
and post more functional sexy pictures of RA!

Then I got back-upped by an anonimous friend:
Received a comment from one ‘Anonymous’. Mentions to read about my plans. Mentions that my blog is one of the sanest. Mentions to avoid it all together. Denies I’m The One. (etc.)

Then the gossip came: 
I saw a name I don’t know — violetsframework — and wondered “Who’s she? What’s the mea culpa about?” 
I pasted “violetsframework” into Google, saw it’s linked with something called “Fellowship of The Beard,” laughed my ass off and proceeded to, “Yup, she’s one of us.” Didn’t even click through. Don’t need to. Not wondering about that “mea culpa” any more. She’s a fangirl. I’m a fangirl. That’s all I need to know. Next pretty picture of RA?

Then the verdict came: 
Btw, Violet is one of the funniest damn people in the fandom. I wish more people knew it!!

Even so, don't ignore the Law of Fanblogging:
RA Frenzy - A Few Thoughts On Being A Fan

"I hope the morality labellers will remain within context."
"I will face my destiny heads up
and will tear this statement 
after I'm finished reading."


Members of the county recalled blogger Violet's final outcry, before she was taken away.
"Really, I love you for the compliments!!!"

(The woman had the brutality to bewitch you readers with a made up friend - and reps).

 - M E A  C U L P A -

This business of fangirl blogging is not an easy business. It's fickle and you get kicked out very easily if you don't keep up with the implied rules of it.

Fangirl version: post, re-post, blog, tumbrl, twitter, fb body and acting parts within 2 minutes.
Fanboy version: talk armour and CGI. 'We' don't talk about that, so we don't know you.
Insider version: damned if they don't and damned if they do. Spill! We treat it with care.
Dubious version: go down on me, if you want to get your statistics up again. Come again? 
But never, ever, ever erm, talk about (his/yours) private life. That's 90% of our conversation.
Online media storms wrecked our little community every time they came in with
multiple tornadoes bashing our n*ked dances in the woods, caused by:

The weirdos witches of the Internet.   They will name you!

While others noticed a shift towards accepting one-selves as 'The Others'. 
Like that film with Nicole Kidman wherein a family lives in a house and discover strangers have moved in, until said family finds out  that they themselves are the others (ghosts).

I can raise the alarm by saying everyone is subject of labelling, namecalling or stereotyping.
If you feel you're unlike most, then you can put yourself 'under scrutiny' by 'judges ',
but I promiss you, in the end you will remain a 'good (wo)man. Thank you!

The people in the fandom only know about my fangirling and that is enough for me. 
We meet in different countries, at night, at day, and we use alter egos.
This fangirling is an open secret to our inner circle, but that's about it.
No-one should out others, by association, discussion or gossip. You're fan policing!

It's been 4 years of blogging and about 5 years of following Mr. A's career
when I will see him acting on stage in July.

I know what I am selling.

- Copycat!
 - Don't start me on Cats!
- The musical? You know it's coming back to London, even for just 12 weeks?
- TA DA! OK, but I ignore Cats, or I have to talk about my private life.

'Again this blogpost contained a lot of BS (bon sense)'. Steal from the best: RA Frenzy.
Doing my homework on The Crucible. We've read it!
Feel like I am in school again. What's wrong with Armitage Studies?
P.S. I will admit my weakness for lacking to post The Hobbit review
and thoughts on the Hamlet reading.
The tavern scene was the best of all Thorin scenes, though he is not bad in other scenes. Was distracted by his dwarf hands, not fitting his face and posture.
The Hamlet reading, great, but my mind plays games with me and I can't listen without a visual image, thus would love to see Mr. A playing in The Crucible.

My yearly posted stats in April will be posted in next post.

And yes, I'm going. Not out of RA duty (yeah, you like that, huh?:).
It's that I like good acting.
In the meantime, go to @VioletsTFB on Twitter

and Violet Dutchblogger on Faceb**k.

Full title: Four Years In: Not A Professional RA Blogger.

Image: Promotion Poster of The Crucible play at The Old Vic Theatre, London


Thursday, April 10, 2014

What If I Wrote A Prelude

"The desolation of a blogger, more likely..."
The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug is out on DVD. For months I was Lost In Mirkwood. I could make a cartoon of that, but then I would give things away that should be kept [private]. Then the only post I could write, was full of bad ranting. Re-reading it, I thought it's a good thing RA doesn't have an online diary. Consider it a 'what if'-prelude to my impressions of that movie.
After arriving in a warm and fussy place called 'RA drought' and being sure that the whole world has seen TH DoS by now (I contacted those who haven't with fierce fan loyalty to make sure) to avoid publishing any spoilers, and boy did I avoid spoilers, read all here, haha not), it feels safe to finally (yes, I can hear your sighs) let the dragon out (read: to post my impressions on this second part). However, my hesitations to say anything about it, got wings as big as a dragon (the Bard will open an all-you-can-eat-dragon-wings diner in Lake-Town in part three, but that's still up for grasps for pick-ups in May, when the cast and crew will film (latest plug instructions said 'voice') 'additional battle scenes'. Read between the lines, the Lake-Town people were starving of hunger, remember?). Mind boggling goes on like that, but that's entirely why the makers of The Hobbit movie so elegantly made use of other books (because it was not enough to film so Tolkien's footnotes had to be intertwined,  yet make Thorin the Dwarfleader not a leading character, although he has the most words in this movie?! Hello #teamrichard). They also forgot to tell class actors, not to look like intellectuals, or worse, Tolkien Purists (no war references or Christian connotations, either, thank you very much (sic)), because it would make superficial fans of a sexy dwarf look like gushy no-brainers who would divert to #teamhiddleston or #cumberbitches to hide that (or worse, turn #hobbit). It would grace the movie makers more, if the movie was introduced as 'Inspired by Tolkien's works' (but what do I know). And why was there no appeal for fans to submit their TH reviews this time around on The One Ring Net? (I feel used, because I've done my duty). Because previous comments were used to make 'part two' more action packed? And why did the Extended Edition gave proof that at least eight movies could be made out of all the material that was filmed? Even excluding the bathing-in-fountain scene instead of the book's washing-in-river scene? So fans would not rage (be happy with audition clips) over the fact that a bunch of actors were Method-ly challenged (read: held captive) in Wellywood for 18 months (like LOTR)? 'Whatever happens in The Hobbit, stays in The Hobbit' didn't stand (whatever happens on Twitter, stays on Twitter, or Tumblr etc.). Thankfully, we learn from director Sir Pete that if an actor wants to have a scene cut, all they have to do is to steal something big from the set, like Smaug's head (smart mention of 'socks' to save scenes!).  Basically,  I loathed to be sent into a lonely mountain to do a dirty job.
P.S. This BS continues... Read below how you can obtain my cute Weta statue and sexy bed covers.
1. Ranting, because one day it would end up in my memoirs anyway.
2. Blog fear of writing an intelligent review, thanks to my well-read Tolkien notes.
3. I was Lost In Mirkwood. That is [private], I deny talking about it here, but gossip is there.

I bow in shame for Thorin as this post is not so usually funny.
My readers will hopefully understand.
 Image: French Hobbit Character Poster of Thorin Oakenshield

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Suppose Richard Knows Best

"This is why I don't tweet."

RAFrenzy asked 'RArmy' to join military forces to commence into a RA fan flash. I don't know what the sudden reason for it was, any outings of off-camera lifes? But I usually tend to butt out of such frivolities and as one of my New Years Resolutions I kind of wanted my blog back. However, she cleverly managed to create a love nest for RA droolers, website-style. I so want to make out with her, but then to out her private order request: 'Please something funny, Violet-style' and my reasons for following?? My instant response was: 'Oh shit, pressure, pressure, what now, quick, think of something, yes, right, ehm, I'll get  back to you.' (quoting B. Cumberbatch)

OK, here goes...what I like about Mr. A (one fine actor with distRActing qualities) is that he and his fandom keep surprising me. One example of how this works, it was filmed that Mr. A was doing naughty voice-overs for The Hobbit. This then landed in the Extended Extras of one must-buy DVD, which then got ripped posted online by unknown technically advanced Tolkien fans. Then creative fan Bccmee asked me 'Wouldn't it be great if we get to hear Mr. A in The Simpsons?'. I have an indecent memory, so I agreed. I am secretly pleased with collaboRAtions like these! Then... oh, fan heaven, Mr. A referred to this 'my off-camera best line' in an global wide Fan Event shortly after that! I want my life back. :)

Now today, another surprise, something is about to happen in Noo Yawk. Thorin will read Pinter/Proust, says 92Y on their tumblr/Instagram page, the organisation where Thorin Mr. A (!) as part of an ensemble will read an adapted screenplay for the stage. I hope they get their facts right.

LATEST GOSSIP: Mr. A got One follower back into theatre!  
"I quitted doing improv last year or so and, after some time of contemplation,
I got back into the theatre, volunteering backstage, preferably with plays for children.
Motive: 'Great, nothing too literal!'. Cheering for RA's chance to go literal."

It's his ability to create different characters that should be talked more about.
Yes, even this blog would sell him short.
Check out RAfrenzy's raflash.com
or #RAflash on Twitter

Image: Clickonline, added some theatrical magic by TFB