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Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Suppose Richard Knows Best

"This is why I don't tweet."

RAFrenzy asked 'RArmy' to join military forces to commence into a RA fan flash. I don't know what the sudden reason for it was, any outings of off-camera lifes? But I usually tend to butt out of such frivolities and as one of my New Years Resolutions I kind of wanted my blog back. However, she cleverly managed to create a love nest for RA droolers, website-style. I so want to make out with her, but then to out her private order request: 'Please something funny, Violet-style' and my reasons for following?? My instant response was: 'Oh shit, pressure, pressure, what now, quick, think of something, yes, right, ehm, I'll get  back to you.' (quoting B. Cumberbatch)

OK, here goes...what I like about Mr. A (one fine actor with distRActing qualities) is that he and his fandom keep surprising me. One example of how this works, it was filmed that Mr. A was doing naughty voice-overs for The Hobbit. This then landed in the Extended Extras of one must-buy DVD, which then got ripped posted online by unknown technically advanced Tolkien fans. Then creative fan Bccmee asked me 'Wouldn't it be great if we get to hear Mr. A in The Simpsons?'. I have an indecent memory, so I agreed. I am secretly pleased with collaboRAtions like these! Then... oh, fan heaven, Mr. A referred to this 'my off-camera best line' in an global wide Fan Event shortly after that! I want my life back. :)

Now today, another surprise, something is about to happen in Noo Yawk. Thorin will read Pinter/Proust, says 92Y on their tumblr/Instagram page, the organisation where Thorin Mr. A (!) as part of an ensemble will read an adapted screenplay for the stage. I hope they get their facts right.

LATEST GOSSIP: Mr. A got One follower back into theatre!  
"I quitted doing improv last year or so and, after some time of contemplation,
I got back into the theatre, volunteering backstage, preferably with plays for children.
Motive: 'Great, nothing too literal!'. Cheering for RA's chance to go literal."

It's his ability to create different characters that should be talked more about.
Yes, even this blog would sell him short.
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