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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Blog Is One Year Old And That Tells Me...


Recently other blogwriters have celebrated anniversaries on their blogs. With any luck, statistics were shown. Now I have my opportunity to bore enthuse you with stats in descending order that leaf leave nothing to the imagination. Do I hear a slight snore?

My top 10´s

All time posts
Lucas North, Pretending To Be Dating (many times retweeted by @_LucasNorth_ aka John Bateman (gone freelance with Kudos) to his almost 2,000 twitter followers)
SCOOP, Unseen Promo Pics Of Lucas North (sent pics to RANet and Spooks Fan Blog, but readers were curious: the source is here!)
The Hobbit, Exciting And Dynamic Casting (helpful reference with links to anything Hobbit)
Bedroom Billboard Or Pin Up Calender? (title alone is very sexy)
Guy Of Gisborne Syndrome One Year On (still going strong, readers will find no cure)
Six Pack Spoilers For Spooks 9 (beefy title and the spoiler culture gets pantingly undressed)
Lucas North And His Fans (upcoming in popularity stakes and is said to be my best post)
Dinnerdate With Lucas North (who doesn't want that to happen?)
Willmore The Rover, Name Another Rake? (who has time to to research that, even when stage play is not on the horizon)
My Blog Starts Here And Now! (that must be me, I used that as a start page!)

Poland   (this surprises me, because I don't know about fandom there, so tell me)
United States
United Kingdom

Search Keywords
Lucas North (the main man)
Dude in flux (nice variation on my phonetic rhyme in title: 'A Tux In Flux')
Lucas North fanfiction (yessuree)
Annabel Capper (what? I never mentioned her on my blog!)
Lucas North twitter (he does in multiple ways)
Richard Armitage (which one?)
+Allan Lee illustrations (Hobbit craze)
Lucas Spooks pictures (yum)

Referring sites
g*oogle.co.uk (oy!)
armitagefanblog (massive boost of readers since then)
meandrichard (a daily blog with huge following, and still, her readers want to read more!)
spooksfanblog (officer Skully was the first to put a link on her site to my blog)
google.com.au (sweet possums)

Traffic Sources
armitagefanblog (huge)
spooksfanblog.com/2010/06/07spooksrewatch.. (mentioned that I have fake fighted and fake kissed a lot of people, male and female, in a theatre workshop! I should share more!)
armitage.phpbb3.com/forum/6638029ynx22930/st.. (reference to my blog i.e. the 'no escape' picture)

All time history: 17.177
October - January:  2.577 on average (I have a humble blog, but still)
Best viewed month: December 2.780
(Since I said in January I will post less, the number of pageviews has dropped. Solution: subcribe!)

Thank you all and keep coming back!

If you have any thoughts on this, please share!

(*) Testing to avoid receiving many s*pam comments to this blog...

Screencap: RACentral of someone in the woods with stubble :)


LadyCassia said...

Hi Violet, please register loyal viewers from Italy too!
Congratulations for your first year blogging!

Violet said...

Thank you, LadyCassia and welcome! I do see Italian viewings pop up if I do a weekly or monthly check, but my stats list of all times shows me only a top 10.

Skully said...

Happy 1st Birthday!

Traxy said...

Funny how blog anniversaries come in chunks! There have been a few first birthdays recently, and there were some in a chunk last summer as well - who will be celebrating their second anniversaries this year. Maybe I'll do a similar post like this then. :) Again, happy blogging birthday! (And now you HAVE made a post mentioning Annabel Capper! ;))

OneMoreLurker said...

"meandrichard (a daily blog with huge following, and still, her readers want to read more!)"

Happy first aniverssary!

OML ;)

Avalon said...

Happy Anniversary!

Violet said...

Skully, Avalon, OneMoreLurker, Traxy, thanks!

Traxy, I didn't intend to mention her at all, but I like your style. Thanks for the really interesting notion of two baby booms of RA blog births. My creation took 9 months (no joke!) to breed after discovering these fabulous fanvidders on YT. *Oh crap, admit it: RA in these clips was very helpful!* :) I had ideas for Spooks posts like the Spooks Fan Blog, so that was a second major reason.

RAFrenzy said...


Happy, Happy Anniversary! I adore your sense of humor.

Violet said...

Frenz, thank you!