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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lucas North And His Fans

"Now THAT kind of danger is really worth the close surveillance!"

There is a fan of Lucas North amongst the Tazbeks, check codeword "Beemie report" on this blog. Who else would make me know that Lucas North knows about a Fanstrafaganza? She gave me The List and a timeline around a mysterious gathering of active bloggers. For safety reasons I cannot join, but you get the quick scan. No harm is done to spies or actors.

Tariq gave me a list of blogs about my alter ego Richard Armitage, codeword Fanstrafaganza.
This commenter says: "Shouldn´t he be glad?" Yeah duh, if you´re Dwarves and I´m Dwarfleader!

"Tariq, they´re NOT a bunch of old bags." *thinks* I can handle those chicks e-a-s-i-l-y
HUH? Harry´s daughter is on it too!
How does Harry´s daughter know I work here? I should go over there and remove all evidence!

In house of fan #1:
*mutters* For a fan, she has NO life!

*spookology lesson 4* If there is a webcam somewhere, it´s best to stick your bum out just in case!

So... a box of chocolates *smirks*

Next morning, at home:
*childish* She is not, not, not, on that list! How does she do it?

*smart thinking* She would be a fan, if she knew even less of me. Hang on, a picture of us?

*grunts* This must be one of Tariq´s sick jokes!

At work:
*smug thoughts* A Senior position requires that your staff looks jealous at your mug.
My mug text reads: I only sleep with the best!

Later that day, on an operation:
*hissing* Vaughn, not now! (..) You want.. WHAT?.. *whispers* The List?!

*shouts* You´ve sent the Chinese my picture? Without autograph?!?!?!

Moment for intense sadness. No vacation to China... *sobs*

In house of another fan:
*whispers* OMG, Chatroulette on laptop is still on!!!!!

*sniggers* Show them the tattoos they desperately want to see!

This picture is googled a lot! *looks tough* Now who would do Chatroulette with me?

NOOO! Aidan Turner! *runs out of the room*

Back on The Grid:
So.. Tariq, next time remember you´re too young to handle Fan Lists on laptops like these, OK?

 Good luck to all Fanstra bloggers, whose sources will not be revealed!

Screencaps: RAcentral, Spooks Fan Blog, The One Ring Net


Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO! That was hysterical. Great job. :D

Violet said...

Thanks! I have to thank the Fanstra bloggers for inspiring me with the posters!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

HAHA! Loved this, Violet. This is now my favorite post of yours. :)

Violet said...

..and their other obsessions..
Nat.. for initiating this event
Teena with.. Aidan in her art
Skully with.. Fangifts for RA, erm, Chatroulette sig..

..myself as reluctant observer of the Fanstra..

..mixed with some truths and some fictions about that tv-series and an working actor

..together with pics..

..it writes itself!

Violet said...

Nat, thanks so much for that huge compliment! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was just sayin´ somethin´ about ya .. :D

MaryKwizMiz said...

had a reet good long laugh reading ... and excellent choice of 'evidence' pics too :)
just this.. leave 'my' Aidan out of it, eh?!? or you'll be stuck with Mr. Measles on VD :P

Violet said...

Leave Aidan Turner out of it? Is that a threat? No, please! OK, fair enough, I shouldn´t have messed with your calendar and change it into VD February. Please will you do it?

In improv acting I learn to accept any suggestions. Maybe I should change it into: "YES! Aidan Turner!" and prolong the joke: "Me, Dwarfleader, you Dwarf!!"

Erm... although... ;)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious! Loved it!


Violet said...

Thanks for the kind words, Fitzg. Glad to see you back.

Phylly3 said...

Very clever picspam! Thanks for the giggles! :)

Violet said...

Thanks, Philly!

Violet said...

Kaprekar, thanks!

Traxy said...

You're just too funny, Violet! :D The first picture is brilliant. Now that WOULD have been something worth seeing on an episode of Spooks!

Violet said...

@Traxy, that would be hysterical! I'll bet I would squeal: WHAAT?? at my tv-screen! They should start Spooks series 10 with Harry doing the pointing: "Though Lucas has gone over the edge, we really have to watch out for the Lucas-fans!" LOL!