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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lucas North, Sharing A Valentine Secret

Vaughn to Lucas/John: "You didn´t do this for me, you did this for you."

Under my gardenchair I found a squeezed Kiwi, the size of a Dwarf, who told me that Lucas North has a hide-out in New Zealand, codename 'The Hobbit'. The escaped Dwarf whispered that The Lucas North has a new position in NZ's Headquarters, aka Middle Earth, as Dwarfleader. In his acceptance speech he declared to set goals to get rid of a Dragon Smaug once and for all. Smaug being a high up bad ass. So one of the tasks this year will be a fight, codename ´Green Screen´. North can be very persuasive. The Edged Spy currently mentions his former boss Harry Pearce of The Grid in sarcastic phrases like: 'I need Hairy Toes'. The Dwarf shamefully admitted that his own nightmares about fighting high up dragons could be heard at least three holes away. I was not worried, because my Tazbekian doormat deliverer notified me of North´s fighting experiences against a papier mache Gollum, erm, Dragon, an eufemism for Vaughn Edwards. So within one hour the Tazbeks grabbed the Dwarf and put him on a plane back to Middle Earth...to finish his mission.

Deep down under-cover and still no word about the Fanstrafaganza to Maya. 
Will he keep it a Valentine secret? 

Fighting Dragons, occasion one:
Tell Harry about the Fanstravaganza?.... Uhm. I thought not!

Fighting Dragons, occasion two:
Vaughn: "I give you Maya, but you have to break the Fanstrafaganza to her."

Breaking the news to Maya:
Maya, great news for Valentine's Day!

I will share a secret with my fans...I mean.. you !

I'll be experimenting with facial hair!

Check out the secured pressconference of the Bearded Dwarfleader

Screencaps: RAcentral, RAnet: Hobbitpressconference at 11 Febr


Traxy said...

(And a very successful experiment it was too, sir!)


Violet said...

@Traxy, "Yes, more than I could have anticipated."

You don't mind me using this opportunity to tell that this was a rather cheesy post, mainly because I forgot to add the facts. That despite director Peter Jackson's surgical operation, this press conference was planned ahead on 11. February and start of filming was planned on 14. February. Peter Jackson couldn't attend the press conference and filming was postponed until March.