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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fanstrafaganza Cartoons!

Although I´m not participating with the Fanstrafaganza, see for participants the sidebar, I was toying with Photoshop and made some Fanstra cartoons. Hope you like them, as they are rather silly.

I posted them as twitpics on twitter see @VioletsTFB so you can pass them through if you like.


Phylly3 said...

Great cartoons! Sorry you couldn't join us in the FanstRA. There's always next year!

Violet said...

Thanks! You´ll never know!

Traxy said...

Wonderful to see you back in action, Violet! :) A shame you couldn't join in the FanstRA, but like Phylly said, there's always next year! I particularly love the image with the beard-ruffling btw. :D

Violet said...

@Traxy, the Fanstra was a bit too much to do. Glad you like the cartoons! My choice would be the waiting for Fanstra one.