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Friday, August 26, 2011

August Is Hot: Every Word

August is hot!

That is.. if I can find the right words. Hacking the usual, the original thoughts curl in my brain,
waiting to find the right time and place to be expressed.
I have ten seconds, before my brain turns to jelly.
Too late. It already has....

When RA speaks words while acting or during interviews, at least you know what he´s about. But because he is merely playing roles with the good in bad and the bad in good, there's the drooling tendency amongst followers to trust the body language more.

I wish I could use my body language here... :)

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I maybe more of an observer than of a subjective fan follower. Reading comments with opinions about RA-related behaviour, I now have a fair amount of insight of how anyone's behaviour is perceived. I sometimes have to take a step back in order to keep my thoughts fresh.

I'm particularly watching a lot of RA's performances in Spooks. Many of his scenes are thought provoking. They force me to imagine situations wherin one rethinks their moral and go with feeling instead. Should one trust their instincts when someone comes too close within their private space?

Since my birthday this month, an intense fond memory came back in full force, which had me connected coincidental links to the Lucas - Maya story. It happened last year and it´s a memory of someone who had put me off on guard by a very sweet gesture. Considering the circumstances, that was gentle entertaining. So rethinking my moral, I figured this person deserved something funny and sweet, in my own way. Bringing the GRRRRR softly....

What can I say? My readers write me: "Your blog is one of the funniest" and "Your blog makes more sense than the whole (Spooks) show". I never thought I would get these kind of responses! My boldness to post these posts, instead of rethinking my moral, puzzles me to this day. I can only hope that that certain someone who is used in too many illustrations on this blog, doesn't have hard feelings.
By the way, is this a scandalous RA blog ? I don´t even call it a RA blog. Denying your ordeal, I must be a very BAD girl!

Need to update my website RATheFellowshipOfTheBeard or make new one soon. Birthday present...
Mr. A has so trustworthy kept the beard and has made pictures especially for this purpose! :)

** Hope you get this post was a bit jelly **

This is the last post of

Ready to make the switch to writing fanfic again!

Music: Planet Funk - The Switch (addictive and hilarious)

I´m so in the mood for a
Totally Deniable Operation

"Every word" is from Spooks 9.3

Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Is Hot: Navel Fluff

"First I have to do something"

August Is Hot!

Now you will never take me seriously again.
I will have to make my deepest, sincerest apologies for these kind of pictures on my blog.
Since I became 40, my brain has drained all serious blogpost ideas.

It has hit me in the face, with a wet towel. Not a nicked hotel towel, by the way.
It was this one. Not this one.

While I was sitting in the theatre, watching that English play, it dawned on me that I was witnessing The English System Of Acting And Performing. Being Dutch I could picture this being encapsuled within the whole British entertainment industry. So I felt soooooo sorry for this guy (I mean, come on, we´re talking RA here), slaving away between small actors (in height), bowing for demanding directors and keeping fit because the script requires it for national health reasons.

For health reasons: notice details like navel fluff?

I do feel BAD............... for posting these embodiments intentionally, because.. that´s what I learned.. these shirtless moments were meant to be the ´mild shockeffect moments´ in between scenes of a story. Nowadays it seems predominant to get ratings by viewers to bring readers to blogs.

Why to appreciate these sightings of RA´s acting? These are visual reminders of the many hours of preparation, in order to portray a character. There is more to it than that. I did say something intelligent about beardy actors using their body naturally. My mind suggests to talk about acting later...
Notice that I work with my issue of ´acceptance´ here, bringing the GRRRRR....

Talking about acceptance, I am soooo looking forward to The Hobbit (what´s it: reason 4 now?). That reminds me I´m soooo relieved that there are no sexy dwarves in The Hobbit!!
Brings back memories of the film ´Master And Commander´: hardly any women on board, so no kissing. Watch it on a very rainy day!
I hope Peter Jackson can control all those actors who beg for shirtless scenes, because for authenticity reasons of The Hobbit, we should only be interested in Gollum´s naked chest!

*reads The Hobbit*


Navel fluff provided by RACentral and RANet
Spooks series 9, Ultimate Force and Strike Back series 1

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Is Hot: So Not Me

August Is Hot!


If you want to read a litte secret, I just turned 40. That´s so not me! :)

I requested this picture as Picture Of The Day, at RANet. Too old to be ashamed.
Looking relaxed, radiant, a start of a surprised... smile?
Not a face I´ve seen before very much.. so keep practising Mr. A! :)

The Beard

RA with The Beard radiates: "It´s so not me!". Love that attitude! Harmless that is. The Beard raised a few hairs among some sections of the RA blog population. It seems The Beard will stay put for 18 months (I mean 8 months). Time enough for RA to get into touch with wielding swords, playing harps and wearing braids - huh? - for the two-part The Hobbit (working title used to be: The Hurdle).

Bringing the GRRRR... in Hobbit rehearsals

You in affective voice, imitating Gandalf: "The braids you say?"

It was my silent wish to see RA with braids in beard and hair, uttered here in my top 3 post:
The Hobbit: Exciting And Dynamic Casting

You as Gandalf: "Why?"

Because I would never thought RA would do it, if requested to do so!

You as Gandalf: "So not me!"


Why am I into following the deliciously captured nonsense around one man, who does extensive studies to act as somebody else? It´s so not me to talk about the teases I had to endure in my days.

RA said: "I believe in the kind of acting where you make somebody else act. (..) I think I can make another actor act better, and hopefully someone else can make me produce something that I´ve never produced before." 

Read: the ´no-actor-is-an-island-approach´ remarks in The Scotsman interview.

Two examples to stress the new.. think away the kissing...try again.. no kissing in The Hobbit, mind.

Curiously giving.. in Spooks ep. 9.3

Receptively receiving.. in Spooks ep. 9.4

Getting his inspiration from scratch, good acting, a novel, a context given by the writer.
His serious approach to sustain a solid performance is endearing.
That´s why whoever succesfully teases him to shift mood, position, rythm, energy got my praise!
Why am I every time surprised when he decides to shift the scene even more?

Based on gut feeling, probably lured, I always thought his acting technique was something like this:

"You promised to give me some clues on acting."
"I work this scene and you react."

Teased by life´s happy little accidents, it´s so not me to say:

Visual evidence found in the Galeries of RANet and RACentral

Monday, August 1, 2011

August Is Hot: Bringing The GRRRRR..

August Is Hot: theme: BRINGING THE GRRRRR..!

This month and this year is very important for you, dear readers, enjoyers of RA´s works of art.
There is an announcement to be made!
In August I am hitting the respectable age of 40 just as bad as Mr. A.! Cheers!
As I´m not the main driver in this story,
and like to keep my private troubles private,
this is a fact I can´t deny.
Do I want it to slip in the conversation?
Does it really matter?
You´ll find out...
..as you are on a quest to find
(just as previous year: loads of reflective nonsense)
My theme is about Bringing The GRRR.., because everyone has to bring some daring into their lives.
It´s a long story why I finally went into improv acting.
I kinda knew I was funny and could write ridiculous nonsense,
but that´s not something you´ll risk your mortgage on.
So I had a string of office jobs to secure the paychecks and right now I´m back to square one,
looking for another job once again and improv acting is still a hobby.

If you´re shy like me, I strongly recommend it, even for writing purposes.
I now regularly visit the rehearsals for a play about Alzheimer´s disease.
I was asked to do lights and sound at a couple of occasions (!)
Acting and learning from stage directions is very useful.
Foremost, I learned what makes a scene work.
You learn about what makes people tick and face your own perks.

The thing is, this second year I was notified in my improv acting group
that I was struggling with ´acceptance´ in taking ´gifts´.
I also came up with weird hilarious suggestions,
which was hard for my team members to use in the improv scene.
At some point I feared I was not welcome anymore.
We recently had a good coach who explained how to use my input to the team´s best effort
and how to use acceptance more fully.
Now my suggestions are fully accepted, with thanks to an acclaimed brilliant hilarious scene,
knowing I had your receptive support on this daringly funny blog!

In January I mentioned I have a wonderful writing project in the drawer and in the back of my mind.
I was thinking about the story, whether it was not full of cliches and treaded paths.
The fear of rejection...
So I observed tv-series, plays and films. Have to finish the thing and see where it takes me!

Coming August Is Hot posts I will put the focus back on RA.