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Monday, April 23, 2012

Can't Say Anything New

"The Hobbit cast and crew are trying hard to make this film in 3D!"

There is no news. If there is, I can't say it. So quote others. My news is off the record.

News from Me
For the first time in my life I got the question: "How's your film career?" (!). Well, the day after The Hobbit Teaser Trailer got launched online, I found myself on a set again. It's a pilot for a tv series, werein I was an extra. The leads were former musical actors and there was a surprise set visit by an iconic actress, so that was nice. I am awaiting the viewing, although recently received an request to confirm my name for a mention in the end credits (!). Fingers crossed! :)

Got the chance to do a bit part in 'Merchant of Venice' in a special one day co-operation of amateur theatre companies (4 hrs practise, 2hrs rehearsal, 50 actors of 11 companies, devided in 6 teams, one time performance). Fantastic part of that was the coaching by theatre professionals who found our dedication to give our best, very inspiring. Personally I crossed some boundaries, so that was cool.

Since August last year I knocked my from insecurity driven need to be funny all the time at the weekly improv training evenings. Learned to focus more on the input of others and so helping the others look good on stage. This is true the other way around. My input gets picked up best by advanced improv members, so in learning I'm going full circle, constantly.

For the rest, I can't say anything new. Okay, one thing. Battleship movie, mindless thrill, great graphics (esp. chart of the planets at the beginning, me space nerd), toute clich├ęs, free heart massage.

News from Richard
"This is how I relax after filming. I found a gnome who will show it as I'm under contract.
Can I say I groom my beard since block 2?"

News from the Gnomes
"Hanging out at the local 'Weta Shop', then off to '100 Days 'Till Garden Grooming Olympics 2012'."

Just so you know, there is nothing to tell! See?
Okay, I heard some noise at 1:25 -1:36 of someone saying:
"Thus I can't say anything new".
Take it for what it's worth.
100 Days Till London 2012 Olympic Games

The Gnomes were hanging out at www.robspropshop.com
and made a commercial too.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Girl, My Blog Is Two Years Old

"She deserves to do my smuggling!" he thought, while he puts packs of illegal substances in her car.
(Moving On)

If that sounds a bit sarcastic to you, that´s true. I don´t know how to handle my blogging celebration.
Two years! Two years of ´creative blogtherapy´ with RA in the frame. That really makes me ´tragic´.
Time for me to look at the stats of my blog. You can snoop too. Really, why hide them?

My All Time Top 10's

All Time Posts
(1) (3) The Hobbit, Exiting And Dynamic Casting Wasn´t there a movie in the making? No noise.
(2) (1) Lucas North, Pretending To Be Dating Search Richard Armitage+dating and one finds this post
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(5) (5) Guy Of Gisborne Syndrome One Year On Constant factor in naughty fans´ minds. Beg! Fetch!
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(7) (nw) Quiet Dwarves, Hobbit Fans: Take 2, Position 1 Hobbit drought? RA drought is bad enough!
(8) (nw) Getting A Whole Lot Of Guy Exposure for Little Guy win, exaggerated account of encounter!
(9) (2) SCOOP Unseen Promo Pics Of Lucas Spooks Every new pic of RA gives fans joy for days.
(10) (4) Bedroom Billboard Or Pin Up Calender? Oh, My, G*d, We, Like, That, Posterboy, Eh, Actor!

All Time Audience (pageviews by countries)
(1) (2) United States 10,979
(2) (1) Poland 6,920
(3) (3) United Kindom 5,864
(4) (4) Netherlands 3,976
(5) (6) Germany 3,575
(6) (5) Australia 2,909
(7) (7) Canada 1,432
(8) (8) France 778
(9) (9) Russia 637
(10) (?) Slovenia 478

All Time Referring URL's
http://www.armitagefanblog.blogspot.com/ 1,292
http://www.meandrichard.wordpress.com/ 758
http://www.twitter.com/ 328
http://www.thesquee.co.uk/ 264
http://www.domar.ru/ 145
http://www.spooks.fanblog.com/ 116
http://www.yimum.blogspot.com/ 116
http://www.rafrenzy.com/ 114
http://www.ralfiesm.blogspot.com/ 94
www.google.com/search 93

All Time Referring Sites
http://www.google.com/ 3,920
http://www.google.co.uk/ 2,588
http://www.armitagefanblog.blogspot.com/ 1,358
http://www.meandrichard.wordpress.com/ 1,198
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All Time Search Keywords
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thorin 328
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the hobbit movie 2012  50
dwarf beard 45

All Time Pageviews
Total pageviews 47,225
Best month January 2012  3,566
Second best month June 2011  3,496
Lowest month second year September 2011  1,374

Blogspot gives only top ten´s, so it´s not possible for me to notice or even analyse all visitors.
Then I would have to make this a paid for blog or website.
And who is this Thorin Oakenshield dude?

To compare stats (now regretting it: without figures) read last year´s posts
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