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Friday, May 28, 2010

Harry/Lucas: It´s Really A Sexual Thing

Poll results of ´Things on Spooks that make you go what?´ are here! Hardly a glovebiting Lucas (1 vote). Not my vote now, but come on! Ah yes, glovebiting is common these days. No flashback of Gisborne, people? Soit. It was either Lucas with a dark side (3 votes) or Harry as double agent (4 votes ). The majority (7 votes) voted for a real sexual thing between Harry and Lucas... You dirty dogs!

Let´s see what the Tazbeks dropped in my mailbox today... and not in trash can this time. I will have to send it forward, so I will. But first...

Confidential intel from the Grid
Concerning H. Pearce and L. North  (further referred as Harry and Lucas) and a bit of R. Meyers (Ros)
Notes by: Katja

Thanks to an inside mole, we´ve managed to capture some footage of the Grid. We´ve asked Katja to sit with us to clarify this intel.

The Grid, 16 March 2009, 9:00AM
Harry: Since you had your debriefment with Ros I had a chance to clean up these old files.
I found something that might interest you. You played Black Jack, didn´t you?
Lucas: Oh I had my days..
Harry: Good to know. According to Tazbek´s countersurveillance
he was liaising with Super Agent 004, codename Big Jim.
Lucas: He was my little friend!!
Harry: He´s grown into his own shoes now.
Lucas: So I see!
Harry: I found something else. Was this the reason to leave Big Jim for us?
Lucas: Big Jim gave me my identity back. No girlfriend asked me to remove it.
Harry: And Darshavin or Kachimov put it all back on.
Lucas: Dutros Dermis Ditris. Yes.
Harry: Why do you always resist me in my temptation to help you?
Lucas: You stole my horse!
Harry: I gave you a pony!
Lucas: No, that was with Big Jim...
Harry: The horsetrading was necessary, otherwise I wouldn´t have seen your back.
Lucas: You can watch the back of my mug!
Ros enters the room.
Ros: Harry? Our allies don´t know a thing. We´ll roll our eyeballs if it´s right in front of them.
Harry: Keep looking!
Several minutes later:
Harry: Everybody, Big Jim is no longer Super Agent 004.
We found in Lucas´ files that Big Jim loves pony riding!
Lucas: This is embarrassing...


Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Waters Of Mars

We were on Mars, the stranger and me. It took me some time to react. The view was stunning and Mars was too.

What is it with men that give names to their cars, tools and equipment? While we were running through the Forest, he mentioned his vehicle, which he kept calling ´Tardis´.
I expected not to encounter a very flashy sports-car, and prepared myself for a dubious usual brand.
´Where did you park your car?´
´Car?!´, he felt hugely offended at my remark.
´It´s got more gadgets than a car. I´ll show you´.
And so, thanks to his flying phonebox, mine ´Did you see the waters of Mars?´ and his ´Just a joyride around the block´, I ended on Mars.

´I don´t want to spoil the fun, but I´m in need of a doctor´, I told the stranger . My right eye was badly swollen and I had to cough a lot after all this waterboarding. For some reason it didn´t quite cool my senses.
´I´m the Doctor´, he mused. `I have this device´.
He waved with his Sonic Screwdriver.
´Yeah, right mate, I mean a proper doctor´.
I didn´t want that gadget near me.
´Well, I can take you to the past, the future or to a local hospital´, he quipped.
´Sometimes men amaze me´, I said in disbelief to his geekness.

The hospital looked outdated, but the service was fine. Especially the after care.
´Mind if I check your eyes?´ ´Oh, doctor!´

After a couple of days I was picked up by this stranger again for a treat. I was taken to Roman days. We had some minutes to stay with a gladiator called Spartacus in Blood and Sand.

That was some fella! 

He is forced to have brutal fighting everyday. This is extra bad, because it is in slow motion with a lot of blood spatter. His master quarrels with him. He longs for his woman, yet has to perform some steamingly hot, luscious ´duties´ to certain ladies in Roman houses to stay alive, and all the others out there behave as forbidden fruits. Overall, it is steamingly hot!!!
´Shall we go somewhere else?´. My companion was obviously bored.
´Not yet! Yes! This makes me think of some poor bloke. He was treated badly by his authorities, stood up for himself and is now a soldier in a desert. He tries to connect with his estranged daughter and his ex-wife. He is willing to undergo brutal fighting and to have steamingly hot, luscious ´duty-calls´. He is steamingly hot!!!´

Some poor bloke!

´Oh no! This is enough entertainment for you!´
The stranger grabbed my arm and dragged me into the Tardis.
´But, it´s all hearsay! I haven´t seen it yet!´, I protested.

The blood of men

A man must accept his fate or be destroyed by it...  Spartacus Blood
                                                                               and Sand (SBS)
It´s not what you are, but what you appear to be...  Strike Back (SB)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2CqtNeRK_w&feature=related  Spartacus Blood and Sand Official HD trailer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0L-J9HtJ8Q  Strike Back Official Trailer.
1. After seeing the Spartacus´ trailer, this trailer needs re-editing: more romantic scenes.
2. Will there be a Bootcamp clip on the upcoming DVD?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1NClmbml6s&feature=related Spartacus´ Bootcamp

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAuAbejJGfQ Dirrty Dirk - Man On Mars


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Drops Wet Gorgeous

A few days ago Timelord sent me a message on my mobile phone. Funny, I don´t know a Timelord. The text read: ´Don't drink the water, don't even touch it, not one drop´. In a corny mood I texted back: ´Drops Wet Gorgeous!´. Got no reply yet.

I will try to recall what happened after I knocked at the convent gate for a refreshment. You know they have this current offer: 4 hours waterboarding, for only 20 euro? Didn´t know what to expect, but I could use a bit of freshen up. And then it became a blur.

´Watching paint dry, is boring. This will hypnotize you´, said a man in his mid-fourties with arms thick as chain-cables.
This wasn´t my idea of a convent. I felt a mean, thick needle going into the skin of my arm and soon after that, I dozed off.
Woke up after some time and got slapped in the face. I couldn´t move, was restrained by a frayed rope.
´Where´s the Beemie report?´
´Beam me up? I don´t know´, I said confused.
This time I was hit hard in the face. Tasted blood in my mouth.

My eyes, one getting swollen, couldn´t really adjust to the dim light. Heard the brute walking out of the room, a basement or whatever it was. A rather loom surrounding.

´If I can do it, you can do it too´, hissed some man from the other side of the room. Someone else there was also tied up.
Felt a crust of blood drying up under my right eye.
´I need a doctor. Who are you?´, I hissed back.
´You´re quick´, he quipped.
A remark I didn´t understand.

´Get me my digital cinema HD-camera that does more than 1.000 frames a second´, roared the giant to someone in the hallway who I couldn´t see. By that time my right eye felt terribly swollen.

Then I guess I had a psychedelic experience. I recall watching and hearing water.. drops....fall... ve....ry.... slow...ly... saw... them.... fal...ling... ree..aal.. sl...oo..ow...

´Do you keep up with the jest zest? You get waterboarded, sis!´
Gulp! Got a bucket of water splashed in my face. I hate that!
Then, lying down, with cloth over my face, I had to struggle with many buckets more.

Eventually I got out of there, thanks to the witty stranger, with something he called the Sonic Screwdriver. Oh, and I tripped over waterbottles all over the floor, labelled ´The Waters of Mars´. 

http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/downloads/192-sbdownloads.html nailing a spoiler

Watch The Ways Of Men

Wearing a tie and feeling uncomfortable with it,
is one of the ways of men.

Strike a tie

To watch RA fixing his tie, is endearing.
Although his stare scared me at first.
It looked as if he was about to have a meeting with the taxman.

Twiddle a tie

The funny tie-twiddling of Oliver Hardy comes to mind.

Tie me up

And why do men a tie up with each other? Yeah Jack, why?
Oh, here we go again....
´Cause they´re drop dead gorgeous!

Back to my fanfiction: time to refresh myself at the convent.
Current offer: 4 hours of waterboarding for only 20 euro!

http://www.zazzle.com.au/camouflage_tie-151661200703448558 army-camouflage tie
http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/news/2010/05/sky-magazine-interactive-guide/ strike a tie
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MxxqwjF1xo  twiddle a tie, see 0:38
http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/news/2010/04/new-strike-back-trailer-25th-april-2010/ tie me up

At The Convent Gate

Wistaria blossoms trail and fall
Above the length of barrier wall;
And softly, now and then,
The shy, staid-breasted doves will flit
From roof to gateway-top, and sit
And watch the ways of men.

The gate's ajar. If one might peep!
Ah, what a haunt of rest and sleep
The shadowy garden seems!
And note how dimly to and fro
The grave, gray-hooded Sisters go,
Like figures seen in dreams.

Look, there is one that tells her beads;
And yonder one apart that reads
A tiny missal's page;
And see, beside the well, the two
That, kneeling, strive to lure anew
The magpie to its cage!

Not beautiful—not all! But each
With that mild grace, outlying speech,
Which comes of even mood;—
The Veil unseen that women wear
With heart-whole thought, and quiet care,
And hope of higher good.

"A placid life—a peaceful life!
What need to these the name of Wife?
What gentler task (I said)—
What worthier—e'en your arts among—
Than tend the sick, and teach the young,
And give the hungry bread?"

"No worthier task!" re-echoes She,
Who (closelier clinging) turns with me
To face the road again:
—And yet, in that warm heart of hers,
She means the doves', for she prefers
To "watch the ways of men."

Henry Austin Dobson (1840-1921)


The Framework Blog

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Want Your Necklace

So I was in the Forest. It was a beautiful day. No buildings in sight.

I had my handbag still with me over my shoulder. I smarten myself up a bit. Did my hair, and because I was still in pj´s, I hide behind a tree to change into jeans and t-shirt. I cringed for taking a t-shirt along with me that was not helping me.
I had my socks and sneakers with me, so no problem there.

Then I saw a man coming towards me. He looked vaguely familiar.
I am bad with faces anyway.
´Hello there!´
I was twisting my brains who it might be. He looked me up and down.
´I want your necklace´, he said bluntly.
´WHAT?? My one million dollar necklace made by William Goldberg, pieced together from 45 carats of fancy colored diamonds, every last one of them natural and micro set in platinum and 18-karat yellow gold?´, I said in shock.

He was breathing heavingly heavy, ´cause it was 37 degrees in the shade.
´Come on! I give you this face.´
Doubt, doubt, twisting my toe in the sand.
´It was my mother´s!´, I said, prolonging the moment.
Suddenly, he looked kind of sad.
He reclaimed himself and got impatient.
´Or should I take it by force?´
´Ehhhh....´. I tried really hard to look upset. Really!

´You´re insane!´, he smirked and brought me to the gates of the convent.
´Birds like you, will be fine there!´

I must have been completely dishevelled or it was the heatwave.

Pictures, screencaps used:
The Framework Blog
the necklace actually costs 2 million dollars

You´ve Been a Very Bad, Baad Girl, Violet!

Yikes! In the middle of the night I was lifted off my bed by two men who wanted the Beemie report back. Luckily I had folded the report in tiny parts before, and still under the covers, I could snatch them into my pants. I managed to grab a few items in my huge handbag, cutely called ´Kit`. I knew desert looks hot, so I prepared my Kit.
´I am not going out there´, I now thought with some sadness.

I was taken outside to a black van.
´Where are you taking me?´I bravely asked.
´You´ll see´, one of the men grunted with a strange accent.
I guess he was the older one, judging by his voice. I was kicked into the van. The van smelt after moist. With the rope on the floor they tied me up.
´You´ve been a very bad, baad girl, Violet!´, the other one said.
´How do you know my name?´, I stuttered.
´It´s all over the place, your blog with your poor English and lousy jokes´.
´No time for talk´, bit the older man into our teeth.

They´ve put a sack over my face and slammed the door. The smell was unbearable. With my nose I felt it was linen. It smelt after sweaty socks and dried up blood and -yuck! Urggh! A bag where they put there dirty socks in? I turned my head away, in vain. I felt a sudden urge to vomid. Quickly I thought of nice things like talking to this nice chap in the coffee corner the other day. He even gave me a little kiss.
´OMG, maybe he was questioning me!´
I rose up in haste, but was held back by the ropes and my nose stuck even deeper into the dirty linen sack. Boo!

After a bumpy ride, a few turns, some clutching according with some rough driving, the van suddenly stopped. I heard the click of the doorhandle, a Transporter probably, and some light shone through the sack over my head, wherin I could see some vague red and white colours.
The younger man took the sack of my head and untied me.
´You walk the path all the way to the convent. You´re on your own!´
The man hurried back into the van and drove off.
I was dropped in the middle of a Forest.

Photo used:
http://pictures.ladygagaonline.net/displayimage.php?album=295&pos=6 publicity photo of Lady GaGa´s ´Telephone´ video clip

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bedroom Billboard or Pin Up Calender?

Oh, the waiting before I can see the whole Strike Back series! I take what I can get to pass the time before I receive my dvd in June. WOW! If I call myself Daisy Duke and imagine myself working at a garage I put this up as pin up calender. Why wasn´t this picture on the billboard?

It must have been a man who had the last word about the definite picture for the Strike Back billboard that´s around in the UK on 100 locations. `I had to OK that´.  No, I mean before that. There must have been a meeting wherin suggestions were made. I bet a woman made a suggestion, then was overruled by the men. Let the girls have their final say! We usually keep our foot down with hubby when buying cars: That color or you can forget it!´ But in this case, maybe she feared to be cheeky or fangirly.

I can survive a month in the desert by staring at this! No, I need a man with a car and tools. Maybe I should write in analytical terms and look smart/sane. ´The wonderful thing about this picture is the diametrical setup of the figure close to a mechanical structure, handling a tool with symbolises...´ Nice to read, it won´t help. 

Would not mind this picture on a billboard staring at my bedroom window. 

'My idea of a passionate weekend is doing DIY. I'm pretty handy with a screwdriver. But is that sexy?
I don't think so!'

http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/career/138.html scroll to bottom of page for original billboard
http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/downloads/192-sbdownloads.html Scott Mill´s Show part 2
http://catherinebach.com/ love her clothing line

Everybody´s Strike Back Eyed

My anticipation is just as exciting as dancing to this song...

Screencap used:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lucas gets asset on his tail codename Seductive Whisper

Remember I once found a secret report codename Beemie from the Tazbeks? There are more pages and again I had them translated into English. I won´t give you all, but this is relevant! Very saucy!

Warning: this intel is hot stuff. So don´t read at work or show it to children´s eyes.

Asset codename Seductive Whisper

We have reason to believe that we have to follow Lucas North (further to be referred as `LN`) due to his statements in the media disguised as actor Richard Armitage. Why he keeps disguising as actor we don´t know. We are very worried about the intel that is percolating.

Our recent close observations were not sufficient. We had to turn it up a notch and hand the dirty work to our lovely and reliable Katja.

Our Katja can take a bite

Our Katja will question and bribe LN. Money changes everything.
She has given him his own dark secret.

B.M.Wie 507 fabricated in 1956

Katja reported back to us that before every mission LN prepares himself by doing some Alexander techniques by putting a book over his head, and sometimes he even falls asleep.

We now have the full picture

Sources: top secret
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article7109620.ece see here or
http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/interviews.html see The Times, april 27, 2010
Screencaps used: The Framework Blog, classified