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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You´ve Been a Very Bad, Baad Girl, Violet!

Yikes! In the middle of the night I was lifted off my bed by two men who wanted the Beemie report back. Luckily I had folded the report in tiny parts before, and still under the covers, I could snatch them into my pants. I managed to grab a few items in my huge handbag, cutely called ´Kit`. I knew desert looks hot, so I prepared my Kit.
´I am not going out there´, I now thought with some sadness.

I was taken outside to a black van.
´Where are you taking me?´I bravely asked.
´You´ll see´, one of the men grunted with a strange accent.
I guess he was the older one, judging by his voice. I was kicked into the van. The van smelt after moist. With the rope on the floor they tied me up.
´You´ve been a very bad, baad girl, Violet!´, the other one said.
´How do you know my name?´, I stuttered.
´It´s all over the place, your blog with your poor English and lousy jokes´.
´No time for talk´, bit the older man into our teeth.

They´ve put a sack over my face and slammed the door. The smell was unbearable. With my nose I felt it was linen. It smelt after sweaty socks and dried up blood and -yuck! Urggh! A bag where they put there dirty socks in? I turned my head away, in vain. I felt a sudden urge to vomid. Quickly I thought of nice things like talking to this nice chap in the coffee corner the other day. He even gave me a little kiss.
´OMG, maybe he was questioning me!´
I rose up in haste, but was held back by the ropes and my nose stuck even deeper into the dirty linen sack. Boo!

After a bumpy ride, a few turns, some clutching according with some rough driving, the van suddenly stopped. I heard the click of the doorhandle, a Transporter probably, and some light shone through the sack over my head, wherin I could see some vague red and white colours.
The younger man took the sack of my head and untied me.
´You walk the path all the way to the convent. You´re on your own!´
The man hurried back into the van and drove off.
I was dropped in the middle of a Forest.

Photo used:
http://pictures.ladygagaonline.net/displayimage.php?album=295&pos=6 publicity photo of Lady GaGa´s ´Telephone´ video clip

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Violet said...

This was written in Chris Ryan´s Strike Back-style! To educate y´all!:)