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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fanstrafaganza Cartoons!

Although I´m not participating with the Fanstrafaganza, see for participants the sidebar, I was toying with Photoshop and made some Fanstra cartoons. Hope you like them, as they are rather silly.

I posted them as twitpics on twitter see @VioletsTFB so you can pass them through if you like.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lucas North, Sharing A Valentine Secret

Vaughn to Lucas/John: "You didn´t do this for me, you did this for you."

Under my gardenchair I found a squeezed Kiwi, the size of a Dwarf, who told me that Lucas North has a hide-out in New Zealand, codename 'The Hobbit'. The escaped Dwarf whispered that The Lucas North has a new position in NZ's Headquarters, aka Middle Earth, as Dwarfleader. In his acceptance speech he declared to set goals to get rid of a Dragon Smaug once and for all. Smaug being a high up bad ass. So one of the tasks this year will be a fight, codename ´Green Screen´. North can be very persuasive. The Edged Spy currently mentions his former boss Harry Pearce of The Grid in sarcastic phrases like: 'I need Hairy Toes'. The Dwarf shamefully admitted that his own nightmares about fighting high up dragons could be heard at least three holes away. I was not worried, because my Tazbekian doormat deliverer notified me of North´s fighting experiences against a papier mache Gollum, erm, Dragon, an eufemism for Vaughn Edwards. So within one hour the Tazbeks grabbed the Dwarf and put him on a plane back to Middle Earth...to finish his mission.

Deep down under-cover and still no word about the Fanstrafaganza to Maya. 
Will he keep it a Valentine secret? 

Fighting Dragons, occasion one:
Tell Harry about the Fanstravaganza?.... Uhm. I thought not!

Fighting Dragons, occasion two:
Vaughn: "I give you Maya, but you have to break the Fanstrafaganza to her."

Breaking the news to Maya:
Maya, great news for Valentine's Day!

I will share a secret with my fans...I mean.. you !

I'll be experimenting with facial hair!

Check out the secured pressconference of the Bearded Dwarfleader

Screencaps: RAcentral, RAnet: Hobbitpressconference at 11 Febr

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lucas North And His Fans

"Now THAT kind of danger is really worth the close surveillance!"

There is a fan of Lucas North amongst the Tazbeks, check codeword "Beemie report" on this blog. Who else would make me know that Lucas North knows about a Fanstrafaganza? She gave me The List and a timeline around a mysterious gathering of active bloggers. For safety reasons I cannot join, but you get the quick scan. No harm is done to spies or actors.

Tariq gave me a list of blogs about my alter ego Richard Armitage, codeword Fanstrafaganza.
This commenter says: "Shouldn´t he be glad?" Yeah duh, if you´re Dwarves and I´m Dwarfleader!

"Tariq, they´re NOT a bunch of old bags." *thinks* I can handle those chicks e-a-s-i-l-y
HUH? Harry´s daughter is on it too!
How does Harry´s daughter know I work here? I should go over there and remove all evidence!

In house of fan #1:
*mutters* For a fan, she has NO life!

*spookology lesson 4* If there is a webcam somewhere, it´s best to stick your bum out just in case!

So... a box of chocolates *smirks*

Next morning, at home:
*childish* She is not, not, not, on that list! How does she do it?

*smart thinking* She would be a fan, if she knew even less of me. Hang on, a picture of us?

*grunts* This must be one of Tariq´s sick jokes!

At work:
*smug thoughts* A Senior position requires that your staff looks jealous at your mug.
My mug text reads: I only sleep with the best!

Later that day, on an operation:
*hissing* Vaughn, not now! (..) You want.. WHAT?.. *whispers* The List?!

*shouts* You´ve sent the Chinese my picture? Without autograph?!?!?!

Moment for intense sadness. No vacation to China... *sobs*

In house of another fan:
*whispers* OMG, Chatroulette on laptop is still on!!!!!

*sniggers* Show them the tattoos they desperately want to see!

This picture is googled a lot! *looks tough* Now who would do Chatroulette with me?

NOOO! Aidan Turner! *runs out of the room*

Back on The Grid:
So.. Tariq, next time remember you´re too young to handle Fan Lists on laptops like these, OK?

 Good luck to all Fanstra bloggers, whose sources will not be revealed!

Screencaps: RAcentral, Spooks Fan Blog, The One Ring Net