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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Boy Is Back In Town

"Bradley, who?"

"He has better stubble."
Whenever I see Bradley Cooper in a film, I tend to think RA looks like him.
Then I compare pictures, and can't think why I get that thought in the first place.
Future projects' visibility for Mr A: nr. 18 on the Empire Online 100 Sexiest Actor's List 2013.
Martin Freeman, Aidan Turner and Benedict Cumberbatch (nr. 1) are on that list as well.
For the record, there's room for all these guys in La La land.

Meanwhile, Hobbit promotion has just started with new trailer,
(looking good: more conflicts, more actions, more Thorin close-ups)
new stubble/introduction,
and new hairdo (new project?).

Here's my variation on the dog-sign pic of a Q&A Clickonline interview...
 Less tweeting (less involved), and instantly I miss Q&A opportunities!

Waiting for Hobbit red carpet dates!

RE my last geek post: 'warmer colours' rings a bell: coloring Hobbit trailer here.
Images: BBC America LA Tea Party (find it on RAnet), Wimbledon 2013 (snatched)

And Then You Open A Curtain

"... to find that another 200 people are working on
Thorin frames in HFR 3D!"

Among The Hobbit tweets, I think it was end of July, I found a dry press statement of yet another award that would be given to Peter Jackson, director of The Hobbit movie. It said he will receive a techno-innovations award. At the bottom: the award ceremony will be held in Amsterdam, NL.

That. Is. Middle. Earth. At. My. Doorstep !!
That's in my poststamp-sized country. Can I get any closer than that?

Thus 15 September, award day, enter yours truly, to an impressive 'state-of-the-art' electronic broadcasting media innovative technicality convention brought to you by IBC, an American organisation who decided to land their 'USS Enterprise' for the time being in my Capital City. Male dominated 'make-it-so's were introduced with awesome presentations. Dress code: dark grey suits.

"And then you open a curtain..."
It was nice to talk English to foreigners and to listen to their very technical answers. I'll deny everything, because I spoke to Real People, but watching The Hobbit vidblogs paid off!
However I was there for the award ceremony and I got to see the debut of The Hobbit Desolation Of Smaug The First Teaser Trailer in HFR 3D.

Audio file of Innovations award for PJ 'Hi Amsterdam' and trailer http://t.co/zMsmLuOgiH
Audio file of Post production award for SDO*Mistika and Park*Road Post http://t.co/MN3y254N03
IBC news item of TH (first 5 min) http://t.co/8hsa7l7su7
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3

Fitting music: Small World by Huey Lewis and The News Part TWO!
My image goes to pieces, by introducing this one.
I'm not hip and happening by not introducing Kings of Leon by a King of Dwarves! :)

Image: Shaimamarissa?
Quote by RA (sort of)