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Monday, October 10, 2016

Dark Side Of A Berlin Station Fangirl

A spy never comes clean. Unless it is a fangirl. 

My spy codename is Soft Face, for reasons Eye Ball can only guess...

My family worries about me, because ONE blogpost about 'your friend' RA is understandable, but MULTIPLE blogposts???? Real friends left me for same reasons, so the road is clear to go spying...
I hang out with fangirls on different 'platforms' who form 'communities' in pseudonimity.

It is great that RA does another spy show (don't mention Lucas North in Spooks/MI5) and it is nice that he filmed it in Berlin instead of London for a change.

I was hesitant of pre-early reporting any reviews. As 'test audience' I could have revealed spoilers/ intel. I watched the first two episodes (1rst. twice, 2nd. once) which were temporarily available online, before they became 'area restricted' (many fangirls are 'area limited').

I was happy to have watched the promo talks. I found out that the Berlin Station makers had private jokes about the 'Armitage Army' which they didn't want to share. Maybe it had to do with the reputation of RA's fandom. (Where to find them is where they were looking. On Twitter.) Fact, I dropped two Berlin Station Cartoons on Twitter. (My bold and naughty Geist was back again. That is a good sign). Of course this is very egotistical and insecure thinking, very much along the lines of fangirl behaviour. I could have made some 'casualties' in my enthousiasm...

To mock this further:
"The much feared reputation of RA's fandom reached a new low, 
for he had to apologize profusely to his fellow BS colleagues, 
and company line was to ignore these cartoons on Twitter in loud unisolo silence." 

"Now THAT's what I call a fangirl."
(Choice of pic, gesture and calendar moment very intentional, clue-worthy fangurl blogmanship).

Good writing is uncomfortable. Shakespeare wrote Real Fiction. I might have embarrassed some.

The Berlin Station spy looking great.
RA is having great fun promoting this show. 

In reality I am a follower.
Feel free to come back to this blog and read my other great posts.

Note to EPIX:
The world is big. It is not only US of A. 
Overseas fangirls would love to see Berlin Station. Immediately. And talk about it together.
At the moment however, EPIX is rarer to find on digiboxes than RA pics on the web. 
Please, sell this show overseas.

Images: Berlin Station promotion material

Thursday, May 26, 2016

King Oleron Or Tick Tock End Of Scene

Review Alice Through The Looking Glass - you think.
Impressions, more likely.
Seen in 3D with Dolby Atmos

This film was right up my alley. Having read the books in the days, the film has its story liberations and I have seen the other one. I looked closely at the fabulisciously detailed CGI, characters, set, costumes, hair, landscapes, you name it. I enjoyed it very much in 3D and Dolby Atmos. 
It was a film I would have seen even if Mr. A was not in it. And there we have it, he was in it, but in such tiny doses, such a small amount of time, in only two scenes! Fair to the story, I must say. Richard was a nobel King with Proctor/Thorin voice in the first scene (long shots and a couple medium shots). In the second scene, he was younger and not speaking (one long shot). But before it got to those scenes, the story, or rather Alice, was well underway.
The family themes for Alice, the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen were heartwarming in their own ways. And the little animals and other creatures were adorable. I admitted before on Twitter to have wrongly guessed RA to be Chesspiece RA!. :)

I came away with the significant, yet filosophical impact the Time character played in this version. How time itself was visualised with a big clockwork with Seconds, Minutes and Hour as helpers, had me ticking. Sympatic symbolisms of how time passes for everyone, or how it is violently rupturing away, turning everything into rust, or the notion 'You cannot change the past, only learn from it' made the whole experience humbling to me.
But it was the voice of late Alan Rickman, which came out of nowhere, that made me realise that although he had no more time, there was a consolation in that his past recording was preserved and presented. This morning news reached me that Johnny Depp's marriage time was up. So has everyone their moments. Like me, I have just committed idle writing and should eat my hat for it.

To conclude, Producer Suzanne Todd said something on how this film nicely shows a woman taking the lead, which is highly commendable. The haters will say, yes if only you got a late dad with shares and a boat you can refuse a desk job, jump mirrors and sail the world. 

We need more of those stories in film out there. It is a matter of sailing through time.