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Monday, June 28, 2010

Guy Of Gisborne Syndrome One Year On

"So for Marian Syndrome there´s no cure either?"

On several sites the death of Sir Guy of Gisborne is commemmorated. It is now one year since he died on British television. Thank God, I was unaware.

In about six weeks, I can celebrate my own one year anniversary of Gisborne Syndrome. I could bring the date forward.

"If only Marian would have brought the date forward..."

Last year I searched for clips on YT about the Robin Hood tv-series I saw twentysome years ago. I was about to buy that dvd-box, because I loved that series, the dialogues, the mystique and the mood. OK, Robin Hood (Michael Praed) and the Son of Herne (Jason Connery, son of) had the good looks and the moral right on their side and Marian on their hand, but the Sheriff and Guy had the best lines. Must say that I emphatized with the plagued Guy, played by the late Robert Addie.

After some months I searched again and had a hard time to find these clips. In doing so, I had to discard some 60 or more clips of ´a´ Gisborne Gorgeousness, which automatically raised the question: "Who is that?"

Art collection with prohibited guided tours

Found the marvellous websites about the man behind Gizzy, Richard Armitage, with lots of information for those interested. After some time I searched for blogs about RA and - hey presto! (yes, I read the Smash Hits)- there were many bloggers and commenters with hilarious lingo! To be politically correct I have to say they are intelligent, middle aged, Radio4 listeners, but that doesn´t cover the whole fanbase. The pre-borns and the braindeads could not be consulted.

"My dark side can´t be treated. 
Those birds love my stubble factor. "

I started my own blog and in my posts I tried to keep Richard Armitage off my pages. Can´t keep that promise I made earlier, for my homies´ sake! What was the link with Gisborne Syndrome again?

"By the look of it, you may not be far behind!"

Sources: RichardArmitageNet, Tell Me, The Framework Blog

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dinnerdate With Lucas North

Lucas North polishes the silverware and tastes the drinks

Thanks to a friendly request from Skully to all her readers to review the Spooks episodes of Series/Season 7, I do my share of the work. 
So last night I did my homework for episode S7.4, which I have to send to her when her post appears.

In this post you see my home brewed arty smarty artwork of S7.4.
I thought let´s post some for your own enjoyment too.
After all, most of you are doing the homework as well. Not because you have to, oh no.
So here are some random thoughts with my 
´LED there be light´-artwork.

Dinnerdate with Herr Witzmacher

"Can you wait just a sec, I have to screw some lights in the ceiling.
Don´t feel distracted.
Please continue with your jokes. I like them!"

The background reminds me of many European films and he fits it..

A man in the kitchen. Whoo-hoo!

"Where is that special device to make that delicious food with a very difficult name, I once saw in a cooking programme, to impress you that I can do more than boiling eggs?
Which is actually more than you can do with that cookbook that´s obviously fresh from the bookstore. 
And by ´fresh´ I mean crunchy fresh and not that kind of fresh."

Which is followed by the insight that I need another special ingredient only available in one shop in the whole town, that I apparently forgot to buy.
(Didn´t feel the need to cross town just for that)

Searching for hidden extra´s with the date

"If I could use her shaker, then we could make some cocktails"
(Why does this sound corny in this context?)

"Do you prefer the real thing or faking it?"
(Oh no, it doesn´t sound corny!)

"See, I keep my champagne cold for my next date tomorrow"
(Wrong advice to mention your next date! )

On the pavement:
"If I don´t touch the wires, how do I know there´s a click?"

(Oh, and this is just knitting some random text
around this arty smarty artwork)

Screencaps: RichardArmitageCentral, The Framework Blog

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Man TV Is A Beast

´Come on, you know you want to!´
(Oh no, that´s from Spooks)

Man-o-man, I was hiding from the tsunami of hearsay, but it reached the desert. I couldn´t say: ´We´ll abort´, because I was in too deep already. I was kidnapped by foreigners, robbed by a fashionisto, waterboardedly refreshed by conventers, spacetripped by a timelord. THEN, the flying phonebox broke down and we repaired it behind the Moon, and THEN I had 40 days alone in the desert to find my steaming ´Man TV´-hotness. My Kit, my big handbag, was packed with essentials. Sunlotion, lipgloss, mobile, breath mints, teatowel, and 40 bottles of Spa to keep me alive.

Life or death-question, was I, as a frail creature, prepared for Man TV? Let´s work the list and fight the system with a wild card.
  • I was a good mapmaker before ops, a good quoter of old Greek Philosophers, but I stumbled over my feet, was heard by the Kalif and I could persuade my fellow Englishmen to move elsewhere. Oh no, that was ´Lawrence of Arabia´.
  • I had to get on land on D-day as one of my ops, ran across the beach shooting, and had the hardest day of my life. Oh no, that was ´The Longest Day´.
  • I wore no helmets during ops in the field and in the sack, again, there was a sea. Oh no, that was ´Navy Seals´.
  • I worked in ops, was arrested for the death of 9 privats, was innocent and yet, turned out to be a killing machine. Oh no, that was ´High Crimes´.
What did I get in return? My Wild Card didn´t play poker, but he could fight the system heads up with Rorschach cards. It was a refreshingly nice paced, mild distRAction with male action, female rescue ops, and indepth and realistic soldier stories. Remember, I read the book beforehand. I saw all episodes in one go and don´t want to review it, just yet. Now, if you would, Wild Card...
Will he SAVE us from bad tv?
Well, he sure gives good tv with BAD looks!
´The man is a BEAST, make him do it again!´
(Oh no, that´s from Spartacus, Blood and Sand)
Hold that THOUGHT...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-MlVm9FzM4 Navy Seals trailer (1990). No helmets needed for ops (!)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDF0at7sC0M Lawrence of Arabia trailer (1962). Watch the shirt tearing scene. Tattoo-oo-oo
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqFn_pM5QxU The Longest Day () trailer. Shows both sides of the coin
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUySi79CmG0 High Crimes trailer (2002). Fight the system with a wild card
http://allthingsrarmitage.blogspot.com/2010/06/top-7-tips-for-looking-feeling-great.html Inspirations to put in my bag

RichardArmitageNet, RichardArmitageCentral, The Framework Blog

Friday, June 11, 2010

I Am Not A Real Guard

Would you never admit you had a job as a... Background Dancer, Tango Dancer (both 0 votes), Cage Dancer (2 votes) or Dancing Banana (3 votes)? Would you tell only after numerous drinks that you were a... Waiter (0 vote), Birthday Present Messenger
(1 vote), Dishwasher (1 vote), or Security Guard (1 vote)?
See, I have a theory. That in a work environment where co-workers are rather critical about low rated jobs, one easier says something outrageous, like ´I worked as a Dancing Banana´, than admitting one worked as a Cleaner or Security Guard.

One of the reasons I wanted to see the tv-series Strike Back is the journey the main character, soldier John Porter makes. It is not uncommon for ex-soldiers, if they don´t make it through the ranks due to post-dramatic stress disorders, to ´end up´ homeless with alcohol problems. Or that those soldiers, if they´re more lucky, find employment in security-type jobs.

In one of my Strike Back posts I said that I´ve read the book in advance. Therefore I was eagerly awaiting my DVD to see how John Porter´s downfall and his out-of-the-gutter crawling was given hands and feet in the tv-series. 
Book and tv-series show John Porter´s mistake he made in combat action. Then, for the next seven years, in the book, John Porter is portrayed as a wrecked homeless drunk. Whereas in the tv-series he gets a job offer as a Security Guard, which he angrily accepts. Meanwhile he keeps fit to stay at hand and graps every snippet of news linked to his downfall. As well as in the book as in the tv-series he succeeds in claiming his primary work and work environment back.

I never looked down on individuals with demeaning jobs. Persons are in flux, due to their circumstances. People don´t always have a careerbus passing by, a chance to catch it, or see it. And once the precious careerbus is boarded, more than once the previous hardship is easily forgotten.

So, even without today´s knowledge, I treasure the moment I had with an uniformed guard in London, possibly Friday night, January 26th, 1996. He said: ´I´m not a real guard. Go to my colleague over there. He´s the real guard.´
Mocking him? Certainly not.

Screencaps: RichardArmitageNet

Friday, June 4, 2010

Waiting For His Homecoming

How far the fans followers are willing to go to take him home, is quite scary!
To forcefully take him home in the boot of their cars and then to softly nurture him!
I feel a female oriented, sadistic, high octane, romp in the boot coming up!!!
It´s only because I have to wait a couple of days before my -see, I´m claiming it, already-
DVD of Strike Back
will arrive through my mailbox.
Sources: RichardArmitageNet, Somewhere