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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Going Full Circle

"I will have to work the fields * cough *."
Theme: Going Full Circle
Some facts should remain private,
like John Proctor being a bad boy.
No shame, no regret, until that is...
Read the play. I can't get over it.
I have to get my fangirly side out in the Woods of Salem.
Please don't judge, I feel a bit wicked.
More on this, or not, as I bewitch Mr. Farmer.
Under construction
I have to catch that rabbit on my doorstep, before the clock strikes midnight. Am I talking in tongues? Oh yes, no regrets. I blame John Proctor for luring me into his arms. And Richard for having me come back to London to finally see him act live.
I remember a certain time and place when... but I won't mention names. Goody gone wicked Violet was going full circle. 
I feel I have to post more on The Crucible.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Win Ticket To RA In Conversation

"Five stars for you for coming to see me!"

I have one ticket to the event 'Richard Armitage In Conversation' for you to win. Sadly I can't make it, but if you would like to hear Richard talk about his career and his current role as John Proctor on the Old Vic Stage, London at 5pm on Tuesday 2 September, it is yours!

How did that came about? Well I won a ticket from Jennifer Streeting, who is also a talented singer/songwriter in folk music and electronic music, find her page here or on Twitter @Jen_designst. One of her songs will be used for a feature film!

In light of recent events, that is Mr. A doing the ice waterbucket challenge and naming the charities and his other ones to support, I thought I would sleep well after my parting with this 'golden ticket' if I ask you to donate on his Just Giving charity page, link here the ticket price 5 or 10 pound or more whatever you feel like.
You have 24 hours to make it so! Starting 3pm today, or in my book 15.00hr GMT, 16.00hr CET.

Let's call this 
Donation Challenge!

You only have to do these steps:
1. Support RA's charities and mention in the discription section the word "Convo" unless you have also donated within this timeframe.
2. Your name can be your online synonym, as long as I can verify with your confirming emailname it is you. So don't use the name Anonimous, as it doesn't convince me it's you who made the donation.
3. Send me a notification link of your donation by email to my emailadress violetsframework@gmail.com

The first person that contacts me through email who has made a donation within these 24 hours, has chance of winning the ticket. Even if you don't win, keep in mind you are supporting!

So you have until Tuesday 15hr GMT or 16hr CET to make it so!

As soon as I know the winner, I will pass your email through to Jennifer,
who will send the ticket to you.
Meanwhile this Donation Challenge will be promoted on Twitter and FB.

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Promotion Image: Old Vic Theatre