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Sunday, March 20, 2011

"I´m Nothing" AND Near An Edge

True Lies, a James Bondian action/ adventure film with a lot of comedy, has a scene with "I´m nothing" AND near an edge. Bearing in mind the scene in Spooks 9.8 between Lucas/John and Harry and thinking one can compare every line or action in films or tv-series with one another, I was compelled. I even thought: NOOOO, it can even be worse! This in a good sense, because I did like Spooks series 9 and True Lies is an entertaining film.

Preview clip of Lucas and Harry´s Rooftop Standoff by BBC

In True Lies "I´m nothing" was said by Simon, played by Bill Paxton in a scene with Harry, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The hair dress of Simon resembles that of John Bateman, 15 years ago, but this is pathetic with a moustache and although JB had his flaws, he didn´t strike me as a wimp like Simon in True Lies. Or should I implicitly think in that direction, having in mind the discussions on Spooks Fan Blog and else on the script and the character Lucas/John?! Fair enough, character Simon was extremely over the top. Feel like the Spooks writers had this film on constant repeat - a shoot through a skyscraper floor... Luckily they left out the crane, likely because it came back as feature in one of James Bond´s latest films. Like I said, I shouldn´t compare so much, it kills the fun.

Tip: this scene is better in the film

          The van pulls up near the edge of a large quarry.  The door
          opens and Simon is pushed out, followed by Harry, who is in his
          black jumpsuit and wearing a ski-mask.  Gib follows as Harry
          guides Simon to the edge of a sheer drop.  Harry whips off the
          hood and Simon takes in his surroundings.


                    You son of a bitch.  Did you
                    really think you could elude us
                    forever, Carlos?

                    Wait!  You got the wrong guy.  My
                    name's Simon.  Look, just let me
                    go.  There's no need to kill me.
                    I haven't seen your--

          Harry whips off his ski-mask.

                    -- face.  Shit!  Shit!!

          Simon has ducked his head and won't look at Harry.  Then it
          dawns...  He looks up, brightening hopefully.

                    It's you!  Hey, you still
                    interested in that Vette at all?

                    You can drop it now, Carlos.  The
                    game is over.  Your career as an
                    inter-national terrorist is too
                    well documented.

                    No... I sell cars.  That's all!
                    Not even foreign cars.  Nothing
                    international, I swear.  I'm no
                    terrorist.  Everything I said was
                    a lie... you have to believe me.
                    I'm actually a complete coward.
                    If I ever even saw a gun I'd--

          Harry whips his pistol out in one liquid motion and snaps the
          muzzle right in front of Simon's eyes.

                    -- faint.  Aahhh!  Don't kill me.
                    I'm not a spy.  I'm nothing.  I'm
                    navel lint.  I have to lie to
                    women to get laid.  And I don't
                    score much.  It's pathetic.
                         (he looks down)
                    See, look... would a spy pee

          Harry is finally sickened by his grovelling.  He pulls Simon
          away from the edge, then gestures with his gun.

                    Beat it.

                    No.  Soon as I turn you'll shoot

          Harry starts back to the truck.  Simon stays right with him,
          facing him, terrified to turn away.  Like a dog following him.

                    Please don't.  You can have the
                    car for free--

                    Take off, dipshit!

          Gib finally shoves Simon back and Harry contemptuously cranks
          THREE ROUNDS into the ground by his feet, forcing him to dance
          backward.  The two agents get into the van and tear off in a
          cloud of dust.  Leaving Simon alone in the moonlight, miles
          from nowhere.

If you must know: the script is more decent than the film.

You probably won´t read the Full script of ´True Lies´ (1994)

The film was directed by James Cameron, director of the Avatar film,
which was mentioned by someone still in Hobbit Country.

What are the chances that in film/tv-series
someone stands near an edge
and says: "I´m nothing" ?
Bound to find out.

Poster: http://hot-movies-online.com/?p=5133

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pass On A Book Week

Vaughn: "That book ´Now you too can master Spookology´ was not meant to be passed on!!"

Last week was -correct me if I´m wrong- some sort of "pass on a book" week in the UK to pass on your favourite book.  From what I´ve heard there were five selected books especially printed in large volumes to add to this cause. The BBC aired the tv-programme My Life In Books around the theme ´pass on a book´ in which within a half hour two people brought their own favourite books in their youth and afterwards and talked about what has given them the reading sparks. A very accessible programme, a bit awkward in the interactions, but nothing nuff about it. It actually gave me a little cheer, in thinking the British have some sort of culture after all!

The typical British (left) and the Dutch (right) skeletons ;)

When a new biography of Roald Dahl was introduced in my country recently, and I don´t know if was it mentioned in this programme, I heard an example of the true nature of the British. For instance the British didn´t understand and appreciate the late writer Roald Dahl as much as he was appreciated in The Netherlands. He had a way of communicating with people and his belief that fantasy is more important than reality was not very common. 

We Dutch have a similar book passing-on occasion for years. It´s called "Boekenweek" (book week) which starts this Wednesday (!).  To promote the book sales "het Nationale Boekenweekgeschenk" (national book week gift) is handed out with every book one buys. Every year the book week has a theme and a famous writer is asked to write a short story within that theme. This year, the theme is ´written portraits´.

Now on the pass-on book action. If I really object a book, I can´t pass it on. Found on my bookshelf a book which I stored out of my sight. I received this book with a little note years ago after an emotional event. Still have times I try to read it, to find out the giver´s intention. Books I have finished, I can pass on, unless I want to keep them, so I have to buy new one.  Books I do buy, are not always interesting to others. For quality books I go to the library. Most of the times, people request a certain book for their birthdays which I don´t have. Occasionally, I read a particular book which is also perfect for so-and-so.

Uncover the cover, for I will now reveal my current list. No Bookerprice winners, nor Charles Dickens´ biographies (in my possession), neither a top 10 of e-books. Just my actual overview.

Still in doubt if I want to read these...
 Do I let myself get surprised by the film
or do I read the book beforehand?

Nice woman, Nigella Lawson, but this food is very English
(think marmelade cupcakes) and I have to lose weight ;/
Moved to luring reading Men´s Health (yeah, so?) on
abdominal workout sessions, food schedules :)

 I´m so into this mindblowing book, right now.
My observation skills were first like a painter (distances, moods),
but now like an actor (psycho, density)
Remember it´s just a set of tools (DIY).

No doubt, just had to buy these.
Started reading chapters here and there..
The Tazbeks were so sweet
to pass on Lucas´ Black Book.
For marketing reasons
it hasn´t been published yet.
The author is too ruffled by recent events.

Illegal excerpt
My own wrong doing: RA The Fellowship Of The Beard

Spoiler: there will be NO mention of a non-violent death... *stares at clip*

Sources: Kudos/BBC/UKTV, Dutch Temple of Civilisation, Amazon, RANet/moi