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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Do I Want To Be In This?

"Where have you been? We should be acting right now."

If it is Mr. A's quest to bring the true story of Richard III to screen, then I can vouch that I also have a quest to do something with comedy, such as a skit, a sitcom or a film. I like the fast delivery, the look-who's-saying-it subtext and the colours of the characters. Furthermore I share my birthday with Lucille Ball and I sure can act funny in front of the mirror. But, that is still in the back of my mind.

If you read my previous posts, I have mentioned that I chance visited some sets. At the moment I can´t get it out of my head that it would be great to be visiting an international set. Even playing along, in the background, why not? I know, I`m way too shy, prudish and insecure, so I`ll do my best, despite the nerves. So to get out of my comfort zone, next to doing improv acting and following workshops, like physical acting and standup, I had a chance to be an extra in a comedy pilot (which hasn´t aired yet) Vrienden*dienst (2012). Also I got an audition and writing experience amongst 300+ fellow writers, and others for the first dutch user*generated film Steek*spel (T*ricked) (2012). This was a heavy marketed project, fronted by dutch Hollywood director, Paul Ver*hoeven. He later said he not only liked working with young enthusiastic film makers, but he preferred that to filming in Hollywood where he had trouble getting a couple of movies financed.

Just after I had talks with my improv group about my progression, the news that the Richard III TV serial plus film plans are in the next phase, felt like a sign. Answering the question ´Do I want to be in this?´ with a ´Yes´, became very appealing. However I recall some British institution (forgot which one) saying it will never allow foreign actors acting on UK TV, unless it is filmed abroad like in Belgium and Hungary, then they´re ´fit to be extras´.

Thankfully, films are made internationally (okay, it depends). The Richard III film is getting plugged by Mr. A himself in Hollywood and there´s a major distributor on board, but it´s early days. I have no doubt his passion for his interest in the true story of  Richard III will open doors. But who to ask who can also say: ´Do I want to be in this?´. Like The Hobbit´s director Peter Jackson said (on casting Barry Humphries) (paraphrased): ´It is always a bit scary to ask the person you admire, to work with you. The person you admire, can be disappointing, so then you have to lower your level of admiration.´ At least RA can ask ´Mr. Wellywood´ about the pitfalls of Hollywood.

Best to leave the fourth wall alone, but boy, would I like a part (as extra) in Richard III ! Maybe I could ask The Universe for a lot more. I have a hunch that paths cross in mysterious ways, sometimes in synchronicity. Say, with an actor who takes the effort to understand the unspoken.  
Let me smile ´Thank You´ for this little interaction.
A nose rub to my favourite screen kiss. (Spooks S9.3)

A thought for Valentine's Day:  
Was this kiss filmed in the 'extra time' RA asked for 'to experiment'?


Top image: screen cap from trailer of short film Staged (1999).