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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Facing Misty Mountains

Dear readers, new and old,

Since The Hobbit movie came out, the statistics on my blog showed a new plateau of peaks.
I am staring at these 'Misty Mountains' right now and they make me proud and festive. Just by following Richard Armitage's works of acting in 2009 and starting this blog in 2010 which resulted in hopefully comical twists about his characters, the fan perception and his public persona, I am thrilled that you have found this blog to read and amuse yourselves with.

Yet, over the years, my postings turned out to be solily related to this actor in an idle attempt not to lose his followers. This sweet betrayal to my authentic blogging purpose about acting and storytelling has drawn endless depths in my dark cave of a fangirl's heart. It made my blog into a shrine. Following the 'How To Love Making The Hobbit' course did provide the needed escapism. However, the current crisis makes me want to rant like Charles Dickens did in his days about the social climate.

So I figured, as I hinted last year in one of my posts, either to start a whole new blog, or to add a new layer of humus escribiratea. That's an exclusive for you, readers!

Cheers to a Happy New Year!

A grouphug from your humble servant,


P.S. I hope more people discover Richard Armitage's excellent acting, as I feel I'm the only one out here to plug him. :) I plugged Martin Freeman before, check it with the search bar.

** Image: one of the best hobbit promo interviews evah. Found on RANet, TFB added the cartoonish wit ** 

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