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Monday, August 12, 2013

August Is Hot: Proud Moments

"Do you want me to pitch your script for you?"
Theme: It's Not About Me
Post: Proud Moments

I should not be talking about this, but I have proud moments whenever I discover 'the actor' stepped up his game. Those moments of insight occur after I connect the dots and can see the whole picture.

Script changes

Proud moment: whenever Mr. A asks for a script change. Not uncommon among actors, but his interviews show that whenever he found it was necessary to make a shout-out in an attempt to steer the character's walk of life, then boy it was needed. Poor man has to take into consideration that any afterburn of his acting in reviews is hard to hose. :) Prime examples: 1) how Marian's death deed was execuded by Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood tv series - as in: preferably not, but if it had to be, then with remorse; 2) how Lucas North/John Bateman's relation to his former girlfriend Maya softened - from a lustful connexion on the kitchen table as the director intended (as I understood from a Layla Rouass interview), to a lovable rekindling. More recently, concerning the many late night script changes for the Battle of the Five Armies scenes (as mentioned by the man himself), I have no doubt Mr. A has put his boots in as much as possible for his character Thorin Oakenshield. I hear you: don't rule out The Oaken Shield addition and the Dwarf Calendar! Erm, the Calendar is another story.

Now that we are talking script, what is the story on the latest developments of the Richard III script Richard Armitage was pitching in Hollywood - and I assume, also in the UK?

RA looks and vibes Richard III  - Spooks ep. 8.2

Pitching Richard III

Proud moment: when I found out he was pitching the script of Philippa Langley in Hollywood, after his many times expressed ambition to play Richard III one day. At the moment it is not certain that he is still involved in the project, yet he has voiced he really wants it to come to fruition.

Proud moment: when I found out that her King Richard III script is titled 'Blood Royal'. By now it may be changed into 'Royal Blood' (verification needed) on IMDb Pro, as there was already one older film listed by that title.

Real proud moment: when I read that she herself writes "it is been optioned and in development" in a testimonial (verification needed) posted on the site of Philip Shelley, script consultant. The official mention that she "is now working to secure a development deal for her film script that tells the real story of King Richard III" can be found on the Richard III Society blog. Read more on option and an article called Ten Things To Think About optioning.

Super proud moment: when I connect dots by assuming Todd Garner could be one of the people who gave RA some advice on pitching the Richard III script. Yesterday, I was flicking through my writing magazines to discover I was the proud owner of one Script Magazine and it contains an article written by Todd Garner, the producer of the upcoming Black Sky film in which RA stars.

Click to enlarge, or copy/paste.

Script Magazine, July/August 2010, www.scriptmag.com

Proud moment: when passing on these finds to verify, I got an invitation to write a post for the
King RichardArmitage Week 2013 (21st - 28th of August, 2013)
Please, send me your corrections, if you found any hoaxes.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Is Hot: It's Not About Me

 "What would I say if you walked into my arms?
It's not about me. It's blank."
Theme: It's not about me
Post: It's blank

Welcome, dear readers, to yet another yearly secret series of posts, called August Is Hot.
It's all for your pleasant entertainment.
No, it's not about me.
I leave that blank.
Not long ago, 'our man in Middle Earth', spokesperson for all Dwarves, said in an interview with words to this effect: "I hope people to like me for my characters than for me." This quote created a Gollum-type riddle in my head. How can one separate the characters created by the actor, from the actor? I can't decide what I like more and say: "It's blank."

On second thought, it may not about 'me' the actor, but about 'me' the person. If so, I read a warning in his quote: "Don't gush 'me' too much, I might disappoint."

In the first few years of this blog I was so sensitive of my writing qualities that I let some people from the RL (my real life) read this blog. Wrong! One couldn't read English, another said "Holy moly!" and one new friend who I confided her my - I thought salonfähige - crush told me that she has seen RA as actor in N&S and Robin Hood, yet referred to my blog (or the RA fanworld in general, I was too embarrassed to ask) that "this good actor doesn't need to be associated with sexy".

I could have defended my blog as my (hypocritical?) attempt to twist the joyous gushings and jealous worries I had walked into online, but I left it blank.

Image: Robert Ashcroft (find it on RANet), modified by TFB