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Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Is Hot: It's Not About Me

 "What would I say if you walked into my arms?
It's not about me. It's blank."
Theme: It's not about me
Post: It's blank

Welcome, dear readers, to yet another yearly secret series of posts, called August Is Hot.
It's all for your pleasant entertainment.
No, it's not about me.
I leave that blank.
Not long ago, 'our man in Middle Earth', spokesperson for all Dwarves, said in an interview with words to this effect: "I hope people to like me for my characters than for me." This quote created a Gollum-type riddle in my head. How can one separate the characters created by the actor, from the actor? I can't decide what I like more and say: "It's blank."

On second thought, it may not about 'me' the actor, but about 'me' the person. If so, I read a warning in his quote: "Don't gush 'me' too much, I might disappoint."

In the first few years of this blog I was so sensitive of my writing qualities that I let some people from the RL (my real life) read this blog. Wrong! One couldn't read English, another said "Holy moly!" and one new friend who I confided her my - I thought salonfähige - crush told me that she has seen RA as actor in N&S and Robin Hood, yet referred to my blog (or the RA fanworld in general, I was too embarrassed to ask) that "this good actor doesn't need to be associated with sexy".

I could have defended my blog as my (hypocritical?) attempt to twist the joyous gushings and jealous worries I had walked into online, but I left it blank.

Image: Robert Ashcroft (find it on RANet), modified by TFB

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