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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lucas North, Pretending To Be Dating

According to my latest intel from the Tazbeks under my doormat, Lucas North sends naughty Twitter replies like #I´m an expert in CPR# to blushing strangers. He is back in shape, bought a suit and is ready for cruising the meat market. Now he´s pretending to be dating...

Lucas: "Harry doesn´t want to hear this, but I am dating again."

Lucas: "Oh Harry, you´re back! You do want to join us as in ´us´."
Harry: "As long as you don´t mention Sugarhorse."

A month later:
Lucas: "No gossip, I know Maynell from a previous op, very low key."
Harry: "Shall I look for keys on low water level?"
Lucas: "I knocked him out of my life years ago. He keeps writing."
Lucas: "I received information about funding, with sincere greetings."
Harry: "If it´s about going short, Ros is at the bout of the balderdash."
Lucas: "I won´t send him your regards, then."
Harry: "Get your suit, Lucas."
Lucas: "If I could snatch the love interest of Ros, I order a loveseat."
Lucas: "Ro-os, listen up, I´m dating again."
Ros: "Yes, and what I can I do to help?"
Lucas: "You´re lucky, you´re now my date. Get me indoors as a housefly of that slimy sneaker."
Ros: "Only if you kiss me and keep your ´temperature´ low!"
Maynell: "Is that the boyfriend you flex your muscles with?"
Lucas: "Oh..."
Ros: "He´s rather shy. I like to keep him that way."
Maynell: "No-oo. A man that banks on you."
Ros: "If you want to keep your balls, I wouldn´t boost if I were you."
Lucas: "That´s my girl."
Maynell: "I gave one away for philanthropy reasons!"
Lucas: "Oh and while we´re at it, barrow boy...you keep claiming your lecherous trophy."
Maynell: "I remember you loved the open market."
Lucas: "The Chinese opt in e-mails reached me too."
Maynell: "Truly an international player."
Lucas: "I´m on Twitter now."
Maynell: "Come in!"
In Chinese!

Can the Tazbeks get no better intel than this?
Is this what is perceived as ´the dark side of Lucas´?
Twitter replies to blushing strangers, please.

Screencaps: RichardArmitageCentral of Spooks S7.5, Tell Me


Violet said...

This Thursday the number of viewings for this post came to a cumulative total of 1,000!

This is my all time best read post so far!

Anonymous said...

You are very funny and this gave me a good giggle :)

Violet said...

Tazbeks find cause of cyberflames.
After this late nite tweet of 10 December...

@Lucas_North http://bit.ly/emkGEF *Arches eyebrows*
10:53 PM Dec 10th via TweetDeck

...this post received 200 viewers of his total of 1995 tw-followers. That might explain the 4 to 5 times of sudden boosts of 100-200 viewers at a time in the last month or so.

*grins* Getting used to these numbers! Keep it up!

The Tazbeks won´t hesitate to reveal intel about Lucas North (or John Bateman) *hope it won´t be with sexual undertone*