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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Three Years Of Love And Ridicule

Gandalf: "Because they get a chance to see you!"

This week, April 9, was my THIRD ANNIVERSARY OF THIS BLOG. 
Thanks to REMINDERS on FB and RETWEETERS in Twitterworld you all had marked
this HUGE MOMENTUM in your diary, because of the cumulative stats I post. :)

It was THE YEAR OF WORLDWIDE HOBBIT PROMOTION and if you´re lucky you could have joined THE CAST AND PETER JACKSON with LIVE ONLINE CONNECTIONS through video streaming and twitter Q&A´s. Frankly, it was the year in which Mr. A had more screentime TELLING US ALL about THORIN OAKENSHIELD than acting as him. Though he had PUT IN LONG HOURS IN MAKEUP AND PROSTHETICS, SWORD TRAINING AND RUNNING NEXT TO GREEN CAT WALKS. It was the year WE DIDN´T SEE MUCH OF THAT, because of FAST EDITING, TOP NOTCH CGI AND STUNNING 3D IN 48 FPS HIGH FRAME RATE - DON´T DISCUSS IT, WE LOVE YOU HOBBIT FANS. It was the year we got teased to GO SEE THE HOBBIT PART TWO AND THREE in the next coming years. It was the year HUNDREDS OF HOBBIT ARTICLES passed my timeline on twitter, of which one article mentioned that the HOBBIT CONTRACT ALLOWS CAST TO FILM TWO MOVIES OTHER THAN THE HOBBIT. It was the year actor LUKE EVANS said to promote one of his two other movies than The Hobbit, that he LIKED READING ABOUT THE LOTR GUYS ON INTERNET, just some weeks after I posted my fake DWARFLEADER INTERVIEW. It was the year actor IAN MCKELLEN or more likely THE HOBBIT PR MACHINE stated in a press article that he wouldn´t repeat his CHARITY THEATRE TOUR IN NZ in Europe or elsewhere, a week or so after I casually tweeted a polite request to do so. Sorry LOVELY READERS, for ME not being COMMITTED enough.

Seriously, what a year this was for RA being HOT DWARF material in The Hobbit. (That´s my PR agent whispering that I should put that in. I myself didn´t detect any hot dwarfs in The Hobbit. Just saw THORIN OAKENSHIELD, DWARFLEADER, SON OF THRAIN. And that´s a compliment, to someone who now gets worldwide credit for hot fanvids and singing Misty Mountains. :) )

Now being double seriously, I was hanging in there with this blog to see how the release of The Hobbit movie would effect my pageviews. And it did! Even if this is a humble blog, not viewed by many, still it does what it does. It got picked up by all these search keywords, which were too general to find my blog, I reckon.

Most fanblogs don´t last two years. But I should not compare my blog to others. Although the thought of quitting goes through my mind, but see the work I have put in? I better leave it up. Especially since I have a hunch that I am read by people who put an interest in what I write. So, thanks, people, and thanks fellow bloggers and other fans, because it´s the creativity bug of yours that has put me to blogging. Thanks RAFrenzy for reminding me that I have a great blog. Thanks HOBBIT CAST for googling (oh well, they googled TheOneRingNet.com while they were on set, it was said during NYC promotions).

Top 10´s

These cumulative numbers represent my first three years of pleasantly crazy blogging with a naughty sniff of Richard Armitage in the mix. This year I am not putting links in this post. TOO MUCH WORK.

All Time Posts
(1) Letter To Thorin  8,887
(2) The Hobbit, Exciting And Dynamic Casting  7,448
(3) Lucas North, Pretending To Be Dating  3,051
(4) Lucas North And His Fans  2,941
(5) Guy Of Gisborne Syndrome One Year On  877
(6) Willmore The Rover, Name Another Rake  669
(7) Thorin Oakenshield And The Company Of Dwarves  623
(8) Quiet Dwarves, Hobbit Fans, Take Two  555
(9) SCOOP, Unseen Promo Pics Of Lucas North  457
(10) Getting A Whole Lot Of Guy  375

Referring URL´s
http://www.a*rmitagefanblog.blogspot.com/  1,333
http://www.y*imum.blogspot.com/  116

Referring Sites
http://www.g*oogle.com/  8,422
http://www.g*oogle.co.uk/  3,855
http://www.m*eandrichard.wordlpress.com/  1,477
http://www.g*oogle.de/  1,475
http://www.a*rmitagefanblog.blogspot.com/  1,390
http://www.t*hesqueee.blogspot.com/  851
http://www.g*oogle.es/  455

Search Keywords
thorin oakenshield  1,766
thorin  1,082
hobbit  661
lucas north  493
the hobbit 2012  329
the hobbit thorin  168
richard armitage dating  150
richard armitage thorin  136
the hobbit  112
richard armitage spooks  94

(1) United States  24,322 (huge number since The Hobbit release)
(2) United Kingdom  8,058
(3) Poland  7,129
(4) Netherlands  5,687
(5) Germany  5,636
(6) Australia  3,313
(7) Canada 2,109
(8) France 1,906
(9) Russia  1,208
(10) Spain  819

Pageviews All Time History
Best month December 2012  4,828 (release of The Hobbit: double as average 2,500 p/month)
Second best month January 2013  3,919 (release of The Hobbit continues, after that a huge decline)
Third best month January 2011  3,566

Pageviews By Browser
I*nternet E*xplorer 27,188  (35%)
C*hrome  21,792 (28%)
F*irefox  17,151 (22%)
S*afari  6,032 (7%)
O*pera  2,362 (3%)
Other (A*pple Syndication, Mobile, A*pple P*ubSub, M*obile S*afari, F*eed P*urcer) (2%)

Pageviews By Operating Systems
W*indows  63,232  (83%)
M*acintosh 7,296 (9%)
L*inux  2,549 (3%)
Other (i*P*hone, i*P*ad, i*P*od, Other L*inux, A*ndroid, W*indows NT 6.1) (5%)

Have I ever said that I love his acting,
although it sometimes makes me laugh when it´s supposed not to?

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Screencap: RAnet, with TFB magic