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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Facing Misty Mountains

Dear readers, new and old,

Since The Hobbit movie came out, the statistics on my blog showed a new plateau of peaks.
I am staring at these 'Misty Mountains' right now and they make me proud and festive. Just by following Richard Armitage's works of acting in 2009 and starting this blog in 2010 which resulted in hopefully comical twists about his characters, the fan perception and his public persona, I am thrilled that you have found this blog to read and amuse yourselves with.

Yet, over the years, my postings turned out to be solily related to this actor in an idle attempt not to lose his followers. This sweet betrayal to my authentic blogging purpose about acting and storytelling has drawn endless depths in my dark cave of a fangirl's heart. It made my blog into a shrine. Following the 'How To Love Making The Hobbit' course did provide the needed escapism. However, the current crisis makes me want to rant like Charles Dickens did in his days about the social climate.

So I figured, as I hinted last year in one of my posts, either to start a whole new blog, or to add a new layer of humus escribiratea. That's an exclusive for you, readers!

Cheers to a Happy New Year!

A grouphug from your humble servant,


P.S. I hope more people discover Richard Armitage's excellent acting, as I feel I'm the only one out here to plug him. :) I plugged Martin Freeman before, check it with the search bar.

** Image: one of the best hobbit promo interviews evah. Found on RANet, TFB added the cartoonish wit ** 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This won´t get me a job as graphic designer for FAULT Magazine..
this is old style Photoshopping.

Merry Christmas to my readers!

** Image: screencap FAULT Magazine - behind the scenes video **

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Impressions Of The Hobbit Part One

"Acting from the heart causes the drama in comedy." - Bradley Cooper
BBC 1 The One Show 18 Dec. 2012
OK, wrong actor quote.

Warning: spoilers! Shameless dumping of movie details!!

Imagine you're sitting at home writing your diary as Bilbo does, thinking over a grim scene with a group that happened years ago. You remember them as troubled by their own flaws, demons and sorrows and reject good intentions. First impressions of them can give a distorted perception. Best not to hammer on the distortion as being the truth, yet grab the chance to adjust. No time is wasted to make two people friends. Heck, be a Dwarfleader about it: "I could never be more so wrong". 

Middle Earth isn't that big in scale when you do leave your hobbit home. You will never know if you ever come back, but isn't that part of the adventure? You might find friends who will travel with you for some time. Friends you won't normally recognize as such. Just help them find their gold back and grieve with them over their losses.

So, here I am at Bag End, cheering at Richard Armitage's success, together with ardent RA fans and customized Hobbit enthusiasts, I open the door for you, as long as you promise no to throw with my plates.

An unexpected journey

An unexpected journey it will be, so I advice you to travel light. As I have learned in the course of following The-Hobbit-We-Love-Making-Franchise, it's best to avoid TV spots, reviews, interviews and red carpet flirtations. Take the trailer with you, that's all you need. Even Sir Pete's Vidblogs are best to ignore as various shots were not even used in this first movie of this trilogy. Don't read that hobbit book. If you must, read until chapter six. Be warned, knowledge distracts the thoughts.

The prologue: meeting Thorin, or, rather 'Thorin'

Meeting the Dwarves was quite an experience. The two LOTR-fans who wanted to see it with me, couldn't or wouldn't go, so I went alone. Did I initially choose to buy a 2D-ticket, I managed to change it in time for the later that evening showing in 3D 24fps. Then I found myself seated at the edge of the row slightly at the back next to a bearded man of roughly my age. 'Thorin' informed me that only 23 seats were unsold of the 400-so seats. The majority of the audience, 2/3 were male, aged 20-30, up to 40+. the rest were females of the same ages. 2D would be much calmer to watch as 3D unsharpened the fast movements in the action scenes and it made the dutch subtitles lavitating.

First half

The movie starts off with Ian Holm as Bilbo in his hobbit home. A peaceful setting and he is writing in his diary. Then I didn't take notice for one or two sentences, because suddenly, the scene got replaced by a dark, grim fortress which got violently attacked by what? And there is Thorin/RA! WHOAH! Wasn't this later on? Forget the book story, throw it out the window! Thorin being powerlessly defeaten, the gold is stolen, it really pains him, the overwhelming useless attacks on his people, which made me root for him instantly, is all very effectively done and moving.
Then, back to the hobbit home, boring, oh it's sixty years earlier, and there's Martin Freeman, yay. Then the scene which is in the trailer, but now extended, the encounter with Gandalf the wizzard and especially the Dwarves who come in one by one, sort of. Totally forgot from the book that Thorin had a meeting, this came across as a casual remark, no image at all of a round table type gathering to show how important this was. So possible it was just a regular meeting. The plates throwing by the Dwarves was a nice show-off of effective teamwork, although Bilbo didn't like it and Thorin would ignore it. The two songs were great and especially the Misty Mountains song made the audience quiet. Bilbo gets a contract which horrid conditions makes him faint, which was played funny by MF.
The fight with the Orcs was wonderful with Thorin, and the sleepover on the hill was witty and scary.
The empty barnhouse where the group touched the porch, made me wonder that in the book they all went inside and met a character and only then Gandalf said he had to do a detour of some sort, so that ate my memory.
Radagast the brown wizzard was like a fairytale figure with these cute animals.
Conclusion first half: clear stand-out scenes by introducing different characters, moods and settings. Ended the first half with one tear in one eye.

Losing it

The second half was like sitting on a galloping horse. Too much impressions.

PJ likes threesomes. Thorin has three fight scenes with The Oakenshield, a piece of wood which RA suggested for his character, according to his promo interviews. Bilbo has three scenes in which he lies on his side and awakens in a closeup shot.

The Eagles were beautifully and realistically filmed, like watching the Earthflight tv series.

The eery, dark moods of the place where ghosts were brought to life was well pictured. The Elven's statue looked like the statues of those at the gate of that lake in LOTR. The manlike figure with Thorin later fought against, looked like it was designed by the CGI people of the Avatar movie.

The stone-throwing giants were amusing yet impressing, like the walking trees in LOTR.

The Goblin king looked delightfully gross, while Dwarves don't need to burp!

A lof of room for violent action in the second half, and it was not a moment too long, yet I dearly missed the cross-country banter between the Dwarves and Bilbo, to awkwardly get to know eachother, and also as viewer to take in and enjoy their unique appearances. Maybe it was in there.

Overall conclusion

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey in 3D 24 fps: 8.5/10
Impressive, funny, moving, crowded, a galloping horse.

After years of struggle Peter Jackson finally brings The Hobbit to the screens. The public relations machine showed a humble director, writer and cast thanking the fans in advance for their trust.
The first hobbit movie continues carrying PJ's visual signature, recognisible from the LOTR movies.
While the book's story is told straightforward without much explanations, the movie has a wonderful showcase of digital fantasy. The real landscapes of New Zealand were breathtaking just as the fantasy landscapes, and like seeing all these weird creatures. However when it mattered to be breathtaking, there were moments in The Hobbit that felt off, on first viewing. Those moments were felt when Bilbo, or some Dwarves, hung unto their dear lives on edges or at the wizzard's stick in abysses, which did not evoke a feeling of nailbiting urgency. The Goblin's cave showed an endless depth, which caves not necessary have. Dark caves with fragile bridges are a bit typical in movies.
The Dwarves have fantastic individual looks which were promoted far in advance, yet in this movie there was not enough banter between the Dwarves; the story of the film preferred action scenes. In total shots the focus was hard to find.
Martin Freeman as Bilbo is a natural choice and although his profile may skyrock after this movie, it doesn't seem to be a big leap to act on world stage. For the other actors who didn't appear in LOTR, it will certainly give them a bigger profile, with Richard Armitage playing Thorin as the stand-out guy. His portrayal as Thorin as the proud, yet defeated king was epic and moving. Andy Serkis brought the beloved Gollum back to life to play riddles with Bilbo.
However all in all an effective tearjerker was missed. Not much sentimentalism was played out in part one of The Hobbit movie which merely gave an introduction of the characters and settings. PJ will no doubtedly get there in The Hobbit part three as he did in the final movie of the LOTR trilogy.

Next up: part Two and Three

More Thorin! Not enough in part one! And this is not me being biased about some actor.
I don't know if I will shed a tear for Thorin. I give RA not the chance to make me teary.
My eyes watered seeing movies like The Bucket List (2006) and The Ultimate Gift (2006).

A whole year to wait for the next movie: The Desolation of Smaug (with devastating Thorin!) and and another half year for part 3, The Battle of the Five Armies (spoiler: the war on the stolen gold).
Thankfully, in the tenth Vidblog, PJ was so nice to promise he will keep in touch - and otherwise the 'Warner Brother suits' will remind him.

Edit: this post is a mixup of my review and impressions. I read the book only once, until chapter six, and have seen this movie only once also.

** Image: Dwarfleader promotion tour: the Apple Store London, Q and A, 10 Dec. 2012 **

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Old Rich On An Adventure

It was a windy autumn evening when the little men of that Hobbit re-enactment play in my back garden - gnomes, not dwarves - hurdled up in front of my fire place, suggested to shave off their beards. 'If you do, your life will never be the same', I remarked. 'We have to be ready for stubble love - yours, or worldwide', they mumbled. 'Besides, you keep staring at that man', they groaned. 'Old Rich', I said with a warm, golden voice. 'May he travel safe. He is on an adventure.'

** Image obtained through RAnet, TFB added a warm, golden touch **

Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Interview With One Fan

Misquoted Thorin:
"If more of us valued fangurrrling and cheer and song above hoarded gold,
it would be a merrier world."
"I said food, not fangurrrling!!"

The Hobbit has all sorts of fans and so does Mr. A. If you count yourself lucky to be a fan or follower, then you might like reading fan interviews.  Now be ready, because TFB is gonna throw this thing against the wall... and you may not like it... because TFB watched too many really gross American comedies lately, and got badly influenced. 
The One fan can be female or male, so let's prefer the fangurrrl.
TFB: Hi, we talked over the phone. (reaches out to shake hands) I still don´t know your name.
One: Please, stick to THE ONE (shakes hands)
TFB: OK, The One (talks in voicerecorder: `Maintain ´One´)
One: (looks up)
TFB: Where shall we sit? Here?
One: Yeah, uh, alright.
TFB: One, first your reaction on RA as Dwarfleader Thorin.
One: Beard love!
TFB: What´s with the beard love?
One: (strokes beard with hands) I kinda like it. I grew it to sympathize with The Hobbit cast, far away in New Zealand filming this 3D monster of a movie..
TFB: Two movies! No, three movies!
One: You can count!
TFB: And write! But back on the beard topic. How did you get that beard so natural? Hormone pills?
One: Yeah, great, huh? (hikes skirt) I am now a female Dwarf.
TFB: (in Hobbit awe mode) A female Dwarf! You´ve read Tolkien´s footnotes!
One: So you know that Dwarves have females with beards! (leans forward) But in PJ´s version... (whispers) no romantic Dwarf love.
TFB: Are you putting up a smoke screen?
One: Good idea! (lights a long brown pipe) Yeah, well. (takes a few suckings, then exhales slowly)
TFB: Why do you smoke a pipe?
One: Fits with the character.
TFB: What character?
One. The one you bring forward on your blog!
TFB: (exaggerated) I can write whatever I like!
One: Oh really?! Why don´t you write some explicit love scenes?
TFB: Should I?
One: Want input? (exclaims) ´The Dwarf who shagged me`.
TFB: (coughs) It´s probably been done...
One: What? By whom?
TFB: I can´t tell you.
One: You suck.
TFB: No, you. You´re pipe needs tending after.
One: Oh thanks. (does heavy recovery on pipe) Well, where was I?
TFB: You being a female Dwarf?
One: If they are gonna change their minds... I am ready to be one!
TFB: (coughs) Hmm. Talking about one, you´re known as the One, why?
One: Once upon a time there was this actor I encountered and since then he keeps mentioning me.
TFB: I only found two or three mentions.
One: I had hoped he would keep it down.
TFB: You don´t think he did?
One: Officially yes, so I´m grateful.
TFB: You have stated to be called the One.
One: It must be me. I do grant every fan their chance meet with Mr. A, don´t get me wrong.
TFB: You referred to an encounter. Tell us more.
One: Sorry, these things are private.
TFB: You proclaimed him your respect.
One: Naturally.
TFB: You gave him a compliment.
One: Oh yeah.
TFB: You left him on his own.
One: What do you think?
TFB: What´s wrong about that?
One: (sighs) I could not believe I behaved like that!
TFB: How?
One: So.. so... so.. lost for words.... idiotic.. it was highly embarrassing! (knocks with pipe on the table)
TFB: So you did what?
One: Grow a beard! Helps me to be incognito. (plays with facial hair)
TFB: (stares)
One: Oh, you mean that! Walk on and ignore the fact for a whole year.
TFB: And then?
One: Own it. So I wrote him the letter.
TFB: In which you included at least chocolate and underpants, I dare hope? (winks at One)
One: No, no! I wouldn't... (looks worried) You think? (whispers) I didn't get the reply.
TFB: Maybe that's a compliment.
One: Maybe he glanced over it and still likes my weirdness. (smiles hopeful)
TFB: Who knows? Does it matter?
One: If it was his Mum that reads these letters, I hope I haven't upset his Mum.
TFB: Should I issue a formal apology on my blog for you?
One: (blushes) Must I? Sorry, I won't do it again, Mr. A - 's Mum.
TFB: I doubt it. RA tends to consider you to think of him as a piece of meat.
One: You take that back!
TFB: It's in the article, so it must be true!
One: I'm the last person who would think such a thing! In fact, he stated his fans were all so diverse! Besides, I do have my own set of male fans, thank you very much!
TFB: I don´t have time to hear about these sort of fan encounters.
One: (suddenly is fed up) You know what, I don´t have time for you as well! (stumbles over TFB, drops pipe and picks it up from the floor)
TFB: By the way, did you ask for an autograph?
One: No, I didn't ask for an autograph... Being mentioned is the highest regard! Although I could do with his convincing, romantic... (kisses pipe intensely)
TFB: (sighs) I think we're done.

Note of the editor:
The One shouldn't ask to be singled out, however the intention comes from a good heart.
TFB found mentions of ´One` in a letter of 24th December
and in one interview 'More Than Just Spy Candy' (both from 2010)
 TFB remains to be a sane observer of RA's acting and his following.
Picture: from The Hobbit Movie promotion (WB) with a magic touch by TFB

Friday, August 17, 2012

August Is Hot: Keeper Of The Sword

"I´m Thorin Oakenshield, keeper of the sword Orcrist"

Theme: Should We Know You?

Read the official version of the third Hobbit film as requested by RA fans here!
It´s called The Hobbit: Keeper Of The Sword.
The producers will talk you through the film.
Please don't read if you're a die-hard Hobbit fan.

First we'll see the intro...

Officially we'll have to introduce that story mentioned in the top 100 best read children's books to you. So.. Thorin Oakenshield is a grumpy warrior leader of Dwarves. He was asked by wizard Gandalf to escort a certain hungry Hobbit to the end of the book, but he fails by prematurely dying. His life lacks a bit of womanly dwarfhood and that´s kind of refreshing. No sensual excercises. Instead healthy, safe, childfriendly fantasy storytelling to which we all can relate to, if have you been in dark woods before and catched some spiders.. or worse if they catch you...! But you know all that, if you watched The Hobbit 1 and 2 by then. So number 3 is finally starting, like now!

The main story...

The story focuses on why Thorin Oakenshield is so grumpy. Is it the story of a warrior, following his bloodline back to ancestors who had their battles to fight? We'll see some of that.. Amidst there is this hint of an emerging love story with this Dwarf woman, which fails because.. she has a beard! Tragic, tragic, dear fans, but we swiftly move on to another love interest, or is it? Thorin's love story gets larded with awkward misunderstandings, silent conversations, revealing blushings.... "In The Hobbit?!", you asked us online. We feared no-one except geeks would watch this movie.

On his trips to strange lands Thorin Oakenshield encountered a creature, so sublime, no words were needed. We'll see the ray of golden sunshine surrounding her smiling face with her hair moving in slow motion and she doesn´t have to say anything, because we all know she is special. She is called The Keeper of the Kiss. Well, in the script anyway.

It happened on a path through dense woodworks. Thorin Oakenshield was very tired and sad. He was contemplating about all the things that happened to him. Here, we'll insert some flashbacks from The Hobbit movies 1 and 2. We still have to decide which ones. Then, suddenly, he didn't notice, there's someone coming towards him. When he looks up, the innocent looking creature is cheerful and eyes at him. He invites her with a head tilt. We'll see a close up of her feet. First, her left foot stepping forward, then her right foot, then we see his left foot stepping in. She moves her face from the ground up and sees that he has to tilt his head back a bit, because she is fairly tall and coming way too close. He doesn't give in. Neither does she (!). He moves his face into her, ready for a kiss. She finds herself looking at his upper lip next to his nose and doesn't know if the intention is to kiss him on the cheek or on the upper lip, which is way to informal. We'll see a close-up of their faces. Panning out with a blurring background, creating the feel of being in the centre of the universe. We have to ask for extra budget how to film that in 3D with a camera whisking around them. Their silence fades all notions of time. She looks up, teasingly into his eyes, then resumes to her original position. She repeats this a couple of times. He finds himself caught looking away, initially whispering "Shit!". You´ll hear that word in the outtakes on the DVD extra´s. We will have to find a replacement for that word.. We hope that you as viewer will sense that if it really was a first kiss to a potential boyfriend, their noses had to move a little bit closer. She gasps. He gasps too, but it sounds like he is copying her more than it´s for real. She then starts humming. She full well knows he patiently waits to be kissed, but his attempt looks like a dutyful kissing offer, so it could use a bit of sparkle... We know you'll still be with us on this scene, so we've decided to prolong this moment and let her step back a bit while dropping her eyelashes on him. We'll see it from his view. Her face, so effortlessly in thoughts.. What goes on behind her eyes, we can only guess... She, still with her eyes closed, exhales, because, let's face it, it's quite the greeting! She then waits... He can only step aside, thinking what to do next, not to be that entangled in emotions. He exhales too, which she can't see but hear too well... What a beautiful kissing offer! She opens her eyes and catches her breath. She pretends that she is very surprised, even shocked by his reaction. She ends it with a couple of flirty winks. He then lifts his chin, smiles and blushes. He gives her a good look, takes some steps, then looks over his shoulder to give her another good look. Then, the Dwarfleader who fought Orcs, walks away!! So, that is one exclusive scene we can give you!

The ending..

We'll see Thorin sitting with Bilbo at the fire place in one of the lodges, telling him this wonderful tale and smiling mysteriously. Bilbo says he doesn´t believe Thorin, because he is never without his group of Dwarves! Besides, Bilbo has more important tales to tell, and is getting hungry! Thorin gets angry and tosses his sword on the floor. We'll see that the rest of the film is stuffed with one exciting Bilbo tale, which will be revealed in the upcoming Hobbit Teaser Trailers!!!

The explanation of the title..

We know that Thorin Oakenshield is keeper of the sword Orcrist, so why did he left his sword at the fire place? Oops, spoilers! Not only did he and Bilbo had to chase through Middle Earth, there was Gollum again who exchanged it for one of the Elven's crossbows. Finally, Thorin finds his sword, promising Gandalf to bring Orcrist home in one piece.

Thorin Oakenshield: "I cannot guarantee his safety."
Gandalf: "Understood."
Thorin Oakenshield: "Nor will I be responsible for it´s fate."

Uh, okay, I never intented a love story for The Hobbit. That would make it totally ridiculous.
Expect a new Hobbit trailer in September.

Picture: from The Hobbit Movie promotion with a magic touch by TFB

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Is Hot: Should We Know You?

"Yeah, I play Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit 1, 2 and 3. Want an autograph?"

Theme: Should We Know You?

Is it really important what I say about Richard Armitage?
Well, I have this August Is Hot themed series running each year and so far, I was never silenced by my impressions of his entertaining acting, the dynamic man himself, or even by his massive beard. 
OK, I was, am, and suppose will be, but not in this way.

I'm so stuck in a barrel about The Hobbit presentation at Comic Con, 14th July 2012.
First, coming from me, it's a big compliment, it's the "Now I really get it, you're in The Hobbit!"
So why do I feel as follower and blogger to be expected to become a vessel for The Hobbit aka Peter Jackson to be endorsing The Hobbit? Willing to negotiate, call my agent...
Furthermore, the friendly but controlled introduction of Mr. A to the world, felt like a postponement of the eventual brutal unleashing to the masses and papparazzi, by the time of the premiere tour.
What do I have to contribute to the world with these hesitant sentiments?

"You're the burglar blogger. Go on and... burgle blog something!" 
Thorin Oakenshield
Richard Armitage's fan base

In that case, I'll put on my 3D glasses!

BTW, I'm Violet, hilarious blogbabe, so rubbing shoulders with famous RA bloggers.
Am so boiling the ocean in a 'so-me/so-you'-way, according to my agent B. Arbie.
She's is such a doll!

Guess you sensed the humbug alert?
Maybe I should oil the PR-machine!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Can't Say Anything New

"The Hobbit cast and crew are trying hard to make this film in 3D!"

There is no news. If there is, I can't say it. So quote others. My news is off the record.

News from Me
For the first time in my life I got the question: "How's your film career?" (!). Well, the day after The Hobbit Teaser Trailer got launched online, I found myself on a set again. It's a pilot for a tv series, werein I was an extra. The leads were former musical actors and there was a surprise set visit by an iconic actress, so that was nice. I am awaiting the viewing, although recently received an request to confirm my name for a mention in the end credits (!). Fingers crossed! :)

Got the chance to do a bit part in 'Merchant of Venice' in a special one day co-operation of amateur theatre companies (4 hrs practise, 2hrs rehearsal, 50 actors of 11 companies, devided in 6 teams, one time performance). Fantastic part of that was the coaching by theatre professionals who found our dedication to give our best, very inspiring. Personally I crossed some boundaries, so that was cool.

Since August last year I knocked my from insecurity driven need to be funny all the time at the weekly improv training evenings. Learned to focus more on the input of others and so helping the others look good on stage. This is true the other way around. My input gets picked up best by advanced improv members, so in learning I'm going full circle, constantly.

For the rest, I can't say anything new. Okay, one thing. Battleship movie, mindless thrill, great graphics (esp. chart of the planets at the beginning, me space nerd), toute clich├ęs, free heart massage.

News from Richard
"This is how I relax after filming. I found a gnome who will show it as I'm under contract.
Can I say I groom my beard since block 2?"

News from the Gnomes
"Hanging out at the local 'Weta Shop', then off to '100 Days 'Till Garden Grooming Olympics 2012'."

Just so you know, there is nothing to tell! See?
Okay, I heard some noise at 1:25 -1:36 of someone saying:
"Thus I can't say anything new".
Take it for what it's worth.
100 Days Till London 2012 Olympic Games

The Gnomes were hanging out at www.robspropshop.com
and made a commercial too.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Girl, My Blog Is Two Years Old

"She deserves to do my smuggling!" he thought, while he puts packs of illegal substances in her car.
(Moving On)

If that sounds a bit sarcastic to you, that´s true. I don´t know how to handle my blogging celebration.
Two years! Two years of ´creative blogtherapy´ with RA in the frame. That really makes me ´tragic´.
Time for me to look at the stats of my blog. You can snoop too. Really, why hide them?

My All Time Top 10's

All Time Posts
(1) (3) The Hobbit, Exiting And Dynamic Casting Wasn´t there a movie in the making? No noise.
(2) (1) Lucas North, Pretending To Be Dating Search Richard Armitage+dating and one finds this post
(3) (7) Lucas North And His Fans There must be ´countries´ who get to watch Spooks (not in NL!)
(4) (nw) Letter To Thorin Many fans will send their fanletters to dwarf Thorin, so gnomes mess with me.
(5) (5) Guy Of Gisborne Syndrome One Year On Constant factor in naughty fans´ minds. Beg! Fetch!
(6) (9) Willmore The Rover, Name Another Rake Consoling ourselves with a rake of a question.
(7) (nw) Quiet Dwarves, Hobbit Fans: Take 2, Position 1 Hobbit drought? RA drought is bad enough!
(8) (nw) Getting A Whole Lot Of Guy Exposure for Little Guy win, exaggerated account of encounter!
(9) (2) SCOOP Unseen Promo Pics Of Lucas Spooks Every new pic of RA gives fans joy for days.
(10) (4) Bedroom Billboard Or Pin Up Calender? Oh, My, G*d, We, Like, That, Posterboy, Eh, Actor!

All Time Audience (pageviews by countries)
(1) (2) United States 10,979
(2) (1) Poland 6,920
(3) (3) United Kindom 5,864
(4) (4) Netherlands 3,976
(5) (6) Germany 3,575
(6) (5) Australia 2,909
(7) (7) Canada 1,432
(8) (8) France 778
(9) (9) Russia 637
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Then I would have to make this a paid for blog or website.
And who is this Thorin Oakenshield dude?

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Driving For Fanstra 3

We followers love to be in a car with RA, a very comforting driver... Driving For Fanstra 3

This look was meant for me... I guess... Thank you!

I keep playing this music (hope no negative meaning hidden in this song)

Find the many contributors of Fanstra:

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not Quite An Interview With A Dwarfleader

A smiling Dwarfleader promoting Captain America after filming block 1 of The Hobbit.

The Framework Blog caught up with Mr. A on an imaginary level in cyberspace to hook up answers for those much plagued questions RA followers' minds are mucked with.

We don't hear a lot from you these days. Maybe it's for the best. Do your research on the Net, Miss.. what's it, again? Violet. Okay, it's my alter ego, and we're in cyberspace so...

How's your beard hanging? "I grew my own beard after the first block because I felt that it was restricting my face. The jaw is so connected to emotion that I wanted to have that free. It made such a huge difference." Why don't you quote me some more? MTV.com, Jan 11, 2012

Are you not too young and too handsome to be a Dwarfleader? Should the cast of The Hobbit Movie include handsome actors? To have them covered in fat suits, prosthetics and heavy beards? Is the cast diverse enough? Is Thorin not too young? Are women Hobbit fans? I'm finding these questions so funny. The extents of these talks... reminds me to focus on my acting.  TheOneRingNet, Dec 8, 2010

The Hobbit set in Nelson, December 2011 (source protected)

How is your typical day on the set? I can't reveal details yet. However, I'm proud to say, my short appearance as Thorin in The Hobbit Teaser is already perceived as 'Aragorn's stand-in', see podcast. Back in the days of LOTR, my predecessor if you like, Viggo Mortensen ran errands, and he got the role because another actor was fired after just one day on the set. Sofar so good for me. A day in the life of the LOTR, ABC News, Dec 4, 2004

Has Peter Jackson seen your showreel? Not during the casting process, but on set he might surprise actors by mentioning he has seen your previous work, of which he doesn't say it was your worst, to put you in place, but he doesn't exactly say it was your best, either. He is also known to have a lot of books, mostly about The Hobbit and LOTR. My stash of books at my bedsite looks meagre in comparison. There And Back Again, excerpt Sean Austin, ABC News, Oct 14, 2004

How is Peter Jackson really treating you? Holy crap, this man eats you alive! Brain Dead, 1992

Top photo Mike Warsland/WireImage, Jul 20, 2011, adjusted by TheFrameworkBlog

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Profile The Women Adore

HOLLYWOOD - If you are a man and had the chance to visit Miramar’s Stone Street Studios when "The Hobbit" was being produced you would no doubt have been much more interested in how the picture was being shot, than in the personality of the star.

On the other hand, if you are a woman or a girl, it would be Richard Armitage you would be most interested in seeing.

I must confess that this clash of interest as displayed by the opposite sexes is not from personal observation.

That is what the guides at the studio told me - and they ought to know.

In fact, he so impressed the ladies by his gallantry of manner and courtly charm - two attributes by the way which were his great assets - that they began to pester the officials unmercifully.

Hence a ban on visitors for the rest of the production period.

None of this adulation, however, affected Richard Armitage. He carried on as usual, debonair, charming, always letter-perfect and in his usual high spirits.

However, the women who did manage to meet Richard Armitage in the early stages of the production were clearly pleased by his attention and all of them came away with the impression that he was their favorite actor.

In fact, he flattered them more than they did him.

In this picture he had keen competition - Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Aidan Turner and Benedict Cumberbatch are in the cast - and he worked exceptionally hard to give of his best.

For several days he was trussed to a pony. Nothing about him could move except for his eyes.

Peter Jackson, who directed and produced the film, was finally moved to remark, "Looks as though we've got him where he'll behave at last."

To which the cameraman remarked, "That's what you think. Richard can do more with his eyes than most people, and if you look through the camera you'll see he's pinching the scene."

Film fans have alot of knowledge about starts. Most of his American visitors knew he was born in England and that he joined the circus in his determination become an actor.

Many of the visitors to "The Hobbit" asked when he expected to sing in a picture. He merely said he had no plans for singing on the screen, although he is to portray the life story of Thorin Oakenshield, leader of a group of singing Dwarves, in his upcoming picture.

It was his singing ability, however, which got him back into a singing role, having performed in musical theatre in England.

For several years he appeared on English television in several tv series, Robin Hood, Spooks and Strike Back.

Literally "tall, dark and handsome" Armitage seems to have all it takes to make an idol on the screen. Women talk about him and when they talk to him he has the ability to make every one of them think he has eyes and ears for her alone.

Yet their menfolk don't object for they recognize in his easy-going manner, friendly attitude and ready wit that he is also a "man's man."

**this is a fake article**
A scan of the original article published in Picturegoer, February 17, 1945, can be found on http://www.carygrant.net/articles/profile.htm
The rights of above picture of Richard Armitage are with Recognize Magazine/Daniel Higgins,
in classic Hollywood look photoshopped and cropped by The Framework Blog 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So Why ´re You Here?

She: "I don´t need you." His reply: "So why ´re you here?" (Spooks ep. 9.2)

Because I'm not writing the scripts? I should have mentioned this above scene in Spooks in comparison with the scene in Moving On when I was reviewing Spooks series 9.

She: "I wanted to see if I still feel anything."  His reply: "And, do you?" Silence... (Moving On)

(Sorry, this post is full of tree branch jumping,
caused by lack of oxygen in my brain, due to breathless moments)

Writing is not always easy. Especially for paid writers who have a tv series to write within months and seek approval for it... So when these writers do character/story research based on the actor's previous works - in this case I can conclude this, because watching RA's diverse back catalogue was *gasps* - I don't mind.
This scene I selected here in Spooks feels like this scene in Moving On, but it was put in a different place in the storyline, which made all the difference. In Moving On it was at or just after the Second Act Climax, in Spooks more at the beginning, then he calls her, she comes at his house, she has an affair with him, it goes wrong...
If you have something to add on story writing, I´m studying this now.

The reason for above question was a request to join the Fanstrafaganza 3.
It made me think: why do I blog?
Also it was a rhetorical question for myself. These days the awareness to be still alive really kicked in.
I joined in a national joking experience of a viral infection which caused three months of sudden throat clamming moments, which made me see four doctors, but I didn´t see one in a heli.
(Most people around me had this infection too, but their effects lasted only 10 days).

No Golden Hour for me, every time felt like a matter of minutes... so no ambulance, either..
Besides I couldn´t speak, so how was I able to call an ambulance?

Are you ready for a breathless moment? Captain America movie had Mr. A's underwater escape.
It was no underwater escape for me.
On another level I am in too deep.
Read that Mr. A prepared himself by taking swimming lessons - 50 strokes
 (vivid detail, keep those coming)
and after one take didn't like to do more,
because he ran out of breath and survival panic kicked in. I sooo know how he must feel.
*takes deep breath*

This scene of Spooks ep. 9.5. got me breathless in not a very nice way.
Can't even show RA's played struggle for life here, being stran*gled with a belt and tied to the trench.
I thought: "No, not the ending of Lucas!" Second time I had to laugh, because the struggle made me uncomfortable. Karma, I had it coming.... so bad...
Love that RA gave his extra 10% input here.  

So why I am here?
When I started this blog I wanted to write about acting and use illustrations of RA.
Breathless moment: doing ´smart´ (Spooks ep. 9.2)

Somebody back then suggested I could write for the Dutch version of this pink financial paper.
(OT: I recently heard "newspapers bring fairytales", used by Moriarty in BBC Sherlock ep. 2.3)

Maybe I am about to write for actors, currently joining a script writing contest, which provokes my quest to finish this historical thriller in my drawer,
thanks to being inspired by following Mr. A in a broader sense.
Not that I was inspired to start writing it, I already had,
but to be thinking about the people/energies/dynamics I would like to have in this story.
(Currently I think it´s BBC3 material).
But I should up my goal (no offence) and give it my extra 10%,
because there have been others (RA minders) with similar quests.
So believe or not I then had this dream where I sat on a black velvet Chesterfield bench at a swank club, waiting, when Mr. Depp (looking like he´s now) came to sit next to me.
He had a book in his hands which looks like the book I´m reading now on story writing.
He said: "Is the story like the story of such and such?"
Me: "No, it´s more like this happened then that."
"Is it any good, ´cause I´m gonna act in this movie."
Me: "Yeah, I wrote it."
"Oh, right, will you sign it for me then."
"Yeah sure, it will be an honor, OMG."
Don´t ever think Mr. D prepares his movies like this, it seems sooo unlogical.
Why Mr. D? Someone said to me to like to see Mr. D in Tha Hobb It.
Then I had to think of the movie (can´t recall the title) in which several people say:
"OMG, have you been talking to Jim Morrison too in your dream?"
So yeah, my creative input is weird enough, now how to put it to paper.
(Sometimes I dream whole movies, just awake remember only scenes, then impressions).

I was saying I was here again, why?
It started with stubble.... erm, Mr. Giz... on YT... *faints*

Now there is The Beard. *sighs*
I like this in combination with the rough sweater.

But it´s for a good cause, it´s for the movies of The Hobbit, a story for children of all ages. *breathes*
It currently leads to finding pics of Hobbit fans like these... taken in December 2011, in Nelson, NZ.

I think I stick around, then I do get to see and hear things RA didn't have to do,
but sooo show his extra 10%.... commitment...

Warning for breathless moments (!)

The Strike Back Viral

That drop wet Strike Back promo...

The Hobbit trailer

Life lesson: the flesh is weak, but the mind is strong.
Until RA says "he would disappoint" me.
Mr. A, does "you confused me back in the days" count?
I might not always blog Mr. A related,
so who's getting disappointed now?

Yep, life is struggle. That´s what makes a story.
*breathes again*
So why are you here?


Breath mints: RACentral, BBC/Kudos, Project Magazine, Unidentified Blogger

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Getting A Whole Lot Of Guy

"You want to get a hold of Little Guy? You´re not the first!"


I was rolling meatballs in the kitchen, thinking "This is my life". The gnomes were practising for that Hobbit re-enactment, again. By the time I put the meatballs in the pan, I heard horsefeet upon my grassfield arriving. Thinking the gnomes will tackle this visitor with a gnomes' confidentiality agreement, I was humming when I washed my hands. So I did not hear horsespurs on my kitchen floor.

I turned around and Sir Guy then immediately corners me against the kitchen sink, breathing in my ear.
I could not speak. I was stunned.

Guy certainly knew how to handle these situations, because he whispered:
“Marry me. What do you say?"
I gasped, after my mind surpressed the awareness of butterflies.
The teaser.

Outside, the gnomes shouted Dwarvish curse words and I heard a horse colliding with my laundry.

Sir Guy gazed boringly at the kitchen window.
"I have a big horse. It eats a lot of apples."
He stared at my fruitbasket, then into my eyes.
"I see you are cheap.. and a bit scratched..."
I blushed. Finally recognition!
"That will nicely compensate my travel expenses!"
He relaxed a bit, which made his leather outfit squeak.

By now, the gnomes ran in various directions through my garden, while Sir Guy´s horse kicked something.

I closed my eyes, ready for impact.

Apparently, Guy ignored my kissing offer, because he whispered in my ear again.
"I am a man of power and possession. Many wenches adore me. If you can name my secrets, I'll let you get a hold of Little Guy."
Immediately I blurted out all his secrets. Normally I would never do that. I would tell them in my sleep.
"Wenches like you, only want one thing!", Guy smirked and to my embarrassment, he searched his tight leather outfit, not skipping his delicate parts.
He was twisting and turning ferociously, which made him peek at the kitchen table for a second.
"Have to lay down somewhere."
I slightly panicked, so he calmed me by taking something out.
"Who needs icepacks?"

At that point the gnomes entered my kitchen.
"Uhm, we just caught a horse".
Their faces dropped and they all fell over each other.
Guy was twisting and turning even more.

The gnomes looked disapprovingly.
"He can´t give you what we´ve got", cried one.
"Small but pleasurable", stuttered another.
"Tiny footrubs", wheeped a third one.

The gnomes climbed on my kitchen sink to beat Sir Guy. My peaceful kitchen then became the scene of a rage, like the Eagles on my roof had predicted 500 years ago.

Poor Guy crawled under the table.

"It´s not what you think!" Guy trembled, yet saving my reputation.
“Let him”, I said and crawled under the table too to get my hands on it.
"Forgive me, I forgot to take my bath", Sir Guy mumbled, somewhat shy.
"Awww, how cute!", I cheered, "It's a Little Guy."
"It comes in it's own wrappings", he smirked.
“I will hold it dearly”, I said while stroking it.
“I thought you would never think of me forever”, said Guy, slightly blushing.

The gnomes were not pleased.
"We have our own Little Gnome", and they broke into a song which was notorious for it's 20 verses.

Guy used this moment to sneak out from under the kitchen table.
"Dating gnomes is weird", he snarled at the gnomes, while readjusting his pants and sword.
Suddenly he turned away, looking aghast, because the gnomes showed off their action figures.
"But they certainly know what is best for you!"

The smell of baked meatballs was filling my kitchen.
Sir Guy grapped a meatball out of the pan which made the gnomes sing That Look You Give That Guy.
"Have wenches to attend to in the Nottingham area", he smiled at me.
Before I knew it, he stormed out on his horse.
“Write me", I called after him.
Especially, since his horse took some of my underpants.

What was that all about?
RAFrenzy figured I could use some sincere exposure male attention. Thanks, Frenzy!

Despite these gnomes in my garden, I´m single!

In the meantime I wrote Sir Guy a bold and ridiculous letter, because I was in dire need of underpants.
Hope Sir Guy writes me for another nose-to-nose!

Check out RA Frenzy's blog on 2 January where you can win a Little Guy!

But before I forget...


Happy 2012!!

Screencap ep 2.12, Robin Hood tv-series (2006)