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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Driving For Fanstra 3

We followers love to be in a car with RA, a very comforting driver... Driving For Fanstra 3

This look was meant for me... I guess... Thank you!

I keep playing this music (hope no negative meaning hidden in this song)

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The Queen said...

LOL! It's been a fun drive! Thanks!

Violet said...

Thanks again, Queen!

Mr. A fills it up, or is that a bad joke? 8^O

Violet said...

Thanks to Servetus as Fanstra 3 coordinator who mentioned this post as part of general publicity:

"Violet, for warning Lucas North his career will be over if he takes time to read any of this."

Find the mention in this post:

Frenz said...

Love being on for the ride with your blog! LOL!

Violet said...

Thanks, Frenzy!

Brrooommmm, brrrrooommm....

Phylly3 said...

Oh my! We seem to have upset our dear RA! LOL to your captions!

Violet said...

Thanks, Philly!