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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Boy Is Back In Town

"Bradley, who?"

"He has better stubble."
Whenever I see Bradley Cooper in a film, I tend to think RA looks like him.
Then I compare pictures, and can't think why I get that thought in the first place.
Future projects' visibility for Mr A: nr. 18 on the Empire Online 100 Sexiest Actor's List 2013.
Martin Freeman, Aidan Turner and Benedict Cumberbatch (nr. 1) are on that list as well.
For the record, there's room for all these guys in La La land.

Meanwhile, Hobbit promotion has just started with new trailer,
(looking good: more conflicts, more actions, more Thorin close-ups)
new stubble/introduction,
and new hairdo (new project?).

Here's my variation on the dog-sign pic of a Q&A Clickonline interview...
 Less tweeting (less involved), and instantly I miss Q&A opportunities!

Waiting for Hobbit red carpet dates!

RE my last geek post: 'warmer colours' rings a bell: coloring Hobbit trailer here.
Images: BBC America LA Tea Party (find it on RAnet), Wimbledon 2013 (snatched)

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