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Monday, April 11, 2011

Scandalous, My Blog One Year Old

"You didn´t start a blog about me, because of me?!"

Scandalous, according to Jeremy Irons, is the buzzword for The Borgians, a new tv-series in the style of The Tudors. The Borg were more scandalous, if you ask the Trekkie in me. So, I adopt the word scandalous and mock it in this post in which I mention that my blog is one year old. When exactly? Even more than a year ago. Thanks to a perfectionistic streak back then I had to redo my first three posts and that made the original date go bust.

Scandalous, in my first year of posting I  have never posted private thoughts about that working actor, Mr. Armitage (Oh dear. Going formal, are we?). I always made sure they were put in comments on other blogs. I found several pictures, but ´gave´ them to other blogs to claim victory and remain in the dark.

Scandalous, I might have attracted a hundred times more readers (and likely more slander). So tell me, is it time to leave my virgin days behind? To spread my scandalous love here, in my 'bedroom' of blogposts? ;)

Posted the following as a comment on Spooks Fan Blog on 21. March 2010:
About a year ago I saw the second half of Spooks S7 and found RA´s face ´typically average English´ (whatever that means). Didn´t go for his looks, but was instantly hooked with the story and the locations (running through underground tunnels and the small streets of old London). I remember his long look over the car boot with the tools in it, thinking that was very striking. Then I found Robin Hood on YT and thought ´Who is THAT? Where did they hide him?´ and ´Guy of Gisborne looks like a hunk?!´ I then discovered I had seen him in many appearances, and never recognized him. RA is a cameleon in his roles (actor with thousand faces). As a viewer you don´t see the man first, he hides behind the character and blends in with the rest of the ensemble. He takes acting seriously, yet with an ironic twist. He acts with all those micro expressions, too rarely seen in tv-series. RA has a classic appearance like in classic movies, yet it is ´very now´. That´s all interesting to notice, and the main reason for me to keep following his work. It´s not about the destination, but ít´s about the road.
OK, I undressed myself, I have to live up to it.

Scandalous hoaxy hints:

"She lied. Plain and simple." (Spooks, ep. 8.5)
"Finding you on YT, just threw me!"

"It´s time you leave it behind. Don´t you think?" (Frozen)
"Maybe it tells me something!"

"She looks old... and fat!" (Miss Marie Lloyd)
"Hope I would never have to hear that and say: take it or leave it."

"A year ago, I put this dagger into the side of the Nightwatchman. Show me!" (Robin Hood ep. 2.11)
"A year ago, I started this blog to show you. You showed me, alright!"

Time to have a piece of cake!

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RAFrenzy said...

I think your blog is one of the funniest. Thanks so much starting it, and I hope to read more. I will try to comment more. :D

Violet said...

Thanks, Frenzy! That warms my heart! :)

Traxy said...

Hooray! Congratulations on your first RA-blogging anniversary! :D Wishing you all the best for the year to come. Love reading your blog! :)

Musa said...

Congratulations Violet on your first year of blogging! Looking forward to more RA fun:)

Violet said...

Awww. thank you Traxy and Musa!

Yes, it's a fun blog. I am planning to go 'astray' from RA once in a while! With the 'RA drought' (quelle phrase) this won't be that difficult. ;)

NovemberBride said...

Violet...I adore your hilarious blog! It's addictive. Altho sometimes I go "HUH?" but then remember I am an old old lady. Must just think younger?! Keep up the funny stuff. Your sense of humor is contagious, I hope!!!

Violet said...

Awww, thanks NovemberBride! Thanks for the very nice compliment. I almost want to ask how old you are... Then again, age is nothing but a number, right? Never thought my sense of humor could be contagious, I have to do some rethinking here! *practises mantra: yes it is* Thanks, pass your smiles on to whomever!

NovemberBride said...

I have no secrets Violet...60 and counting. I do pass them on and will continue. RA blogworld keeps the grins a comin'!! BTW, I have a real soft spot for captioned pics. Just cracks me up every time!

Violet said...

NovemberBride, the screencaps are my favourites too. The things I read in them, just come to mind and if it makes me laugh, or find screencap appropiate, I use it for my blog.