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Friday, August 26, 2011

August Is Hot: Every Word

August is hot!

That is.. if I can find the right words. Hacking the usual, the original thoughts curl in my brain,
waiting to find the right time and place to be expressed.
I have ten seconds, before my brain turns to jelly.
Too late. It already has....

When RA speaks words while acting or during interviews, at least you know what he´s about. But because he is merely playing roles with the good in bad and the bad in good, there's the drooling tendency amongst followers to trust the body language more.

I wish I could use my body language here... :)

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I maybe more of an observer than of a subjective fan follower. Reading comments with opinions about RA-related behaviour, I now have a fair amount of insight of how anyone's behaviour is perceived. I sometimes have to take a step back in order to keep my thoughts fresh.

I'm particularly watching a lot of RA's performances in Spooks. Many of his scenes are thought provoking. They force me to imagine situations wherin one rethinks their moral and go with feeling instead. Should one trust their instincts when someone comes too close within their private space?

Since my birthday this month, an intense fond memory came back in full force, which had me connected coincidental links to the Lucas - Maya story. It happened last year and it´s a memory of someone who had put me off on guard by a very sweet gesture. Considering the circumstances, that was gentle entertaining. So rethinking my moral, I figured this person deserved something funny and sweet, in my own way. Bringing the GRRRRR softly....

What can I say? My readers write me: "Your blog is one of the funniest" and "Your blog makes more sense than the whole (Spooks) show". I never thought I would get these kind of responses! My boldness to post these posts, instead of rethinking my moral, puzzles me to this day. I can only hope that that certain someone who is used in too many illustrations on this blog, doesn't have hard feelings.
By the way, is this a scandalous RA blog ? I don´t even call it a RA blog. Denying your ordeal, I must be a very BAD girl!

Need to update my website RATheFellowshipOfTheBeard or make new one soon. Birthday present...
Mr. A has so trustworthy kept the beard and has made pictures especially for this purpose! :)

** Hope you get this post was a bit jelly **

This is the last post of

Ready to make the switch to writing fanfic again!

Music: Planet Funk - The Switch (addictive and hilarious)

I´m so in the mood for a
Totally Deniable Operation

"Every word" is from Spooks 9.3


bccmee said...

I very much enjoyed that video link! :) Fun song and cool visuals.

Violet said...

I like that video myself too!