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Thursday, September 2, 2010

SCOOP Unseen Promo Pics of Lucas Spooks S7

Luuuvverly picture, gorgeous!

As Spooks S9 is said to be broadcasted on the Beeb
18th September, AND Spooks S7 is on tv here in The Netherlands
also within some weeks, I was browsing and found these -to me-
new promo pictures of Spooks S7!!

Really, am  I sure I haven´t seen them SOMEWHERE???

If you do have seen them, I apologize, it´s my hoax!!

Look out for alley cats!


TeeTotallyNot said...

I've never, ever seen them anywhere and I'm totally delighted...absolutely brillaint pics, great photoshop/WP material.. especially the Jenny/Pete pic.. never finished that one WP. You'll be the first to get them :D :D
thanks so much!!! Made my night.

iz4blue said...

You've had a rough wait with your southern neighbors having series 7 & 8 on back to back with 2 double ep a night!! These pics make up for that??


bccmee said...

Thanks for sharing these great big Lucas pictures. Good find!!!

Skully said...

Nice find Violet! :)

Violet said...

Iz4blue, I believe you are my southern neighbour? Here in The Netherlands we can receive BBC 1 and 2 on cable and digital, BBC 3 and 4 also on digital as well as BBC News and Sky News (new) and it regionally differs where one can receive BBC Entertainment. Over in Holland we are well provided.
And yes, watched Spooks 7 partly simultaneously with the Brits as I did with 8 and will with 9. I said, partly, because I discovered Spooks 7 halfway or later. Bought the neat DVD box of 7 and am very content with it.

To all, I was clapping my hands (in weird excitement) when I discovered I found really unseen promo pics, and a very gorgeous one! Sent the link straight after posting to Ali (RA Net) and Skully (Spooks Fan Blog)... the rest is history..PoD, and am a twbabe now.

iz4blue said...

@Violet found your blog due to Ali's tweet. That reminds me as I'll be over for a brief familyvisit end of September I might be able to see it straight on TV!
Having access to all these different channels in different languages and even more for music are things I miss.
I was referring to the fact that it was run on the Belgian network with subtitles.
This will be my first live watch of Spooks. I only caught up with 7&8 past winter on Internet first.

Violet said...

@Iz4blue go on and enjoy it! There will be a lot of chatter on the Net to follow if you´re into it.

Hope you like my blog and thanks for following.