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Sunday, August 29, 2010

August Is Hot: Tasting Words In The Mouth

A taste for baddies leads to a tasty way of telling
Torture Method: abusing the mike

To conclude my August Is Hot Series, theme
´Up Close Torture Feast´,
I thought let´s do a taster about RA´s latest vocal exercise.

As I am visually oriented, listening to his audiowork for longer than five minutes is TORTURE. I giggle and try to copy the accents or if I can abstain myself from dozing off, my mind wanders. The thought of RA patiently reading away for many hours in a frisky, climate controlled narrow booth is too much for me to muster my concentration skills. Since I´ve seen the spoof on acting in ´People Like Us´, I have VISUAL.

"Abusing the mike", so he said to explain why. I don´t know where I read or heard that.

Recently he gave another reason. On reading the audiobook of Georgette Heyer´s The Convenient Marriage he said (paraphrased) to like to read "words that mean the same but feel differently in the mouth". Could have sworn he mentioned in some interview the phrase "tasting the words in my mouth" or my mind turned it into that.
Didn´t think for a minute it could have something to do with really associating a taste with a word, a condition called lexical-gustatory synesthesia. It is triggered by the phonemes in the word, rather than graphemes or it could be that it´s from semantic influences.
I had to re-listen and heard: "(on acting and reading) "I almost create a soundtrack to anything I am doing". Now that sounds very much like synesthesia. It´s also proof that my mind really wandered off.

To listen to his interview and a reading extract of his latest audiobook, go to RichardArmitageNet´s site of Georgette Heyer´s The Convenient Marriage. I can listen to that extract with an ease, unbelievable.
I read that physical workout helps to make a voice sounds stronger. After all the military workout for Strike Back combined with the earlier started running and gymvisits for Spooks (dare I say Cold Feet?), not to forget the dancing in the living room in leisure time and vocalizing with vocal workout, his voice and his pronunciation does sound improved...
(sudden interruption by you)

You: "Why do you put pictures of Moving On here which are -by the way- totally irrelevant?"

Because, dear reader, thanks for bearing with my ´Leo is ruler of the zodiac´-attitude, I have a condition...

You: "Leo is ruler of the zodiac? You mean ruler of the Fifth House of zodiac, the House of Pleasure!"

Like I said, I have a condition which puts images to words or links words to other words. Therefore, occasionally funny accidents happen on my blog. Now, wonder what my condition is called: associating words with pictures or other words?


Discovered Hitchcock-like symbolism in this shot (collaged by moi): 
a taste of things to come.

"Are you leaving this table? I have a taste for torture!"

Yeah, duh! August Is Hot is over!

Screencaps: RichardArmitageNet, tv-series Moving On, flavored by moi


TeeTotallyNot said...

funny, being a very visual person myself I could listen forever to Mr. A painting whole landscapes full of people, rocks, rivers, forests, temperatures, smells.. with his voice. He actually does put pictures in my head I find hard to forget.. still totally hooked on Lords of the North. The best he's ever done. So far.
And thank you for giving me a word to put to the funny fact that I do see letters (and words) in colours. I always thought of it as mildly weird, and amusing, but only found out through the 'net that it seem to be rather common (or not too uncommon amongst 6 billion people).. got to go and read up on it :D

Violet said...

Glad to be of any assistance :).
You´re not weird, but unique. I really dig your artwork. After posting I read your blog and saw your latest calendar. What a coincidence! Up until that night of your post I had several ideas, then I had a bulblight moment about the fork-tasty pic. Plus, you´ve put my blog on top of your rotational reading list, so was there a spiritual dial-up that evening? Funny.

More than once I read on the net that people really like and prefer Lords Of The North. Can imagine to hear in my head RA´s Northern pronunciation of ´Uthred´. That alone is a huge trigger! ;) Maybe I check that out.

I´m not into period chicklit, per sé, however it provides a lot of characters to vocally play with. Clarissa was really good.

Hope he does get to read more dark, mysterious, spooky stories.

Violet said...

To pledge not guilty on bad listening, I put forward some evidence. I found this clip which shows it happens to the best of us, namely Colin Firth on Bergman films, there is hope! See at 6:11

I found this on http://www.colinfirth24-7.com/ as clip no. 4 as part of an interview, thanks to Mulubinba´s post http://mulubinba.typepad.com/an_ra_viewers_perspective/2010/08/filling-in-time-.html

TeeTotallyNot said...

oh you HAVE To have LOTN read to you :D (one of my favourite characters - apart from Uthred obviously :) - Finnan the Agile, totally lovely Irish accent. also Ragnar.. go and give it a listen, you don't know what you're missing (forgive the lame rhyme, not intentional :)

Violet said...

You completely sold it to me! :)
Now how do I slightly change channels? Maybe I have to read the book simultaneously. as LotN is unabridged...

kaprekar said...

Love The Convenient Marriage and also LOTN. You can read the book simultaneously but it's really not necessary. I promise you will love it.

Violet said...

"I demand you´ll listen to my gorgeous voice!"

"Help! I´m the captive!" she managed to squeak when she got tied to a chair for hours...


TeeTotallyNot said...

I put the first 5 chapters back on my iPod... only took 2 minutes to get hooked again... must remember to put that LOTN wallpaper higher up on my priority list :D
BTW - we're almost September (I keep gazing at my desktop :) .. and I promise you'll get white shirts too later this month :D

Violet said...

LotN wallpaper, when you´re ready. White shirts would not drive me away from you. :) Referring to some old song...associating again.

Would buy Clarissa in an instant if it´s on CD, on one condition: INCLUDING the announcements and proclamations by RA as was broadcasted on the radio. Someone pass it on.

I´ll see what I can do...