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Thursday, August 19, 2010

August Is Hot: Bedtime Stories

Wow, I have stereo! I must be dreaming!
Torture Method: bedtime stories to dream of

This is my fourth posting in the series ´August Is Hot´, theme
´Up Close Torture Feast´.
A tongue-in-cheek Leo-lushious series of posts for birthday hotties like me and hopefully bearable delectable for every other reader of this blog.

Hi, I´m Richard and I will tell you a story. The story is called ´Guy of Gisborne´.

Once upon a time there was a disposessed Lord who could only think of a certain Lady, oh, and power and possession. The Lady never heard the true readings of his mind. And when he finally told her, she did not like it. She stood him up at the altar and told him she would never marry him. Even worse, later she told him she would marry someone else. He felt betrayed real bad, so he distroyed her.

The Lord lived unhappily ever after.

Hang on, it´s not in the book and we don´t like it, it´s sad! 
But he looks like this. Hey, then it´s okay!

Please, can´t you tell another one? About the little mole?
Don´t know that one,
will happily tell you these:

Dreams tend to code, blur and twist the demanding real life.
Recalling dreams the next day is a stretch...
especially if they´re RA dreams...
you don´t want to decode...

It´s bad you´re tossing and turning in your sleep. What a nightmare!
If you ignore your bad conscience, you have sweet dreams....

Tongue-in-Cheek Assignment:
Tell a cute story with many accents to someone you care for.

Artwork: Teena: Bedtime Stories and Sweet Dreams (from Between the sheets), Tell Me (RH/Gisborne)


RAFrenzy said...

Love the assignment! and I love your August theme. :D

Violet said...

Thanks! :D