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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Is Hot: A Tux In Flux

Birthday attire
Torture Method: Contemporary Black Tie

This is my second posting in the series ´August Is Hot´, theme
´Up Close Torture Feast´. A tongue-in-cheek Leo-lushious series of posts for birthday hotties like me and hopefully bearable delectable for every other reader of this blog.

A Tux In Flux

If RA ever intends to speech at my birthday in a tux, I shall request him to do the autograph signing first.
"To create impact without intrusion in a supporting role,
requires great skill."

How true, in the true meaning of this quote!

TV Bafta´s 2010

Other Tux-In-Flux moments of RA are Bafta´s 2009 and the Autograph signing at Bafta´s 2010. The RichardArmitageNet website has great reads with the 2010 Bafta report and the 2009 Bafta report. There was also a 2007 Bafta Moment, shown in 2 clips on RA Online

It was through reading about all the red carpet mayhem how I became aware that the UK finds its television (and film) industry hugely important, with over 10,000 paid actors and actresses. This industry is approximately 20 times bigger than the one in Holland. Internationally, ´we´ win Oscars with films now and then, and are big with sellling television formats, like the debatable ´Big Brother´, but with tv-drama? Don´t worry, we have our own awards. 

In numerous British interviews, the UK industry is compared with the American one in a demeaning tone. The Dutch also like to compare themselves with the Americans, but with things like story telling and the quality of acting and production, we admire the British. And costumes!

To go back to RA´s well written ´presenting-an-award´ speech, I was reminded of it´s short-range. Has it to do with seniority? Meaning that every extra year you´re allowed to speech at the Bafta´s, you´re granted an extra sentence? The moment of RA intuxicating the stage was gone too soon. Two sentences in 2011!?

To entice you more, I thought of other intuxicating moments that came to mind.

Colin Firth´s ´getting-an-award´speech at the Film Bafta´s 2010 is an example of a well written and adorably just right lengh speech, because he truly deserved his award. 

Dude, you don´t wanna go down there with Conan O´Brien. :) 

Emmy´s 2002

Emmy´s 2006

Tongue-In-Cheek Assignment:

Get your man in a tux.
Your excuse: it´s to make you, the female companion, look good.
Read the Tux Guide for inspiration.

Pictures: RichardArmitageNet: Bafta 2010 press picture and screencap; Bafta 2007  

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