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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Is Hot: Intensive Gifts

What, no picture? OK, if you must...
OMG, do I have to? I thought it was private
Torture Method: intensive acting

This is my third posting in the series ´August Is Hot´, theme
´Up Close Torture Feast´.
A tongue-in-cheek Leo-lushious series of posts for birthday hotties like me and hopefully bearable delectable for every other reader of this blog.

How to get a quick notice of someone´s acting nowadays? The formal way is done by trailers or teasers. The informal way is by fanvids. At the core, fanvids are made to show the appreciation of the vidder for the subject, the story, the actor, the acting...or that´s what I thought. 

This fanvid I promised you earlier, is quite suggestive. It has to do with the music. While the selection of scenes or shots is not at all ´bare it all´, the vid is simmering hot. What to think of it´s tagline: "It´s a quickie" ?! It doesn´t say: "It´s a gift". Hope someone takes it to heart. Better Put Some Pressure On It, made by JulietD001, who made a number of great Spooks vids. I can only watch this one by peeking through my fingers! I feel so not alone now with the taglines in my post Man TV Is A Beast. See the intensive acting in the Spooks scene in ep. 8.4 at 3:00, or at 1:00.

I keep rewatching the Spooks episodes 8.4 and 8.8, because of the theatrical quality of the Lucas/Sarah scenes. By that I mean I like to rewatch the dance-like dynamics in two long scenes: the flat-scene in ep. 8.4 part 1 starts at 7.40 and part 2 at 0:00 - 7.08 and the hospital-scene in ep. 8.8 which starts at 1:00 - 7:20.

For the purpose of this post I have to point out that there´s the boilersuit-scene in ep. 8.4, see from the start. But you better go see the episodes in full, for there are many good scenes.

To cool off, here´s the vid This Night with some of RA´s characters.

Tongue-in-Cheek Assignment:
Give someone what they want for their birthday,
within reasonable boundary,
If you don´t know what to give,
then tune in to their frequency.

Or in devious, naughty rhyme:
The question is what gifts to give,
if someone sets a list.
To tame a wisher´s birthday frizz,
answer with a hiss.
If you don´t know what to give,
then listen, it´s hit or miss.

Screencap: RichardArmitageNet, Spooks ep. S8.4

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