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Monday, September 13, 2010

Spooks Review Ep. 7.2

Lucas in a ´chat´ with Alkady questioning Harry´s motives

While watching an episode of Spooks, some questions rise about clues and storylines and not for delectable reasons per sé. It´s enjoyable to question the liability of Lucas, Harry and all others in the Spooks world and to see their constellations, in conjunction with the shape in which the national threat of the week appears, changing like a kaleidoscope. I chose a picture that underlines that.


Ros smashing a hotelroom. Finally a woman who does a thing like this, very rarely seen on tv, these days. In need of an anger management course?

Harry and Richard. Harry hears Richard say: "We´re all upset, so let´s not forget ourselves. After all those years it would be a pity if either one of us say things that we might later regret." Is this address a typical, civil British one? To me, yes. Later on, there is again civilisation: Harry is not allowed to kill a senior Russian officer, even with reasons.

Quote Alkady Kachimov: "It´s unfortunate, everybody sees to accept it as accident."

Lucas´ residential upgrade from safehouse to residence. Moving in. Heard reigncheck, didn´t hear raincheck, because I was unfamiliair with the word. Read some comments about it, nice touch! Neighbour turned out to be landlady.

Friends of Lucas. Harry says in boardmeeting to debrief him later. Lucas calls Kachimov who says (in short): "Nice, but don´t call me directly". Lucas´ associations with Harry are formal, while those with Kachimov are like father (K)/son (L). Lucas worries about AK to watch his back. AK: "He wants to trust you." AK says in a way goodbye to Lucas. Lucas: "You don´t give him the chance to eat him alive." (bad boy Lucas?). With emotional laughs of Lucas I am to believe that he has a difficult moment here. AK: "It´s the nature of your life now. You must live as if your friends are enemies and enemies are your friends." Since then I jump when I hear the word ´friend´ (or ´enemy´ for that matter).

Lucas´ countdown time to be back on the Grid. Here: 10 minutes, reason: to call AK. (in later episodes it is shorter?)

Lucas is on his own and has a sharp conversation with Harry to trust him, to be back on the Grid. Lucas says to AK on Harry: "He´s testing me as an asset. His greatest fulnerability."

Lucas and Elizebeta. Love the domestic scenes. When he graps the kitchen table as to grap his memory of his relationship with E. The kitchen table also functions as a barrier in their relationship. (Oh no, I´m too smart!) Many things were said, but as you (note: Skully) mentioned you would post later more on Lucas´ character, I let it rest for now.

Lucas artwork and book choice. I won´t comment here.

Lucas turns against AK. Lucas is on his own! (bad boy Lucas or survivalling Lucas?)
Harry shooting AK without remorse! First, finding an excuse of course.

After making notes on episode 7.1 and 7.2 and knowing S8,
I long to see some double agent-like wittiness for Lucas in S9.
After all, Ros had her way, Conny, Harry(?), so why not Lucas?

Other reviews on further episodes are not quite ready, so I intend to post them later on.

First published as comment on June 14th, 2010:

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