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Monday, October 4, 2010

Spooks Review 9.2: Play As It Lies

From elevatorpitch to pitchfork: at tee time, Harry still got the gloves on

In which Lucas and Beth follow an assassin, Beth takes the lift to the 25th floor, Lucas takes the stairs but lowers his handicap with a lift chase, a former flame gets stalked by Lucas, Dimitri is driver and security nerd, Lucas does his memory game, Beth uses her feminine charm on an assassin to dispose a baddie, Beth shouts ´Fore!´ to Harry at the 19th hole, Lucas accepts to become Section Chief and wants to assemble his own team.

This week it´s like a normal day at the office, a walk in the park. No bombs to dismantle. The work day starts at 8.00pm at which time the Spooks receive intel that an oil magnate is threatened to be killed by an assassin. Of course the story doesn´t start there.

It´s about a lift ride straight to the penthouse, Beth joins the crowded lift to the 25th floor. It´s possible that the assassin is in the lift with them. Spooks demands a lot of it´s actors, namely to arrive crispy fresh at the 25th floor taking the stairs. At some point, probably above the 15th floor, the lift is jammed and the electrics are turned off. It´s pitch dark. Then, heavy gunfire. Not all are dead. Beth and a man called Chapman are alive.

Unusual to the Spooks series, so far I know, the story is divided into three viewpoints: Lucas, Beth and Chapman. I won´t retell the story according to this trip-tych, I rather prefer themes.

Who´s lying to who? Lying is part of the job according to Lucas. Harry thinks lying is OK, as long as it´s not to each other of the team. Can we say Beth was lying when she was ´withholding´ information about her past?

Lucas: Did you trust Ros?
Harry: Implicitly

I´m afraid the rest of my post will appear in segments in separate posts, as I can´t squeeze out more for now.
Or maybe not, as this blog tends to be organic.There´s just too much to pitch!

 Lucas sitting 2nd row knowing all too well the world of oil
as he was part of a swap for British oil in ep. 7.1

Question of the week:

Would you rather hit a golf ball
than an old flame ?

Tease: fashion show Lucas
Scary: bloody elevator
Action: glassex-y elevator chase
Health: not all medicines are prescribed
Gadget: old suitcase
Prop: painting
Yay: Beth stays
Adorable baddie: Vaughn
Technical: sound and camerawork improved since S8
Hope: Lucas gets gloves too
Verdict: an early Birdie

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