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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Who´s Johnny, She Said

"You haven´t changed a bit!" Please don´t lie!

Just talking about the name John for Lucas North in Spooks 9 this time. In ep. 9.1 he runs into Vaughn Edwards, someone who adresses him as ´John´. Bonus, there is an old flame and she does not know who John is anymore. She gets our support, because we all want to know who he is and was!

After ep. 9.1 the followers on blogs were more into quessing who John may be as a character, that what John´s surname might be. I have no idea, but immediately thought about a character called Johnny Jones as a foreign correspondent, under the penname of ´Huntley Haverstock´.
The particular film was called ´Foreign Correspondent´ (1940), directed by Alfred Hitchcock, see trailer.
This film, which I found on a DVD-box, was promoted as:

"The thrill spectacle of the year!".

Please, read the synopsis

The thriller elements of Spooks series step into the footsteps of Hitchcock films. 
There could be some simularities between
Lucas North/´John´
Johnny Jones/´Huntley Haverstock´. 

It could be John/´Lucas North´.

So, a bit of brainwaving on my part!

Screencaps: Maria Grazia/RANet?,  Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Now if you can just brainwave Mr. Armitage into a Hitchcock film. That would be fantastic. Let me know if you need my brainwaves to help.

Violet said...

Thinking black and white film. Classy dressed, ´30´s, ´40´s style.

Saw Sin Sity with Bruce Willis, a nice crossover if you would picture RA between Captain America and a B/W Hitchcock film.

I am curious what you have to write. Send me a mail if you have something written.