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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Looking for clues in Spooks S8

I don´t always get the fast delivery political talk in Spooks. I have to rewatch immediately after the broadcast and then the following morning I finally..Can.. Relax.. And Adore.. The Beautiful Blue Eyes in.. Every Close Up of.. Lucas North.

So while accepting my flaws in the minute of broadcasting I´m looking for clues in the background. Don´t you?
As I am not visiting the forums, I don´t know if anyone brought these following examples forward. What sticks in my mind, read: what bugs me, are these.

1 . Coffee anyone?

Fact: Lucas is a coffee slurper. He even drinks lukewarm coffee.
I like coffee very much myself, but since a year I switched to instant coffee.
Okay, back to the coffee talk.
At home in his basement in episode 4 he has a particular coffeepot in his kitchen. At home at Sarah´s flat in episode 6 he feels the coffeepot if it´s warm.
Hold on, it´s the same coffeepot! Or whatever this thing´s called.
Did Lucas and Sarah go shopping together?

Shouts: ´Look what you´ve done, the coffee´s gone cold!´ (S8 ep. 4)

Thinks: ´Shut up, woman! Ah, there´s coffee!´ (S8 ep6)

2. Collecting paintings

Okay, Sarah is in some hobby club and the bank CEO might know her from this clay company club business by sharing the same art rental center. Did Lucas notice?

Nope, Lucas suffered from poor eyesight that day! (CEO´s office. S8 ep. 6)

The Lady Siren is too distracting for comfort! (Sarah´s flat. S8 ep. 6)

Screencaps used: Armitage Central, Armitage Net


tyme_4_t said...

hahaha...love the coffee pot detection! I guess if the BBC & KUDOS need to cut budgets and save money to continue Spooks...using the same coffee pot thingy in multiple shots is OK!!

Looking forward to future blogs!

Violet said...

Thanks for dropping by! The coffeepot was somewhat the same I ´inherited´ when I moved out. That´s why i noticed it.