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Friday, April 16, 2010

Ros Myers vs. Gisborne in one-on-one fight

You can´t be serious! A man like me! Fighting some bird?

After a hilarious suggestion of mine on the Spooks Fan Blog that Ros and Guy in a fight would be quite a sight, Skully made a fantastic collage about this battle and completed it with a stunning poll.

Who would win? I know for sure that the fight would not be over in three seconds. I don´t want that. Keep it going! Guy would fight for his life. Ros, OMG in S7.1 she sits on the throat of a man and S7.2 she grabs a man by the nuts. But if we leave the sword and the gun aside, in a spectacular one-on-one fight wherin Ros would shout and Guy would grunt, ultimately Guy would lose, but first he stabs Ros with a hidden knife. I hate to picture the outcome, so I say it´s a close call.

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Source: http://spooksfanblog.com/
Screencaps used: Richard Armitage Net


Skully said...

Gisborne Vs Rangefinder - It would make a great "Children in Need" skit.. except that it would be too violent for family viewing! Oh well, one can dream. Thanks for the inspiration Violet!

Violet said...

You´re welcome! The response on your post is amazing! All commenters love it! Yes, it would be great for Children in Need, Comic Relief or what have you! Bring it on!