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Friday, April 9, 2010

Film Jane Austen Book Club

Yesterday evening I watched the Jane Austen Book Club film on television. I should have recorded it, because of the many commercials. The book was a bore, because I haven´t read the Jane Austen books. That wasn´t helping me. The film turned out to be more lively.

Go see it if you like:
  • Several people who know each other start a bookclub about books they know.
  • The lives of these people are intertwined with events and characters from these books they quote. What is said is important, and what is restrained is also important.
  • Their lifes enriches because of the bookclub.
  • You don´t have to know the books to understand the film.
  • A friendly romcom to go see with your family.
Don´t bother if you feel:
  • The story arc was a bit too flat. The book and the film are divided into chapters of the six books/months. The months seem alike, but that´s not so. To me it had to do with..
  • Some scenes/shots felt slightly too long and there was not enough impact in the emotional scenes.
  • Well you do have to know the books by heart to really appreciate the film.

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