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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spooks Review Ep. 7.1

British Lucas gets swapped by the Russians

As I have written some reviews as comments on other blogs, and have put many hours into researching and writing, I thought it would be reasonable to put my reviews on my blog.
So here it goes..


Soldier gets beaten up on the street. How did they know it was a soldier? Was it a hangout spot for soldiers or did they attack just at random? Later turns out it was to capture a soldier. Poignant, a tv-interview of the soldier exists, made before the capture. The following things are necessary and nice: refusing to read out the propaganda, thirsty moment, saved by the phone-moment, final: "It took you a bloody time!"

Traumatised Jo, flashbacks of her torture, Jo attacks torturer, Adam doesn´t fight along. Letting her do the job. Is that to make her heroic? Adam calming her with little chats throught the phone or at home is nice to see.

Banter between Adam and Harry about the Russians, their new man in London, Kachimov, the exchange, informing the Queen, Lucas ready or not back for action.

The exchange scene and men´s room scene with Lucas! DistRAction Alert!

Harry and Kachimov banter about the horse-trading: my kingdom (oil back in British hands) for a horse (Lucas, back in British hands?!). Swapmaterial: unknown man, Russian spy perhaps.

Harry and Lucas in car. The remark of Lucas: "They told me to come home if I spied for them" is not really an satisfying answer. Harry´s response surprised me: "What did you say?" is also an open door, IMO not fitting the man, but it´s funny, because of Lucas´ reply "I said yes".

The fish and chips. Food for thought. Lucas wants something typical English to eat. No Chinese take away, Kebab, Shoarma, Pizza, or typical London: Thai, Mexican, Italian, Indian, German, etc. ??

Lucas and Adam entering the Grid at the same time, never seen these futuristic doors afterwards.

Conny and Rangefinder. Lovely cooperation, put the kettle on, message on a bottle, forking, jealous of self defense strategics of Ros, carkeys please, leading the Russians by the nose, don´t look at Adam for too long, teary end is touching. Conny looks deceivingly smooth that episode. Rangefinder gets rewarded with an upcoming attack -well, that why she´s her for- for following her instincts.

Adam and Lucas: Lucas standing up for himself "I can still push a mouse around", "Being in a Russian prison is like spending 8 years in physical trainingscamp or at Eton". About the soldier: ".. And I know how he feels allright?" I heard a cute little Geordie accent in there!! Adam standing up for Lucas to convince Harry. Na-ice.

Lucas and Adam breaking into a house, tossing a phone over two sleeping beauties and NO squeeking drawers and doors.

The Zaf Man following Firefly like a fly on the wall. Cool.

The soldier is found. Adam and Lucas free the soldier with a Russian speaking Lucas on the phone. It´s Pravda! Love the "Is it bad?", "When is it not?" banter.

New names to me: Tom Quinn and Wes.

The end of Adam. It is that I have to watch this for review reasons, but to be honest I was not looking forward to see this end for the third time. Sigh.

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