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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Six Pack Spoilers For Spooks 9

To jump on the bandwagon of teasable spoiler articles about Spooks 9,
which I fiercely try to avoid reading,
I hereby throw my own ´article´ in the current.


All spoiler articles about Lucas North/RA and Spooks 9
come down to one thing:
Will he take his shirt off in Spooks 9?

Ian Wylie, the freelance journalist who pre- en reviewed
Spooks series 8
and has seen episode 9.1 before most of us,
replied on September 9th, to tweeter @rozlaws:
"Don´t think you´ll be disappointed!"

This time he didn´t say his wife watched the episode with him,
as he previously had claimed she really liked episode 8.4
(which remark is now gone) on
or find him


Disclaimer: I won´t accept pity from you for this gossip/post

Screencap: RichardArmitageNet, Spooks episode 8.4, enlighted by moi


Violet said...

Ian Wylie reported back to me:

@VioletsTFB Thank you! But Roz asked me about Max Brown, not Richard. And my reply was to her question about whether Max was "hunky & macho"
about 20 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to VioletsTFB

My post shows although tongue-in-cheek how certain les serious media tend to mess up facts.

Violet said...

This was my original question:

VioletsTFB @ianwylie Love to read your writings about Spooks, but avoid spoilers. I had to write one thxs to you http://tinyurl.com/394lo5c Hope its OK
about 21 hours ago via web

Note: Ian Wylie didn´t say anything about ´the wife facts´. That´s why I initially sent my question "Hope it´s OK". I wouldn´t abuse Mr. Wylie´s time.

Violet said...

You can find Ian Wylie´s post about Spooks episode 9.1 here:


Anonymous said...

Thanks, as always, for reducing the issues to the essentials! (grin)