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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Listen! Uthred Coming To A Castle Near Me

Weak were I, galloping to the lands that hath my heart in mere mud.

Or in normal English: Me! Giving in to listening to RA! Never! What happened? *I have good reason to have reserves, but won´t reveal it*

Artwork: Teena/TeeTotallyNot from YImum, she will come with brand new artwork if I make it til the latest disk - 12 hrs of listening...and write blogpost about it. She will growl if she sees this artwork used for LOTN.


MaryKwizMiz said...

well, she would have had it not been for the fact that you finally got into LOTN :) GOODONYA!!!!
incidentally, there are Viking/LOTN pics in the works.. that one was actually the Battle of Bosworth.. but who'd argue over a few centuries, eh?! ?LOL

Violet said...

I´m into comics, all of a sudden! LOL! Clue: Deep Water. I have a good excuse to show your artwork, studing Anglo-Saxon (some phrases in print look like Dutch) and get to know a good book.

And if you can, you must see Michael Wood´s History of England, with an Anglo-Saxist reciting in the first episode: http://search.bbc.co.uk/search?go=toolbar&uri=%2F&q=michael+wood

Violet said...

Correction: Michael Wood´s Story of England