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Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Hoaxy SCOOP: RA In SB In SA


Found this picture when I was browsing. It is part of an article dated  25. February 2011.

**Interval of female fan chit chat**

The morning after this post was posted, it raised questions with my twitter followers, saying that the man in the blue shirt on this picture was not RA. Philip Winchester was mentioned, or RA´s stunt double.

I sent this article to Ali of http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/
and she got that link a couple of weeks ago, with another link
but because it wasn´t about RA, and there was no RA in these pics,
she didn´t run it aka mention it on her site.

Another argument was the date.
The article stems from 24th February 2011.
The press conference was on 11th February in NZ,
the cricket match was on 13th March,
and RA was spotted filming in Cape Town, South Africa on 13th April.
So Ali didn´t think he could be in SA in the week of 24th February.
Fair enough, it´s inconclusive and I am willing to have my eyes checked.
I remember reading a mention he was there early March.
I´m not sure, but I keep it on my blog.
If it´s not him, then my guess it´s Sullivan Stapleton.
The storm of chitchat this topic raised. Man!

Anyway, room for me to inform you with ´latest´ Strike Back news.
Strike Back 2 Project Dawn Trailer 9 May 2011
Cultbox article on filming this summer in Hungary
Press release of Sky Media 11 February 2011
Strike Back on Facebook. They promise to come with a surprise soon
Here´s a link to the old material
Sky 1 Strike Back 1.

**End of chitchat interval**



I was on a set of a children´s film called Doctor Cheazy, on 20. April 2011, but who would bother...
I keep saying Doctor Sleazy for some reason...
As I was passing by, with some others, we were looking at the boat, when a woman (hussing in pic)
came up to us and said:
"We start filming, you can leave or stay if you want, then you´ll be in the shot". Tempting, not?
I quickly asked what the name of the film was.
The weather was beautiful, but the shot was complicated.
The camera zoomed in on the passengers boarding, then when that was done, zoomed out and followed a man, who was standing near to us, walking towards the camera, up to a group of kids, scouts, had a conversation. All in one shot!
First there were a couple of rehearsals, then some takes which were not perfect, then some more.
My company called it quits and followed the man, when he was in the shot. After that take, the crew filmed it again. Then they turned around and had the same procedure for another shot of a harbour restaurant, named ´Doctor Cheazy´ where children were running around the outdoor tables and chairs and all the waiters came out at once and served all tables!
Very much a Dutch film.
(mumbling, mumbling)

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