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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dinnerdate With Lucas North

Lucas North polishes the silverware and tastes the drinks

Thanks to a friendly request from Skully to all her readers to review the Spooks episodes of Series/Season 7, I do my share of the work. 
So last night I did my homework for episode S7.4, which I have to send to her when her post appears.

In this post you see my home brewed arty smarty artwork of S7.4.
I thought let´s post some for your own enjoyment too.
After all, most of you are doing the homework as well. Not because you have to, oh no.
So here are some random thoughts with my 
´LED there be light´-artwork.

Dinnerdate with Herr Witzmacher

"Can you wait just a sec, I have to screw some lights in the ceiling.
Don´t feel distracted.
Please continue with your jokes. I like them!"

The background reminds me of many European films and he fits it..

A man in the kitchen. Whoo-hoo!

"Where is that special device to make that delicious food with a very difficult name, I once saw in a cooking programme, to impress you that I can do more than boiling eggs?
Which is actually more than you can do with that cookbook that´s obviously fresh from the bookstore. 
And by ´fresh´ I mean crunchy fresh and not that kind of fresh."

Which is followed by the insight that I need another special ingredient only available in one shop in the whole town, that I apparently forgot to buy.
(Didn´t feel the need to cross town just for that)

Searching for hidden extra´s with the date

"If I could use her shaker, then we could make some cocktails"
(Why does this sound corny in this context?)

"Do you prefer the real thing or faking it?"
(Oh no, it doesn´t sound corny!)

"See, I keep my champagne cold for my next date tomorrow"
(Wrong advice to mention your next date! )

On the pavement:
"If I don´t touch the wires, how do I know there´s a click?"

(Oh, and this is just knitting some random text
around this arty smarty artwork)

Screencaps: RichardArmitageCentral, The Framework Blog


Fanny/iz4blue said...

Gotta say this is ROFLOF material!! Catching up on your goodie stuff!! You'll be seeing me for discussion soon, have to stop with the exclamation points and thanks for explanation of frenzy. I think we view SC alike. The plot turnarounds got me confused.

Fanny/iz4blue said...

i meant ON frenzy's blog.

Violet said...

Thanks, for the compliment izblue! Was thinking: no comments are a black box to me of what readers think. Settling for no comments as to bad comments. Compliments are always nice!

I am thinking about a post on Lucas/Sarah.