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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Strike Back is man TV, women can watch too

As if you don´t know, RA is starring in Strike Back. It will be broadcasted on Sky1, 5th May, 9pm. Did I read the book? Yes. Have I seen pictures since December last year? Yes. Articles? Promo clips? Premiere? Sky Strike Back website? All yes. Up to date. Very well provided. Warmed up and beware of boiling point. Well, I keep it cool. First see and then believe, is the Dutch nature. What I´ve seen so far, is very promising!

The book´s story is a pageturner, when reading RA as John Porter in mind. A lot of emotions to capture in these situations: doing your military job, making a split second decision in action, losing job, hitting rock bottom, meeting lost daughter, forcing all or nothing attempt to get out of the gutter, grasping a chance back in the game, getting some action. That´s just the book. The tv-series promises to be filled with adventures as well.

As this is promoted as Man TV, I will give you some manly quotes of the two leading men going into battle mode.

Male talk: Richard Armitage

There's a big cliff jump in episode three which I really wanted to do, but wasn't allowed because it was too dangerous - it was about 30 metres down. I would have been scared to do it, but if I'd stood on the edge of the cliff and they'd said, "3, 2, 1 action," I would have jumped. I wouldn't have been able to do it without a camera there though.

Make love not war and all that, but seriously, give me my gun! The chance to film action stuff was one of the principle reasons I wanted to be in this. English actors seldom get a chance, unless we're playing Americans, to wield any kind of weapon. I'm fortunate because I get to do the intelligence scenes which are very dynamic and exciting, and then I get to throw my weight around in the field, which is great. It's been such a laugh.

Male talk: Andrew Lincoln

This is the first time I've really got to grips with a gun. I did Gangster No. 1 where I had a gun, but I mainly used knives in that. They call me ‘Collinson Bang Bang' because I've loved it so much.

It's Jim'll Fix It, this job. It isn't very often you get to run around and shoot things. It's boys' own adventure and I've thoroughly embraced it. I've been reading the new scripts hoping they take me back into the field and out of the control room.

We did a couple of weeks of military and gun training and strategic moving. In the opening scenes of the first episode we have to look like we're Special Forces and that's completely different to regular soldiers, so we were trained by an incredible guy who served for 20 years in the SAS. You have to throw yourself into it, but once you have a gun in your hand it's incredible how the adrenaline kicks in. It automatically charges a scene and gives you this sense of reality.

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fitzg said...

Hope it's good, Violet. And a good role for Mr. Armitage's acting evolution. It might be a while before we see it here, north of the 49th.

Nice "framing" of the Male Talk - keep blogging!