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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My blog starts here and now!

Oh no! Not another blog about me!

No worries, mate! It´s not all about you! If the words ´Don´t get your hopes up too high´ ever apply, then it would be here.

For this blog I intend to write whatever I like to frame and name concerning tv-series, films and books. Screencaps of above abused actor Richard Armitage amongst others will be used to illustrate my mental entertainment. I will use facts and spice it with humour and fiction!!

Would you like to join me in my thoughts? Here we go...

Screencaps used: Armitage Net


fitzg said...

Just found your blog! Realised it is Violet. "Oh, I know her!"
So this is your "day job", when you're not lurking around other people's blog, making noises!

Very nice - look forward to the continuing Framework.

Violet said...

Thanks for the compliment, and I prefer to sing. Want coffee?

Violet said...

And I comment with Now U Do Eyecandy

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