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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Review Hannibal 312 Do You See Me

A review written with the book Red Dragon by Thomas Harris in the hand, ethical knowledge in the head and an illegal internet source giving the eyeful.


Dear Bryan, I understand your point of view with this Hannibal episode, but please... do not call me a liar and bite off my lips, because I owe you awe....

OMG, this was the most sick, perverted, gross und geil episode of The Armitage. That is horny without horns and with a Dragon tail. GRRRRRR!! 

Now repeat after me. I am writing this review in one go, so it will be published before 313 airs in the UK. It will be different from my previous reviews, it is performance art.

'Is this art?'

In this episode again The Experts, of one is The Police I now learn, poke with deliberate help from Will Graham and a 'fool', the renowned writer dr. Chilton, They lure the Tooth fairy with an unfair review on him in the Tattle Crime, a supermarket tabloid, to kill Will Graham. But instead dr. Chilton gets a bite and a burning wheelchair treatment by The Great Red Dragon. Will Graham has some moral issues by this and talks to Bedelia, former lover by Hannibal, who is made nuts by becoming his prisoner in her mind. Hannibal mentions the 'Wrath of the Lamb' to Will Graham, clever for sure. 

The great thing about this episode was that I almost unfollowed @RCArmitage on twitter. Because someone who plays that, must have a similar character flaw in real life, n'est pas? On FB I found likewise souls, but after a counsel session with our madre familias admin, we all concluded it was a case of great acting. Impressively frightening, but also funny by its outragiousness. 
On the other hand, I checked out Raul Esparza on YT and I watched his singing to get idea. Fear not, I am not a musical lover and I doubt I will ever become one. But I am happy to watch the earlier episodes of the Hannibal show just for his scenes.

According to dr. Chilton and Will Graham, 
the Tooth Fairy is a 'vicious pervert and sexual failure.'

T-shirt design.

D negotiating a new book deal with dr. Chilton.

Name the title correctly: The. Great. Red. Dragon.

Quote of the week
Fear is not what you owe me. You owe me awe!

Eyeful: D again in shorts
Best: dr. Chilton's frightful reactions to D/Red Dragon, the Red Dragon crawling to dr. C.
Funny: the high/low status shift in dr. Chilton's dialogue, the Red Dragon showing his tattoo.
Worst: I can not believe I watch this show
Heartfelt: Reba tries to contact D again by visiting his home, while he is entertaining dr. Chilton
Eeeww: Red Dragon biting off Chilton's lips, Hannibal eating one of these lips posted to him
Clever: I can not say anything clever, mention of the 'Wrath of the Lamb'
Prop: pantyliner, can of soup, a pair of lips, dia projector 
Hope: D solves his narcissistic control issues with Reba
Verdict: this show is too sick for the Emmy's

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