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Friday, June 10, 2011

Gisborne´s Bedsheet

We´re back in limbo, waiting for RAW media storms! Last time I was hiding in a safehouse, avoiding the spoilers of Spooks series 9. Oh, those were the days! I had a great time, tweeting about my spy-tastic chores and to be honest, a bedsheet might come in handy. I was followed by someone called @SirGuyGisborne. This Man of Pleather tweeted about a bedsheet and I casually interacted the following, knowing that there´s two minutes time in between getting these tweets for replying.

A quick reminder of Guy of Gisborne by BBC:
He is "vain, brutal, ambitious, loyal, practical, unemotional, single-minded, boastful, frustrated, Gisborne's a selfish bully." Yet there still persists his delusion: the idea that Marian is meant for him.


VioletsTFB    Ran across corner and bumped into @SirGuyGisborne *following me* Heard squeeking leather Sniffed mediaeval odour and male sweat *need air*
SirGuyGisborne    @VioletsTFB Oy! I do NOT smell! *sulks*
SirGuyGisborne    *paces his chambers wrapped in a bed sheet wondering where his clothes are*
VioletsTFB    *Mental note to self: it´s one thing I have to sleep on a stretcher in this safeh**se, but why are there no sheets??? Have to get them today*
VioletsTFB    Read @SirGuyGisborne can spare me one sheet *climbs up the walls of the castle*
SirGuyGisborne    *clasps sheet a little more tightly*
VioletsTFB    Phew I am at the castle. Now where to go for @SirGuyGisborne´s chambers? *walks down stairs and sees hallway*
SirGuyGisborne    *hides under his bed*
VioletsTFB    Allooooooohaaaaa! Somebody home? *follows the lovely stench of @SirGuyGisborne*
VioletsTFB    *tries one doorhandle*
VioletsTFB    *tries another doorhandle*
VioletsTFB    *enters chamber filled with mediaeval treasuries and a big bed*
VioletsTFB    *runs for the window as the medieaval air is suffocating*
VioletsTFB    *tries to open the crammed window*
VioletsTFB    *tears a nail in the process*
VioletsTFB    *gasps the fresh air and has a great view on the inner ward*
VioletsTFB    *assembles thoughts of sheet demands*
VioletsTFB    *sheet demands: cool in summer and warm in winter*
VioletsTFB    *turns around to overview the room*
VioletsTFB    *walks towards the bed*
VioletsTFB    *surpresses urge to sneeze*
SirGuyGisborne    *trembling*
VioletsTFB    *sees a hopeless case of bed bugs*
VioletsTFB    *sees a slip of a sheet below the bed*
SirGuyGisborne    *holds the sheet hard*
VioletsTFB    *takes a couple of steps backwards*
VioletsTFB    *pulls at slip of bed sheet*
SirGuyGisborne    @VioletsTFB Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!
VioletsTFB    *slip of bed sheet won´t give way*
VioletsTFB    *hand is full of bed bugs*
SirGuyGisborne    @VioletsTFB I Don't have bed bugs and I don't stench *scowls from under the bed*
VioletsTFB    *sneaks towards treasuries*
VioletsTFB    *fills pockets with coins*
SirGuyGisborne    @VioletsTFB *from under the bed* What are you doing?
VioletsTFB    I will give you your money back if you give me your sheet @SirGuyGisborne
SirGuyGisborne    @VioletsTFB and what am I supposed to wear?
VioletsTFB    Your Adam´s costume @SirGuyGisborne *looks innocent*
SirGuyGisborne    @VioletsTFB *slowly releases sheet and slides it out from under the bed* Don't take my money, please!
VioletsTFB    *graps the sheet politely caring about @SirGuyGisborne in his demeaning position*
SirGuyGisborne    @VioletsTFB can you please ask the guards to look for my leathers?
VioletsTFB    Sure! Will do! *throws the coins back in the treasury box*
SirGuyGisborne    @VioletsTFB *huddles under the bed arms wrapped around his knees* Shut the door on your way out please?
VioletsTFB    *writes ´Violet Was Here!´ on the wooden floor with crayon and runs for the door* Bye @SirGuyGisborne
SirGuyGisborne    @VioletsTFB *smiles and waits patiently*
VioletsTFB    *door falls in it´s lock* Yeah! *shouting attends two guards*
SirGuyGisborne    *wonders what the hell he's supposed to do now*
VioletsTFB    *mumbles something like ´Fetch the leathers´ to the guards*
VioletsTFB    *gets on the wall to climb out the castle*
VioletsTFB    *hears the Sheriff singing*
VioletsTFB    Darn, that sheet is really itching! *cramps sheet below arm and climbs down the rope*
VioletsTFB    *assembles robe and walks back to safeh**se monitoring if not being followed*
VioletsTFB    *back at safeh**se*
VioletsTFB    *takes deep sniffs at bed sheet and passes out*


Screencaps: RANet

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