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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

To all of my readers, Merry Christmas! I challenged myself to make a Christmas card for you!
It´s John Porter, away on a mission, thinking he maybe not be home in time for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

lovely Christmas card!

bccmee said...

*heavy sigh* *major droolage* Mmm, I love your Strike Back - John Porter Christmas card! It's delicious!

isa said...

amo richard armitage,e um optimo actor,lindo,lindo,lindo.desejo-lhe tudo de bom.

Violet said...

Thank you!

Thank you! I wanted to please you as representative of all John Porter fans, and I succeeded! Thanks!

Well, I have to take your word for it! In case you use a translating programme to read my blog, you won´t notice my grammar mistakes! Thanks for being my reader!

Traxy said...

Merry belated Christmas! Hope you had a great time. Beautiful card too! :)

Violet said...

Thanks! Have to think of my New Year´s Resolutions to intellectuate this blog *yawns*