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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Letter Of Content´ment

A letter is sooo oldfashioned these days, but it beats twittering any time!

Dear Readers,

Thanks for sticking with the programme: ´How to deRAil from Screen Captivity in your own time´.
It is with the utmost pleasure I can announce I have been content with the results up so far and your responses accordingly. Of course I had my qualms and hours of sleep deprivation, but that´s the hardship of a labourer of blogworks.

I must apologize for my meagre interaction with you readers, whether you are fellow bloggers or commenters. As this blogthing is just a hobby, last year I did spend numerous hours enjoying other people´s creations and I did keep in touch with the news. I spared myself by not reading much of the comments or reviews on other blogs or websites to keep my creations fresh.

For 2011 the credo: ´When you blog, you do not write´ speaks volumes to me. Since starting this blog, I stored a special writing project in my drawer. A project I couldn´t get round to finish it. Writing blogposts made me aware of the craftmanship of molding a short story and quickly gettting to its essence. Next to exploring the funny side in me and getting it out of my system, I am more certain now how to further this secret project and my posting sequence. So I shouldn´t be surprised, but I am, that I just very recently received two requests:
  • Tweeter @Lucas_North asked me on 22. December if and when I would send posts about him in series 9 to retweet, after I, alias MistletoeLeaks, sent him the Lucas file - huge inspiration!-, and the Harry file -mine. I was already planning to do so! This honoring request feels like work! :)
  • Blogger Nat at RA Fan Blog asked me on 12. January to participate in the 2nd Annual FanstRAvaganza starting in March! Another honoring request! I like a challenge - and a joke!
So it seems I can fill my blog and time very well!

If you want to be kept informed about this highly amusing programme, I will make sure that further awakenings of entertainment will be forwarded to you.

Best wishes from a writer in disguise,


Screencap: RACentral, taken from: North and South


Anonymous said...

Sorry not to have visited for a while.

KEEP going! Really entertaining and true to RA characters. :)


Violet said...

Thanks! I intend to go on! Although RL takes over..